Thursday, February 27, 2014


While some people are getting upset about a possible town giveaway of public land (oh, where have we heard that one before?) others are taking note of a situation that appears to contravene town policy.  Barely mentioned in the opening remarks from the Monday, February 24 Regular Council Meeting was the reason for the absence of Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero  who was attending the Ontario Good Roads Conference in Toronto.

Of course, to sharp observers, this brought to mind the resolution passed in August of 2007:

Councillor Shular 
Resolution No. 7 
THAT: The Expense Policy be amended to require that Members of Council attending 
conferences, including AMO, require Council approval by resolution. 

No one recalls a motion to cover the expenses for this meeting, so it is probably safe to assume that Stephen Passero paid his expenses out of his own pocket for surely, he would never do anything against the accepted Expense Policy, now would he?

To a man who never asks a question he does not already know the answer to we'd like to ask:

Did you bring forth a resolution to Council to cover your stay at the Royal York and the convention cost?


  1. Sounds to me like you got some insider information. Like from a councillor.

  2. only a bonehead wouldn't have eh ?

  3. I remember the big to-do about the funding for Bob Steckley to attend the Communities in Bloom Awards out west. He had to ask for his expenses to be paid. So, I figured that the same would apply to any of the others. Then I found the actual resolution. Still waiting to hear how or if Passero's expenses were paid by the taxpayers. Just askin'

  4. and the mayor travels to the middle east and europe but not a word is said. Where else, who knows. Open his passport and look for the stamps. If you're part of the club of insiders different rules apply. Pissero knows this.

    Got to go to work now to pay for all this.

  5. I remember that Communities in Bloom conference. Paul Collard also attended. He informed the public that Fort Erie was awarded the highest designation largely based on the restoration of the Point Abino Lighthouse.


    Do you think councillors who go to an out-of-province conference should have to provide proof of attendance?

    97% - Yes
    4659 votes

    3% - No
    148 votes

  7. Who the hell is Kevin? Starting to see all kinds of new names who support the Unwashed in East Fort Erie, has there been some sort of odd breeding program that is increasing their numbers or is it just the same fools pretending to be some one else.? Either way they are a non issue.

  8. Yeah, there is a whole new crop of names. I think it's one person who sits in his basement, still hurting after a major smack-down exposure of his lies. Right now he's concocting a Hypocrisy Sandwich: canned ham and cheese between two pieces of lye bread. Outrage over a recommendation that the town donate some land to the school board while supporting the giveaway of our last piece of public beachfront property in Crystal Beach to a high rise developer. Yeah, can't let a school be built on solemn land of the Kinsmen. OK though to give away public parkland to a high rise developer in exchange for an outhouse in the sand - scene of past and possibly future ice caves. Yeah, that's a real responsible use of public land. Oh, but we can't use that basically unused land that once belonged to the Kinsmen. Oh no, we must fight to keep it for recreational purposes - even though there's no money to do anything with it. Especially when the province will pay to have a school built on the property.

    1. So, who the hell is Kevin ....... it's me! Not associated to ANT political person nor any political blog. Just a normal Joe posting his opinion. I am male, 64 years old, semi retired and a person who has an opinion whether it agrees with yours or not does not concern me. But I do appreciate my opinions being accepted and posted on this blog. You guys just have to take off your " no opinion matters but mine suits" and accept that there are people like me, sitting on the fence, with thoughts and opinions. Your derogatory slams against my posts, without even knowing me tends to lean me to the other side of the fence.

      To " curious from CB " ...... I am KEVIN ...... GOT IT. I am sure that your parents didn't name you Curious.

      Please "curious" show me one post that suggests I support of, as you like to call the " Unwashed" ...... show me ONE post that I didn't post other than to present my opinion.

      That seems to be a problem on this blog. You submit a post which shows a concern about the town whether on the left side or the right and you get slammed, labelled and disrespected. Is that what this blog is all about?

