Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I now hear that he was there. OMG! And he didn't get to take a victory lap or get into any of the pictures? So unlike Thibert, the master grand-stander.

Eyewitness account of press event:

"The fact that Jim Thibert wasn't hogging the spotlight was very telling. It tells me he didn't have anything to do with this new contract and they were not going to let him take the credit.
I’m sure Wynne remembers the banners at the track and at town hall.  Jim Thibert did not talk to her at all.

The plant manager, Wynne, Regional Chair Burroughs, Federal EDT minister Goodyear and Stephen Passero took a tour of the factory.

All the other dignitaries that were not invited to go on the tour were in the big meeting room mingling and talking with workers from the factory.

John Hill is the acting mayor, but the mayor asked Stephen Passero to speak on his behalf. So disrespectful of the policy in place and it was done to elevate Stephen during an election year. (Editor's Note: Typical small-minded move by the mayor.)

Four National TV crews, Four national newspapers and lots of local press were there. When Wynne got up to speak she mentioned that she had had a great tour with the four gentlemen and named them, but when she came to Stephen Passero, she had forgotten his name.  She turned around to him and said, 'I’m sorry I've forgotten your name'.

So, when Passero got up to speak he thanked everyone behind him that had been on the tour.  When he got to Wynne’s name he turned around and said,  'and Premier uh,uh,uh. I’m sorry. Oh, Wynne.'"  

Not funny, Stephen. Not funny at all.

(Editor's Note: way to treat the premier, asshat. Another insult to add to the long collection of insults.)


Big Announcement today at the Airbus plant on Gilmore Road. Forty new jobs at what is now Fort Erie's largest employer - not the race track. These are skilled technical jobs at the helicopter plant that already employs some 235 people.

And, where was Jim Thibert when the announcement was made by Gary Goodyear, federal minister of economic development for Southern Ontario and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne?  No where to be seen.  On hand for the photos were Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero, presumably representing the mayor who is in Florida; Regional Chair Gary Burroughs; Airbus CEO Romain Trapp and another unnamed executive of Airbus (formerly Eurocopter.)

Could he not have been invited? Like he "uninvited" Ann Marie Noyes to the opening of the Fort Erie Racetrack. Oh Snap! Not invited to the big dance?  You just know that Thibert would have been there hogging the spotlight if he could. Sounds like Airbus took care of getting help from the feds and province without Jim's help.

And, did I hear that Airbus is now the largest employer and largest manufacturing plant in Fort Erie? You know, the company that employs all those skilled technicians. But wait! Fort Erie doesn't have skilled workers according to Thibert in his insult-filled report to council recently during budget deliberations. Way to insult the people of Fort Erie: tell them they aren't smart enough for the jobs available. Word about town is that many were incensed over Thibert's remarks at the budget meeting - again. For the second year in a row.

And where was Jim Thibert when it was announced that a CIP could be a boon to businesses in Fort Erie? From the article:

Heyworth said there are three types of improvements 

business owners will be able to apply for—façade 

improvements, signage and constructing apartments above 

commercial buildings—if council approves the program.

Read the whole article: http://www.forterietimes.ca/2014/02/05/improvement-incentives-in-works-for-business-owners


  1. BEST NEWS to hit town in years and Martin is in Florida while Thibert is out to lunch

    Folks, the absence of these two clowns from this press conference speaks volumes to their lack of clout,capability and CHARACTER

    Jimmy would rather converse with his ninja low life league then spend time with those big fellas eh?
    You know that greggers is very attentive and always willing while those other guys just don't understand the JT way

    And Martin?
    Last we heard he was asking the cabana boy for more coconut oil

  2. Too slow there Madam Editor. Leslie North has already credited JT with seemingly all of it. If so, why wouldn`t both he and the mayor attend such a major announcement when both provincial and federal politicians traveled so far for it.

    Maybe that sage Leslie has the answer. She seems to have the answer to everything else.

