Friday, January 3, 2014


OK. I promised to publish this picture when the planned tower on our public beach was no longer a threat.  Over two years ago, many gathered at a spaghetti dinner to support the  few brave people who filed a lawsuit against the project.  Too bad that the law suit was lost, just like the 13 OMB appeals and the petitions and the delegations to council and all the other ways that we tried to get  the town to stop its carpetbagging town planner from fulfilling his dream of high rises along the shore of Bay Beach. We kept at it though, through personal attacks and insults, through financial costs and lawsuits. Now it is done.

Let the dancing begin. One of the trio of dancers is no longer with us, but, wherever she is, I'll bet she's doing a happy dance.  Ironically,  it was the lack of interest and tough economic times that killed the tower plan.  The Molinaro sales team could only sell sixteen units, well below the forty-five required to continue with the agreement. As said by then acting CAO Rick Brady, referring to the December 31, 2013 drop dead date:

“It’s my understanding that this particular clause is a clause that was put in solely for the benefit of the buyer. Therefore, under those circumstances, no, it’s my understanding that there is 
no obligation for this council to consider this.” 

And so, the council voted 4-3 to deny an extension to the Molinaros. Despite being accused of not supporting the project, the present council voted to continue with the project in early 2010. The OMB decision did not bind the new council to the agreement which could have been rescinded. Instead, council voted to continue with the project. Although disappointed, most of those opposed to the project understood that the council had been warned of serious lawsuits that would be forthcoming if they did not support the project going forward.

Sure, Councillor Lubberts was relentless in asking questions about the project.  He even pointed out a serious mistake that was copied by then town attorney Heather Salter from documents she received (and apparently didn't vet) from the Molinaros. Lubberts also brought up many of the problems with the deal, and, to those who paid attention, it soon became apparent that the town was not going to gain much of anything from the project and was quickly losing the so-called "amenities" that were promised.

Then there was the problem with absolute title. The town bought the property from the Rebstock Family in 2001 without a proper title search. That particular oversight came back to cause problems when the town wanted to convey the property to the Molinaros.  I suspect that the decision from Land Titles will come down soon and it will not go as the town and the Molinaros hoped.  Perhaps the Molinaros had an inkling that the judgment would go against them; we may never know. We will soon find out if the town has absolute title to the lands or if the "private road" and a road allowance would cancel the developer's plans.

Hizzoner spoke on local radio Friday, presumably while enjoying the largess of a wealthy campaign donor in Florida, decrying those who were "anti-development" of course referring to those against the often-renamed project.  Remember the original iteration of the plan: "Aging in Place"?  What a joke that was. By the time it came to an end, it was called "The South Beach Project." So many attempts to market this beast. Truth is: no one wants to spend big money for a condo overlooking a public beach (and washrooms.)  Luckily, the beach was to remain public. (By the way, no one, including me, ever said that the beach would become private.)  However, the plans for the property were designed to make the public assume that the beach was private. Same with the parking lots.

We dodged a big bullet but we must learn from this close call. We need to make sure that nothing like this happens again to our public lands.  There was fierce opposition starting in 2002 when the town sought to sell off the north sections of the Bay Beach Properties. We thought it had been decided, in a 2005 vote, that the property, save one small area, would remain in public hands. Doug Martin never mentioned that he would look for ways to divest the town of the property when he ran in the mayoral election in 2006. Never said a word. Almost as soon as he was elected, the idea to send out invitations to developers came from then town planner Rino Mostacci as a way to "balance the books."  We saw through this lie and called them out on it.  Still they persisted, despite all the opposition. The Ward 5 councillor sold out for a taco and a pat on the head. She was clearly in conflict when she and her domestic partner opened a beach shop in a building on the Bay Beach Properties. She lost her re-election bid by large numbers. Same with Lame Duck Martin. Here he was an incumbent, which means a usual 30% advantage, yet he won by a mere five votes. Unheard of. And very suspicious. Especially when town officials are in charge of the voting.

Big election coming up in 2014. The gloves will be off and the four councillors will be prime targets of the "righteous ones" who brag that "they are always right." Bwah!  They can't even have a discussion with a supporter without resorting to name calling. They are so invested in their anger that they fail to see that others have valid opinions. That's right boys, insult someone who recently came to the area. Got news for you, fat boys: your demographic is on the wane (thankfully) and there are new people coming to Fort Erie who have no time or patience with this small town hypocrisy.  Go ahead, blame it all on the Americans. We're used to it. Been blamed for a lot over the century or so that Americans have owned property in Fort Erie and supported the local economy in big, big ways. Blamed while we paid property taxes for twelve months while living here for three months - never complaining. Yet, when the town was about to make a stupid move, when we spoke out against it, we were told we "have no right."

Two Words to that: F*#K YOU.