      Yeah right Sharon " Hypocrisy Sandwich ". Where Have I shown "OUTRAGE", "over a recommendation that the town donate some land to the school board while supporting the giveaway of our last piece of public beachfront property in Crystal Beach to a high rise developer. "

      YOU not only accept negative comments towards our town but incite them. Is that what this blog is all about. To incite any negative comment towards MY TOWN ....... FORT ERIE. Not FORT DREARY like YOU like to call it.

      I am awaiting your and curious's apology.

    2. VERY CONCERNED CITIZENMarch 2, 2014 at 9:21 AM

      Why would you conclude that the source of the alleged transgression would be a Councilor and if it was why would that make a difference?
      If Councilor Stephen Passero violated the rules of conduct it would be a matter of public concern (or a least we would hope so)
      To this issue then,please, what is your point?
      As to inciting "negative comments", I believe it's more a case of encouraging critical thought as opposed to simple negative opining (not that the latter is never present)
      I'm not sure what it is you expect when you post your thoughts on matters here but I would encourage you to do so with the understanding that your opinions and statements will be challenged.
      After all, isn't that the point of the entire exercise ?

  9. "canned ham and cheese between two pieces of lye bread"

  10. CorruptionFighterMarch 2, 2014 at 8:02 AM

    Glad to see you're a fence sitter and making your own mind up Kevin. Many people locally here just follow the herd. There are a lot of tricks played on this blog from the "GU" as you like to call them, personally I think "lunatic fringe" is closer to reality. This may explain some of the hostility you're receiving. It's an automatic reaction when you're being screwed with all the time.

    If you really are a concerned fence sitter, stick around, this is the only place in town allowed to give out contradictory opinions to the old boys club that has an iron like grip on the media (though the Times has taken a large swing towards reality by staying out of it since the demise of the mayor's nephew)

  11. Gee Kevin is sensitive. Ok you are Kevin. You have come late to the party & maybe forgiven for your lack of understanding of the Bullies. Opinions are welcomed, but the Bullies only have one rant - the 4 councillors. Really getting stale. They are now at war with anyone who disagrees with their moronic statements. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones & they have been slinging boulders for years & get quite nasty when challenged. Fort Erie is a large area & there has been a propensity over the years (decades) to ignore Crystal Beach, Ridgeway & Stevensville. Luckily the residents of these areas have taken it upon themselves to make improvements & fight for their share of Tax Dollars. This has NOT gone over well for the elitist East Fort Erie gang. Thankfully a large number of the new residents in these areas have no idea what is going on & quite enjoy living here. They love the idea of having a fabulous beach & do not want it over developed. Who in their right mind would!! I personally do not support the building of a new school as I feel it is unwarranted but the DSBN wants it & if more students have to travel by bus to get there so be it.
    If they have targeted a piece of land for this purpose there is not a whole lot anyone can do about it. The bullies aka unwashed disagree & of course it must be the fault of the 4 councillors & their supporters who must be chastised. A very simple minded approach, wouldn't you agree Kevin?

  12. I apologize, Kevin for thinking you were part of the Great Unwashed. The timing of your comments led me to believe it. I am a bit suspicious because of past experiences with people misrepresenting themselves.

    Please carry on.

  13. a Pissaro sighting at the Pow Wow. He has never attended before. Do you think he is garnering votes? NO DOUBT, for mayor or ward one again?
    Just like his self-serving volunteerism, think?

    Off to the Oscars as I know you are too, have fun.

    1. Some would say that Stephen Passero would attend the opening of an envelope if he thought it would get him a vote.

  14. Sharon, Thank You so much for your apology. In as much as it was graciously extended, it is graciously received and accepted.

    Like I said, I am 64 years old. Born, raised and lived in Ridgeway all my life.

    It hurts me to see this horrible division in our community and town. It hurts me to see the malicious attacks on whoever chose to represent our town in a political fashion.

