Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's really too bad that Fort Erie does not have investigative reporters like those in the Bergen County, NJ local press.  If it had not been for the work of a couple of dogged reporters and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, the scandal now known as "Bridgegate" might never have been exposed.  Governor Chris Christie, despite his denials, seems to be at the centre of what many term Retribution Politics.  This is something that many in Fort Erie are familiar with, having been on the receiving end of such a policy.

I am one. I was sued, with taxpayer money, because of comments published in my blog.  Normally, a politician or public figure ignores such opinions expressed in a blog, but not EDTC general manager Jim Thibert. No, he has to punish anyone who defies him e.g. Ann Marie Noyes, whom he called "delusional" in front of a packed house at council.  He also made a point to not invite her to the opening day of the Fort Erie Race Track that year.  Petty stuff that accomplished nothing. Chris Christie has long enjoyed a reputation for engaging in Retribution Politics and this time, it appears that he, or at least his minions, have gone way too far by closing two lanes of traffic from Fort Lee, New Jersey to the world's busiest bridge, the George Washington Bridge.  Latest speculation is that it may bring about the impeachment of Christie. It's a matter of "what did he know and when did he know it?"

The little community newspaper in Bergen County, the home of Fort Lee covered the story and found some interesting connections between the closure and a top official in the Port Authority - a high school friend and Christie appointee.  Then came the damning e-mails from Christie's chief of staff and the PA official.  Looks like it was planned around August 12, just after Christie had a melt down about  New Jersey Supreme Court nominations. He basically threatened the Democrats in New Jersey. 

There are many more stories in New Jersey (and sadly in Fort Erie) of Retribution Politics. Many have no idea the lengths that others have gone to destroy reputations, businesses and financial security.  And the cover-up of these activities is kept up through intimidation and fear tactics.  Confidential bank records have been breached; lies spread around town to besmirch the reputations of those in opposition to the status quo and even potentially harmful damage to vehicles of those who are working for a better community have taken place. 

Perhaps on Monday, when four councillors appear in court to answer to a trumped up charge by a former disgruntled (and now out of work town councillor) the truth will pour out. This case will be watched by many.  Hopefully, someone has the guts to write the truth about it.  But they shouldn't stop there.  They need to dig way deep into the finances (follow the money) and the associations.  Lots of questions can be asked. Most will have to be answered through deep digging.  Those who practice Retribution Politics insulate themselves behind a firewall. I think Christie thought he had a good firewall, but all it takes is one insider willing to talk and everything will come down. 

My blog received information provided by an insider in the local town government. Can't say who because I did not know. That person was protected by a firewall. In the suit against me - and Google, Thibert's lawyers sought to find out who was the person known as "The Bitch." They never found out but he was very anxious to find that out because he knew that the person was an insider.  I still hear from that insider but I no longer publish those comments. My "Deep Throat" is a true hero.

I do not possess the stamina to pursue this much further. I get a visceral reaction to evil.  And there is a lot of evil in this town. Hopefully, the good will prevail but it is up to everyone to investigate for themselves to find the truth.


  1. Editor's Note: I reprinted Super Dave's remarks here because they are absolutely bang on.

    To all the frustrated ninjas with the big blue gonads and the intestinal fortitude and all that good stuff. Surely there is something in the ninja art of war manual on the importance of knowing thy enemy. Epic fail !

    Your enemy is NOT American summer residents. Your enemy is all of us that opposed the condo and you will find us living and working in every ward in this town. We mostly voted for the four councilors you're unable to understand and we nearly defeated the man you imagine as our visionary leader. Many really smart, educated Canadians recognized the condo as a dumb idea - dumb.

    Of the options available, Americans are either our first or second most important market. Even the EDTC recognizes the contribution American investment has made to the betterment of our community over several generations. Isn't it the mark of a despotic regime that blames outsiders for internal problems. Xenophobic much ? Someone should apologize to our American friends on your behalf because this is embarrassing. Try and be gracious ninja hosts.