(End of rant)


  1. A well deserved rant at that.

  2. now to stop the Not4Nascar as it's as bad and damaging an idea as the Bay Beach travesty.

    It will not, I repeat NOT bring even a small fraction of jobs or money to the town that martin/thibert claim. (martin claims THOUSANDS of jobs, "untruth" is the softest moniker i can use for this)

    It will likely increase taxes to pay for all the infrastructure upgrades and if you believe MPAC(as you should), it will lower property values.

    It's not all negative however as martin/thibert will in the short term at least be seen to being doing SOMETHING for their large paychecks/corner offices and I also concede it will employ a handful of part time, minimum wage workers to cut grass and run security with 1 local put in charge to give the illusion of martin's mantra any development is good development, no matter what the cost to our future as long as he gets re-elected.

    The harsh reality is it will drive jobs away in the long term as I'm certain 800 acres could support more factories/ shops /home business/offices employing hundreds if not thousands than what any race track will employ. Don't believe me?? just drive by Humberstone or Merrittville the other 6 days of the week or more than 3/4 the year. Not a worker in sight.

    What do the other 29,000 of us get for this stupidity?? just the loss of peace and quiet and the one thing this area has left to offer, reasonable housing and a small town feel.

    I fully realize that this opinion is not popular as most people here seem blinded by the band wagon the martin/thibert club have created that "nascar's coming nascar's coming" "we'll all be rich we'll all be rich". Sorry to burst your bubble,far better now than later, but it's yet again another "untruth".

    The vast majority of this town should be irate with certain public officials(both elected and non-elected) , that we are treated like mushrooms.......kept in the dark and fed A LOT of crap. Oh and for bonus points we pay for all this incompetence through our ever increasing taxes and water rates.

    Welcome to Fort Erie, as the mayor has said, laughing stock of the province.

  3. I know I got a little carried away, but this has been a long haul. For many of us, it was a nightmare. Despite what others say, the people who fought so hard against this development did so to preserve our last public beachfront area in Crystal Beach. We did not sit around conjuring up plans to "frustrate" development in Fort Erie. People did not suffer emotional and financial stress just because we enjoy screwing things up. To us, it was very apparent that a high rise on our public land was an epic mistake. We still can't understand why others don't see it too. All those promises of jobs and a better economy for Crystal Beach - we've heard them before - when the Crystal Beach Tennis & Yacht Club was in development.

    On a cheerier note: a new Chinese restaurant has opened in Crystal Beach in the Avondale strip on Ridgeway Road. Went there yesterday and was very pleased with the food and the quick service. It was so busy on New Year's Eve that there was a two hour wait for food. Congratulations and best of luck to the owners of The Great Wall. People will support local businesses if they get good service and a good product.

  4. The Crystal Beach Polar Bear Dip, it's fifth year was a wonderful success! Thanks to the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Association. We are a caring community and look forward to putting together wise plans for our waterfront at Bay Beach that generations to come will be proud of.

  5. And to you Sharon Bowers ..... F*#K YOU. AND take all of your F*#K'n american neighboUrs with you.

  6. I would really like to hear a discussion comparing The Crystal Beach Tennis and Yacht Club and the condo and how the condo was going to do what the Club could not. No one seems to want to touch that debate even though the comparison has been brought up many times before.

  7. So, the ninja page has started reporting a list of candidates for council/mayor. All unofficial of course. Any rumours to report here?

  8. Yeah, I saw that. I do agree that Stephen Passero will run for mayor. (He's been running for mayor since he was elected to council.) I had heard that Shular was set to retire. Can't imagine why though. He's got a great gig, although he had a strong challenger in the last election in Sue Salzer. We've been expecting Marina Butler to throw her hat in the ring to run against John Hill. She will be a much more formidable opponent that Tim Whitfield because she will have maximum financial support from those-who-shal-not-be-named. The others will be "The Usual Suspects" supported by those who want to unseat the four councillors. Oh, and Sandy Annunziata? Bwah! Can't win for nothing. If Martin runs again, he will be haunted (I'll make sure of it) by his five vote win in 2010.

    One thing I can predict: the next election will be a blood bath, created by those who hate the four councillors.

  9. Must be pretty addictive Kool-Aid if this is the best they can do. There has to be better than this bunch of people. Good lord the old boys club has found some younger people to fill in the shoes of those that cant anymore.

  10. Happy New Year Sharon This is great news for most of us Little Ninja and his side kick Lesley sure are not happy as you can tell by there rants on bullet news Their fearless leader Peter K sits back and orders the two to do his dirty work. Why is Peter so quiet lately Maybe he is not and most of you might be thinking what I am thinking Average Joe uses comments on here and talks about Kool - Aid . Peter K started that saying on face book So Peter K is this you ? And maybe Steve who likes to swear and put down our American neighbours is Greg He admits to not liking Americans and when mad has a foul mouth just like Steve. Greg is this you? Just a good year so far knowing the condo is gone and Peter K one more question Are the Molinaros still invite to your place for free meals still? True story EH?