    It hurts me to realize, that "I", as a member of this community since 1949, can and will be disrespected, and chastised for voicing my concerns for MY community. Probably I have more invested into OUR community than all of you put together.

    But let me regress, because I don't know you. Perhaps you Sharon, you "curious", you "corruption", have more invested in OUR community than me.

    Sure, things are not great, but there is improvement. One of you said that Ridgeway, Crystal Beach and Stevensville are being ignored. In the recent years, Ridgeway has had our Main road improved, with updated services and attractive curb appeal, then further enhanced with a splash pad. Where else in Greater Fort Erie has such an effort been made?

    It was "MY" tax dollars that funded those improvements. The internet does not afford us to realize who different individuals are that post,unless they are so convicted in their words that that actually identify themselves ..... not going to happen. It is so much easier to" mouth off" and "disrespect" people than to accept them.

    Sorry, I am too emotional to continue this post. I am deeply hurt.

    1. Kevin, I was on the Ridgeway BIA when we first talked about improving Ridge Road and a town square. That was in the early 1990s. It has taken a number of people a long time to see that dream realized. Some are no longer with us. I have a great deal of love for this community. I chose to live here and it wasn't easy to go through the immigration process. I hate to see it ruined by poor planning and stupid decisions.

  15. Again Sharon, your comments and Love for our community is appreciated and respected.

    Just let ( your poster's ) be civil. Express a TRUE concern and productive, positive attitudes towards our community / town. It goes a lot further than negativism .

    If you have a political person that you support, help him with you visions. Help him with your experience, help him with your PASSION.

    Let's US turn this town around. One person at a time. Let US help OUR community to realize our full potential.

    If not ....... it will continue on the downward slide that we ALL are fearful of.

    You with me Sharon ?

    1. VERY CONCERNED CITIZENMarch 2, 2014 at 10:24 PM

      Please see my direct reply (above) to your March 1, 2014 at 7:30 PM post.
      No disrespect is intended whatsoever.

  16. CorruptionFighterMarch 3, 2014 at 9:00 AM

    Kevin, maybe you're a little late getting into the game but we are dealing with a despot and his pals here imho.

    The kid glove approach was tried and we came within an inch of loosing our last and best beach (that fight isn't over yet, round 1 the people, round 2 big politics/business and $$ coming again).

    Nobody believes this can happen here in Canada as we are better than that. WRONG!! and it's not just Quebec that we so love to make fun of, it's right in your backyard, peaking over the fence right now. Decades of graft, greed and abuse have brought this town to this. It has only been the internet that has allowed the real story to get out much like the Arab Spring Rebellions, near impossible until the advent of instantaneous messaging between the masses uncontrolled by large govt and business(read $$). This is why this website/editor has been the target of so many attacks including the use of our own tax $$ to shut it down. Got to love paying to shut yourself up!! Democracy Canadian style. Men have died protecting our freedoms, I have known some of them and it will not disappear on my watch while I draw breath.

    Go into the old posts here and educate yourself. If you possess a healthy moral compass you will be shocked by what you read about the dirty dealings that go on in backrooms here in the name of politics but what that really means is the almighty dollar.

    Got to get back to work now to pay for all this. The middle class in this country are little more than slaves to the taxman now and it really stings when the money disappears into thin air on special interest greed with no one ever held accountable.

    I hope you draw the proper conclusions and join the fight for what's right not insider greed.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR !! counsellor's of conscience

    1. I was just listening to a round table discussion on the radio that included Doug Martin. He didn't say much as he was overshadowed by the Lord Mayor of N-O-T-L. The host did remark that Crystal Beach has one of the best beaches in the area. Martin said nothing. Actually, there was more talk about the problems on Regional Council where, it seems, there's an Old Boys' Club. And there was also mention of the fact that there were problems between regional council and staff. Hmmm. Again, Martin said nothing except to say that he had been there since 1997. Translation: he's part of the problem and probably a card-carrying member of the Old Boys' Club.

