Friday, February 7, 2014


People dependent on the Fort Erie Race Track can breathe a sigh of relief that an important by-election is happening in the riding and that a provincial election looms in the Spring.  Joyce Morocco, the Liberal candidate for Kim Craitor's former seat made the announcement today that funding is available for the 2014 season of the historic horse track.

While EDTC General Manager Jim Thibert and Fort Erie Mayor Doug Martin can rightly take a bow for their efforts, it probably would not have taken place if it were not for the hotly-contested race in the Niagara Falls riding which includes Fort Erie.

HERE is on article on the subject. From the article:

"Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says it’s clear the timing of the Fort Erie announcement is tied to next Thursday’s by-elections in Niagara Falls and the north Toronto riding of Thornhill."

Yes Tim, it is poitical. Like when you go on radio ads proclaiming your love of your home town  when the truth is that you abandoned Fort Erie for a riding with a higher profile/ Alas, they all play political games and the stakes are high because of upcoming provincial elections.

While the details are very sketchy, it may boil down to the number of races, rather than racing days that will make up the 2014 horse racing season at Fort Erie.  Speculation is that the track will have 400 races in 2014, similar to the 2013 season.  It is yet to be determined if the proposed Year of the Horse Festival will be part of the package.

The earlier Airbus announcement, plus the racetrack announcement is very good news for Fort Erie no matter how you interpret who is responsible.

Meanwhile, unemployment in Niagara tops the national average at 8%.  That is for all of Niagara, not just Fort Erie. Infact, it is a trend that is felt in many cities and towns all over Canada and the U.S.

I supposed the Four Councillors of the Apocalypse will be blamed in some way for the high Niagara unemployment rate.  (BTW, they were retroactively responsible for the War of 1812.)


  1. When I saw that George McDermott was running again, I was reminded of the list sent out last term that recommended him in Ward 1. It was in a notice circulated to everyone at the Race Track to vote for who they were told in order to keep their jobs. The same notice hung at Town Hall only temporarily.
    The old boys wanted McDermott, Shular, Zanko, Whitfield, Lockhart and Graber. Of course Martin as mayor.
    No wonder they were SO UPSET with the outcome.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about that. Of course, we have no idea (cough,cough) who was responsible for the letters to track employees. Just another election in Fort Erie.

  3. and on election night WELL after all the other wards had checked in, comes the REALLY late ward 2 with open ballot boxes and a win by photo finish for dougie.

    Even the announcers that night were predicting a AMN win by this time, barring of course some kind of ``MIRACLE`` like tape that doesn`t stick.

    Let`s not make the mistake of thinking they won`t try it again this October. These lowlifes are more desperate than ever to regain power.

  4. Sorry Madam Editor,

    You are WRONG !!!! The four were not responsible for the War of 1812. The war was the responsibility of the invading country.

  5. I also heard today that Ron Tripp has been given the head job in infrastructure at the region. Looks like Schlange is assembling a team of former Fort Erie staff people at the region. I don't think that anyone had a problem with Ron Tripp in his former role in Fort Erie as head of infrastructure. He is trained and experienced in that field, but he is not CAO material. While he served as acting CAO in Fort Erie, he appeared to be nothing but a "yes-man" for Martin. It was a bad fit.

    Good luck to him and Helen Chamberlain.

    1. I was under the impression that Ron Tripp was the one responsible for the ruination of the once lovely Bernard/Thunder Bay Beach with the ill-conceived drainage "improvement" program.

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  7. Very glad the track gets a reprieve despite the Liberals trying to ``BUY election`` the riding. What ever works at this late a stage.

    I think the lions share of the credit should go to Kim Craitor who championed the track where it counts in Queens Park, against his own party and to his own detriment. Martin and Thibert were too busy erecting banners and finger pointing at anyone and everyone to deflect blame for their long list of failures. If it wasn`t for the by-election, you can be sure the Liberals would not forget the bloody nose these 2 idiots gave them with their ``impress the locals` BS and it`s all someone else`s fault`` recording that we have heard forever now. A little common sense dougie`n jimmie that any dog knows, don`t bite the hand that feeds you and when it comes to the track, that`s the party in power in Toronto.

    Madam Editor you gave way too much credit to these 2 leading horses of our apocalypse. It`s their job, they are well paid for it and how they have the gall to collect their pay for their complete lack of performance or even common sense shows how little character both these clowns possess.

    1. I was trying to "Give Credit where Credit is Do" LOL

    2. Yes, that would be right. It was also championed by former Ward 4 Councillor Tim Whitfield. It was called "State of the Art" by Tripp. Ruination is a good word for it. It also caused the transfer of tonnes of sand from Crystal Beach which disturbed the Fowler's Toad. A local who took pictures of the trucks loading up the sand was approached by police and told that he was not allowed to take pictures of the sand transfer.


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