  11. There was an article in the Times yesterday about Stephen Passero's plan for the Kinsmen Pool. I wrote in asking some questions because the deal doesn't sound right and the taxpayers may be on the hook to refurbish the pool before turning it over to the Underwater Recovery Unit to operate. I referenced a 2012 report that advised against any further work on the pool and suggested replacement as the only viable option. Even Rick Shular agreed at the time. Well, the ninjas got busy attacking me, instead of defending Passero's plan. Typical of these angry people. I just love rattling their cages. They are so predictable in their outrage against me and Americans who live here part time. Yeah, blame those Americans - you know, the ones who have been an integral part of the tax structure for generations.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. its a shame that they have to attack you Madame editor. Greg and Pete have a few issues. Pete was obviously neglected and bullied as a child Greg , well he is a ninja LMAO Why these two have so much concern for the condo is news to me .Pete is upset with Crystal Beach because his dads old diner is now a booming place serving fresh food and this really does bother him . Greg sits all day thinking of who and what to attack next . Greg try working on you personal life and also get a job . Pete will be throwing u aside in the near future !! Maybe Pete who claims to be so wealthy should by the kinsmen pool and all the little ninjas can float around with their ninja blowup water dolls playing ninja tag with the fowler toads having a great ninja time. Grow up guys " NINJAS " but it does suit a bunch of whining children

  14. That is too bad Madame editor that they attack you all the time Its true Greg and Peter have issues , maybe being bullied as children or being short or whatever reason Pete who lived in Crystal Beach when arriving here in Ontario should be proud of the beach But since his dads old diner on Erie started being so successful by Phil, Pete cant handle that . All Pete and Greg ( Greg takes Petes orders ) can to do is bad mouth everyone that stands in their way Soon Peter will be kicking Greg aside and Greg will learn a very important lesson ! About the pool, maybe Pete who claims to be of such wealth can by the pool and all the little ninjas can have ninja pool parties and maybe even give those fowler toads a new place to live Pete, Greg start saying positive things about our Great Town instead of bashing everything you see not fit , because many out of town people read these blogs and face book and wonder who these two lunatics are !!!!!!!! Im sure a large portion of Fort Erie residents feel the same Get a life NINJAS !!!!! really!!! you guys call yourself Ninjas ? LMAO

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. That's OK. I hear that Greg is trying to get on disability for Fibromyalga. Must have picked it up from living in the basement on his computer. He certainly does fit the description of a hypocrite if that is true. As to Peter, he was lucky enough to be able to take over from his father. Most have to make their own way in this world; few "inherit" a business. Peter was bullied in his youth and now he has become a bully. But he is a coward too. Too bad he thought he found his fame and glory on Facebook only to be shut down because of his big, flapping maw.

  17. Peter, Greg and side kick Lesley are very quiet right now They must be in the basement working on a new strategy . Believe me you will hear from them soon !!! They are right pissed off And you are correct Sharon , Pete tells everyone he wasn't thrown off face book What a loser All in all we just have to wait for the Ninjas next move Remember they are watching over the FORT !!!!LMAO

  18. While those of us who opposed the condo tower are now hopeful and looking forward to seeing the Bay Beach Properties made into a first-class public beachfront park, the ninjas are wallowing in anger and hatred. If they have the following they claim, they could do great things for their own neighbourhood if they direct their negative energy towards positive things. Their code word now is REVENGE.

  19. I was pondering through a few old documents and found one fromOldBankBistro before face book threw him off . Notice the new site peter has is Oldbank Bistro as the old one has a capital B He wrote this comment and I am quite sure his dad didn't sell the business on Erie Rd because of Donnie Lubberts What an idiot , how could he write such BS And by the way he was wrong about the condo LMAO The post is

    OldBank Bistro I'm sure Dave Dimberio is pissed at Donnie Lubberts more than anyone from his old neighbourhood. I met Dave in 1989 when he moved permanently from the USA to Crystal Beach and soon after wanted to leave because of the few Donnie's that also helped us decide to sell our business and move as well. FYI, it is because of Dave and myself and a few others behind the scenes that the condo is going to be built as former Board of Directors of the Bridgeburg Station Historic Bia. FYI, the Molinaros are good friends of both of us and Donnie Lubberts and Phil Smith came to our BBIA board meeting to challenge our support for the best thing to happen in Crystal Beach!!!!! My message to those two in particular is that we are just getting started!!!!