  17. Perhaps Kevin doesn't know the history of the Bay Beach properties and how the people thought that the land was to be a public park/beach and worked very hard towards that goal, only to have those plans tossed aside by the powers-that-be at the time, in favour of a high rise tower on our beloved beach. Perhaps he doesn't know of the effort to stop it and the number of petitions, delegations, the protests, the money spent at the OMB hearings and the lawsuits filed to stop it. We are on guard because we know it is still possible to be blind-sided as we were when this all started. Why? Why did our municipal leaders at the time, decide that we didn't matter and that they were going to do what they wanted no matter what. Yes, there is negativity and it's not what we want, but there are still some in power who would do it all over again. We need our voices heard this time as none of us want to go back down that road again. If we don't speak up who will?

  18. a lot of us that visit this site have been involved very emotionally and financially in the goal to keep Bay Beach Lands Public. The fear of losing our only public beachfront at this end of town surfaced over 12 YEARS ago. That adds up to a lot of stress and raw nerves. We voted Tom Lewis in because he was the first to realize the property needed to be saved for future generations. Mayor Redekop then understood that the south side should be protected for the public.

    All of the strife in Fort Erie is due to Mayor Martin's disregard for the feelings of a large portion of it's citizens. He is the one who broke a 3 to 3 vote to go for the Molinaro condo. Our own elected ward 5 official Martha Lockwood was voted in because she told us she would respect our concerns to keep the beachfront public. Then she turned on us and wouldn't even discuss the matter with us. She said you will get your chance at Council. She literally turned her back on us. Now that is certainly a reason to be upset. She was voted OUT when her term was up.

    Since then, the mayor has lend this town to an unbelievable level of hostility and the Bay Beach issue is only going to get more hostile since it is an election issue yet again.

    I really dread the upcoming election because we care so much.

    1. Thank you, Meg for reminding readers of this blog exactly where many people of the community stand on this issue. To newcomers to this area: yes, there is a long history of the fight to svae the Bay beach Properties for future generations to fully enjoy. and NO, we are not anti-development as others would have you believe. We look upon it as our responsibility to save this property for future generations to enjoy. Regardless of the outcome, we will be looked upon, in the future, as being on the right side of the issue. Let's hope that we can preserve this final piece of beach front land in Crystal Beach. I do not want to see another piece of our history consigned to a high rise development.

    2. Well Said Meg, Often times Martin and Martha literally turned her back on any speaker that spoke against the condo!! Yet when a pro speaker spoke they were quite attentive, Maybe that was also because so few spoke in favor of it!

  19. CorruptionFighterMarch 4, 2014 at 5:52 AM

    and 1 name links all of the troubles here, MARTIN.

    remember him well come October

    1. If one listened to last night's council meeting, there was quite a discussion about an intended development on Rebstock Road. It seems that the developer is trying to cram as many condos into a oddly situated property as he possibly can. The property is on a steep hill and the developer wants to place units very, very close to the road. Neighbours do not want it and it does not fit in with the neighbourhood. Oh well. Off to the OMB unless the developer is really listening. So, Martin, showing his true colours, remarked that there is "intensification" of houses on Brunswick and Roxborough, therefore it is OK in his mind to intensify Rebstock Road.

      Once again, there will have to be a zone change as the property had been zoned over twenty years ago for a retirement/nursing home that did not go through.

      And we all know how zone changes happen. One developer once bragged about this in front of a bunch of people - how easy it is to get a zoning change/building permit in Fort Erie.

      Coming up later ... Follow The Money

  20. Yes, I attribute the divisiveness in Fort Erie to the mayor. Four of his favoured candidates did not get elected and he barely got re-elected. Since then he has launched a hate-filled vendetta against Hill, Lubberts, Collard and Steckley.

    What a difference this term would have been if Ann-Marie won.


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