    Mr. Market has spoken and although you're unhappy with the result, the fact is that there simply weren't enough people interested in buying a condo. I know I know. If only we'd really really liked the condo, buyers would have arrived by the boatload. Wrong. If the condo was really really a good idea, buyers would have ignored our protest bought aggressively.

    The developer made a smart business decision and exercised the option. Hats off.

    In spite of these facts, you and your handlers seem to be doing everything possible to imagine an apocalyptic lawsuit and to promote to the investor class the idea that investing in the viable opportunities we do have, as unwise. That you find glee in this bewilders the mind of the rational citizen. Speaking of truthy facts, your very own Schlange admitted in the end that the condo would contribute very little if any positive annual cash flow to municipal coffers bla bla bla ...

  2. Coming home at dusk tonight, I saw two healthy coyotes walking along highway 3. They really were beautiful animals.
    Then coming into Crystal Beach, I recalled the new subdivision that was field not long ago. We do have urban sprawl, maybe we should have more condensed housing, just not a condo on our public beachfront.

  3. Super Dave’s post as noted by The Editor really does put things in proper prospective.
    For all the legal wrangling by the condo detractors, all the yelling, yellow signs and yodeling to the local papers.. in the end?
    (As SD so eloquently states)

    “Mr. Market has spoken and although you're unhappy with the result, the fact is that there simply weren't enough people interested in buying a condo”


    Which begs the question.. Mr T where in hell were you as this piss poor idea was shoved up our collective noses? I mean how could YOU the only one (as professed by your disciples) able to really read the tea leaves and navigate through the trials and tribulations of all things capable of being economically developed have been fooled into believing that this turkey would fly?
    From your “Flock O’ Ninja” we hear over and over how well versed you are in your field, how well respected from Queens Park to Bahrain you are , just how damned fine a pilot you are!
    And now this? A complete eject before impact by the Molinaro Group?

    And another question Jim. Where you ever part of the team that Rino put together to sell this thing? If not..why not? (if yes see first question)

    I guess the questions could (like the praise from your pit crew) just go on and on but it would seem that before we really press for answers you might consider the same one way ticket out of Martinsboro that Rino and Harry were smart enough to ride on eh?

  4. I have to say this, but one has to wonder what Doug, Jimmy and the Molinaro's are plotting now for the BB properties??

    1. Well, you can be sure it won't be in the interest of the taxpayers. It will be just to show us who's boss!

  5. What needs to be done is a full investigation into the Bay Beach situation. Seriously. I also hope that investigators into the Bridges embezzlement scandal look closely at Russ Wilson, the head of Bridges. It is a case like Chris Christie: it happened on his watch and he claims he knew nothing about it?! How can that be? Someone should also look into the long history of missing money going back to the bingo days - and even the Customs Christmas Fund. Also, the Tundra Turd (guess who) is headed for a great fall if someone does a forensic audit on his feudal kingdom.

  6. As I have said before, there are anti corruption commissions at work in Quebec. Why not here as well??.....It is more than needed.

  7. Paid a visit to "another website" this morning and what did I find?

    - A grade 6 parity aimed at people inclined to do volunteer work
    - Another ridiculous "survey" (porky must have learned how to add forms to a web page)

    But the most insulting one was something about.... "acting in good faith"
    To which I respond
    Your members ignorance of what is meant by the term "Good Faith" is matched only by the inability of your greedy little leaders to see beyond what is only good for their own personal gain.
    I mean REALLY.. At it's inception your cause was championed by a Reverend who blatantly LIED to her constituents when she was their elected representative in Council.

    Please. Spare us ANY mention of YOUR "Good Faith"

  8. What happened to all those threats on the nasty blog about us taxpayers paying for the next 20 years due to the Molinaro deal ending?

    Why are our lost amenities now worth 3.7 million dollars? That's a substantial price for one more woman's toilet and a couple more cubicles for the men in a flood hazard zone that the taxpayers have to maintain, and where are the changerooms as part of the deal?

    Where is the pavilion? Is that the locked room at the back of the condo that has to be rented? How is that a benefit to beachgoers?

    And no place for a concession stand in the plans?

    No uplands greenspace to walk on either, is there?

    Just what benefits are we missing with a price tag of 3.7 million dollars?


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