  20. LOL! So typical of Peter's ego-driven remarks. Say goodbye to the glory days, Peter. You are not important to anyone any more. You never were. You were used. Peter's dad sold the business as part of a plan to open a new restaurant on Jarvis Street in a building he already owned. Remember that Peter did not work for five years during this time. Lived off his father, one could assume. Probably unable or unwilling to get a job anywhere else. It was the old man who had the money, not Peter, although he now has access to his father's money. (Some of us do know the story on that.) Speaking of Dave Dimberio: didn't his business go bankrupt? He just got a reprieve on back taxes for his defunct business because it went belly up. Wonder how he'll manage to blame Donnie Lubberts for that?
    It's the old distraction gambit: point out every other area's failings and blame it all on the four councillors while all around them, nothing has improved or changed. A group of residents who have a financial stake in an area spoke out against what they thought was an ill-conceived high rise development on public property and they get called names and insulted in social media by people like Peter who should mind his family's business. BTW, is family property still up for sale? Remember how he was going to move to his mansion on the Niagara Escarpment? Heard that house was sold a long time ago. (It is not even close to being a mansion.) Not a good move for the "one of the richest guys in Fort Erie."

  21. I see Bullet News article today
    The Town of Fort Erie’s interim chief administrative officer Rick Brady said although “anything can happen,” he doesn’t expect the Molinaro Group will have a case if they decide to take the municipality to court over the demise of the Bay Beach project.

    I am surprised Greg and his fearless coward leader hasn't said anything yet !!! Pete and Greg. Time to move on and get a life. No likes you any more!!!! True Story EH!!!!!! Where are Steve and Average Joe lately??????????????????????????

    1. The ninjas are hoping to unseat the four and then create a new majority on council.Then, they will try to convince the Molinaros to come back for another try at the development. Molinaros do have five year lock on the property.. The ninjas care nothing about the people of Fort Erie; they care only about getting their way. There is a long, long history of opposition to private development of any of the bay Beach Properties. It did not come from just "part time residents" although many are opposed to it - as is their right - especially those who are rate payers. The lies will come fast and furious about The Four and, people like the Mormon missionary will not hesitate to continue to take cheap shots any chance he can get. I still think that Martin will not run and support will be thrown to Passero who has like a lap dog to the mayor and his backers. The Bridgeburg crowd cannot afford to split the vote between candidates who are reading from the same hymn book. If Sandy Annunziata runs, I will take great pleasure in rubbing his nose in his NIMBY effort to rezone the Coal Docks to thwart a council-approved ten story condo. Oh yeah, that will be good. Now there is a place for a high rise condo! Right in the business district. Sandy saw to it that will never happen. LOL.

      And, I ask again: is Passero's business still in business? Where does he operate it from? When was the last time it was inspected by the Health Department? Someone should know. He's not at the address listed on the Chamber of Commerce site.

  22. Hi there
    After reading Bullet News about condo, Molinaros would not publicly give a comment
    But low and behold guess who speaks for them now You got it Peter K This lunatic just cant stay off his computer How do you run a business that is full house capacity ( according to him) and manage to be on a computer from 9 am until 11 pm. His gang Lesley and little tub tub Greg have ruined Fort Erie Hilites and North End Neighbourhood Association on face book with their rants and Ninja site crap When will this stop
    Just a quick post from Pete about the Molinaros

    Peter Koutroulakis He's not going to wait for one moment and he told me he'll see us all very soon. I'm even thinking of convincing him to adopt me so he gives me a reprieve and encourage all of you to change your surnames to molinaro just in case LOL

    15 hours ago

    I guess all those free meals Peter gives out paid off He gets be a Molinaro LMAO

    1. I just saw on the ninja blog that they're claiming that Google shut down my blog and I started a new one on a different site. WTF are they smoking? I chose to shut down my blog in November, 2012. I had to re-instate it within 90 days or it would be lost forever. I was planning to re-instate it after the New Year but the events of December 31, 2013 prompted me to re-open it early. According to the idjits, I'm headed to jail or deportation for my "lies."

      There was a good letter to the editor in The Times this week. It called for the community to "move on" from the Bay Beach issue and work to promote the many great things that make up this community. I agree totally.

    2. Yes true Move on Problem is they wont Sad !!!!! Ninjas lost the condo fight and really cant get over it They can say what they want Sharon, but the public knows these Ninjas are nothing but little children crying over everything that doesn't go their way. Why else would they call their group Ninjas My grandchildren play ninjas but they are 3 and 4 years old
      About google shutting you down They are mad because OldBank Bistro was banned from face book and it was quite an embarrassment to Peter K When he open his new site Oldbank Bistro, I noticed he had a bunch of likes on his page How does that happen to a page just opened LOL He thought he fooled all of us Him and Greg must have been in the basement all night opening his new site Must have been a shock getting thrown off the biggest site in the world because of a big mouth telling lies That a boy Peter. True story EH !!!!! Hello Bob lmao


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