Monday, January 13, 2014


From FORT ERIE TOWN COUNCIL January 13, 2014:

The Molinaros will remove their sales trailer ASAP (weather permitting)

The new budget will include funds to demolish the Bay Beach Snack Bar.


  1. ASAP, right. Molinaros will keep the trailer there with the lights on as long as they can.

    They think they have their deal extension until a new council gets elected.

    Guess we'll see.

  2. Indeed Meg.
    Thus the 2 announced council candidates
    Marina Lockwood and Martha Zanko
    could have a common campaign slogan now couldn't they?

    Something like "Support Private Erections In Public Places" perhaps?
    Hell.. I can just see all those yellow signs and billboards now!

  3. The only reason these people would fight to shove deal thru is because they are really only thinking of themselves as they have some sort of monetary gain or investment.

  4. They also need to destroy any foundations including the one for the old dance floor and give us more beach area!!

  5. absolutely right Get Real..........some for cash, some for political gain, some simply for the opportunity to bully and bash. A few for all 3.

    The Editor has shone the spotlight on these rats, now it's time to get rid of them. At least the biggest and boldest as there will always be a few small ones who simply follow, having no mind of their own.

    The next election will decide which path this town wants to take. A return to the status quo of the old boys club and more Bay Beach crime scenes or begin healing the rifts some have gone to great lengths to infect us with in their lust for power and money.

    The dark side is already lining up for this battle and are pissed that some have challenged what they deem is their entitlement.

  6. Its seems Peter K. Molinaro has almost stopped crying and is back making noise again over there on Face book Fort Erie Hi-Lites He is crying about his adopted dads sales trailer and goes on how he treats everyone with respect Quote by Peter K Molinaro

    Peter Koutroulakis My entire business career in hospitality is based on greeting people and treating them with kindness everyday since I was a young teenager in CB. I learned not to judge and never take anyone for granted and it got me places in a hurry
    Peter You are a HYPOCRITE I know you like to use big words and have no idea what they mean so below is the meaning of you know

    hyp·o·crite [hip-uh-krit] Show IPA

    a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    1. Sadly, back in Crystal Beach, Peter was nothing but a slave in his father's business. Somehow he has elevated himself to larger-than-life status. He is only where he is because of his father - and his father's money. Whatever happened to Peter's big plans to live in his mansion of the escarpment? Sold. Guess that larger-than-life stuff is very expensive.

  7. Peter K Molinaro and Greg the fat lttile NINJA have hit the all time LOW
    Peter posted on Fort Erie Hi lites about the death of Mr Moore, a former council man All in town knew him A great guy A sad day for Fort Erie. Now Greg and Pete have turned it into a freaking side show for politics on this and that You guys are just low lives Get the hell of public blogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Once again, Peter K. has found a place to express his hatred for the four councillors. On poster's comment would be libelous in the real world but these guys operate in an alternate universe. Someone should complain to the administrator of the group. It started out as a chance for people to talk and reminisce about Fort Erie. Not as a political ranting ground.

  8. According to his posts in the past he created the site Fort Erie Hi Lites ( Peter K) and then blocked a lot of people then he opened it to the public stating he wasn't an admin anymore IDIOT !!!!

  9. Well its like this. Peter got in a lot of crap when he was OBB on facebook. Lots of complaints of him using his business as a person. Facebook pulled the plug on Peter as OBB and forced him into a business page. The Fort Erie Hi Lites page was under OBB and when the entity was no more it left the Hilites page with no admin. Say what you want or post what you want only FB can remove it.

  10. So please tell me Average Joe ( You know a lot about OBB and Pete) Are you Peter or Greg True story Eh!!!!

  11. Neither and do resent that statement.

  12. So its just like when Peter got kicked of that town appointed board ?

  13. Well Average Joe ( Pete ) Thanks for the update on why you got thrown off face book in your world. You got thrown of face book because most of the people in Fort Erie were tired of your attacks on people that stood up to you or didn't agree with you Quit the BS and start actually cooking instead of sitting at your bar and attacking people on every possible public forum , blog, etc... that allows you to Everyone is tired of your rants Say hi to tub tub for us True story EH!!!

  14. One more thing before I had down to California to visit my son

    A women posted this on Fort Erie Hi Lites
    I am looking forward to the upcoming winter olympics. The museum has information on one young fellow from Fort Erie who was an olympian in previous winter olympics and I am wondering if anyone knows of any others...
    Like · · Share · Yesterday at 8:51am

    And Peter K Molinaro has to get his final word and blame the 4 and ruin the whole topic

    Peter Koutroulakis Funny how the Olympic Torch Committee mapped out their route and found that the North End of Fort Erie/Bridgeburg was the most logical place for such an event. But if you ask elected officials in town, they would tell you different and lead you down some garden path into their wards.
    15 minutes ago

    Peter give up Jarvis St was picked because there is no traffic there and very little action They didn't want it in town where it was busy and they figured Jarvis St was the best place to do this event

    Well Fort Erie I get to leave Canada for a week and sit in the sun and enjoy family You guys get Peter, Sad
    True story EH!!!!

    1. Enjoy your time in Cali, Mike. Bet you'll fly out of Buffalo, eh? Still the Werewolves of Jarvis Street continue to bash Americans. We are so lucky that a major airport is so close by - in the States. (Of course, people still use Pearson in TO to fly within Canada and overseas.) Someone posted pictures of welcome signs to other communities. Too bad he forgot the really nice sign at the entrance to Crystal Beach "the South Coast of Canada." No matter what people in the community do, the idjits find a way to clame the four. It does get tiring. What will happen if the court case goes against Whitfield?

  15. Corruption FighterJanuary 16, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    How is that travesty of justice going?? martin/whitfield using yet again tax $$ to further their agenda for power/money. What is this costing the tax payer?? to bring suit against the Four Councillor's of Conscience.

    I say take it all out of martin's paycheck regardless of what the outcome is. Teach him the lesson of frivolous/wasteful spending. People out of work everywhere and this (redacted - LOL) drags his own council into court.

    Whatever the FOUR have or have not done, it is always their focus to do what is best for the Town. This is the furthest thing from the truth with martin and his small club of greedy die hards and thugs whom only desire to slurp as much as they can from the public trough.

  16. Having spent a few minutes in "Ninja World" I see Mr. Thibert's speech writers are once again well on their way to another teenage mutant meltdown. Yeah before you know it we'll all be treated to another inbreed ninja purse swinging contest where a few of the boyz get carried away and offend one of their own.

    The only mystery is WHEN the little fat guy blows his stack again?
    You see in the past when these half wits reach this point they get bored with insulting everyone else and start pulling old greggers chain and soon thereafter SNAP!

    Yeah boyz we've seen it all before. From "Stranded" to "Redbull" with a banning from Facebook and incoherent rants in the "The FE Times" in between you never really understand how ridiculous you look after each and every failure.
    So Keep Up The Good Work Eh?
    Good Old Jimmy will always have more dung for ya to heap.

  17. The Fort Erie Post stated that the EDTC was given a $100,000 grant in 2011 from the municipality in an effort to salvage jobs or the facility on Jarvis Street. Ultimately the facility was shuttered.

    I am glad that Thibert was convinced by the newly formed Cannacure Corporation when they came to him with their business plan to support the use of the vacant building for their enterprise.


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