    1. There are stories about bloggers and people who comment on websites getting paid for their comments. Leslie must have been tipped off about the article because she was there before I saw it. Yeah, Leslie might want to talk with the woman executive of Airbus who was in the pictures. Ask her what she thinks of Jim Thibert. She is not shy about expressing her opinion.

  3. ninjaism of the dayFebruary 5, 2014 at 7:57 AM

    "George McDermott is officially in now for Fort Erie Town Council in Ward 1."
    "Our opinion? George is on the right side of the issues in this town and would be a welcome addition to council. Well worth the time to follow him on his campaign trail."

    Wow Wee Mr. McD.. This is such "The Endorsement"

    1. George McDermott has run for that seat a few times. Lost. So, he's going after Stephen Passero's seat. Well known as member of the Good Ole Boys. Definitely on board with the mayor-by-five-votes.

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  5. Actually, I do not like giving the Bully Boys + Lesley any more attention. They are back in high school, trying to worm their way into the "cool kids' table" with their attacks on those who do not agree with them. They will be dropped like rocks once their usefulness is done or they go too far. Must be sad to still want to relive the high school years.

    In the meantime, they want us to believe that Fort Erie's decline is all the fault of four councillors and those opposed to the giving away of public waterfront land to a high rise developer.

    Good way to take attention away from the well-funded corporation that actually is the agency responsible for bringing in and retaining businesses and companies that has a list of failures to its credit. It became abundantly clear yesterday that the EDTC had little influence on the good news about Airbus expanding. He was not even in attendance when the announcement was made.

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  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lesley North taught accounting at the first high school in Ontario, doncha know?

  8. so just to connect the dots,(The joke of the Day in snow bound Fort Erie) Leslie North's experience as a flight mechanic during the VietNam war allowed her to give J Thibert her valued wisdom so that he could convince Airbus Helicopters to create 40 highly skilled jobs! Seriously?

    1. That seems to be the story in Lesleyland. She did say, in a delegation to town council that she was an "accountant" and taught accounting. Next, she'll take credit for fixing the Kinsmen Pool. "I used to be in pool maintenance" perhaps?

  9. What irks me
    Thibert may have been present but Premier Wynne didn't want to hear from the EDTC who calls women hookers.
    Thibert is nothing but a disgrace to all women and to FE.

    1. Don't forget his faux Chinese accent when he was talking about the EDTC NOT being an employment agency. (Of course it isn't. There's always Marina Butler's employment agency for that.)

  10. While I can appreciate the efforts of the CIP plan, one has to ask, who is it really benefiting with the façade improvements, signage and constructing apartments above
    commercial buildings ?

    Most business owners already have their signage up and rent the square footage where their business is located. The ones who will benefit are the landlords with the improvements to the outside and upstairs interior of their buildings. This whole concept is just smoke and mirrors suggesting that it is for the benefit of the business owners.

    It irks me ( sorry for stealing your line What Irks Me ) to keep hearing that Ridgeway is such a quaint town. It was, but it isn't anymore.

    Just a short decade ago, it had a wealth of gift shops. The Country Bunny, Two Door Cupboard, I forget the name, But Lorraine Murphy's shop, My Better Half, Horsefeathers, Blinds Plus, Lasting Impressions, First Impressions, The British Shop, Of Kings and Cabbages, and probably many more that I have forgot. There were actually bus tours that were destined for the Fort Erie Casino that drove into Ridgeway for the occupants to browse and shop and the eat at one of the restaurants.

    Those days are GONE. Now Ridgeway has one gift shop ..... Lasting Impressions with the accompanying First Impressions. Ridgeway is no longer "Quaint".

    On the same note, Crystal Beach, in it's hayday, when the park was running, had all the associated business' that ran off of the visitors to the park and all business' flourished.

    After the park closed, Crystal Beach became a great place to shop for antiques. Now..... unfortunately, there is not much there.

    In the past decade, many business' have opened and soon closed. Why?

    Because they are not supported by their community whether it be year round or seasonal residents. People would rather spend their money in the big box stores, at fast food eateries or across the border.

    Ridgeway and Crystal Beach are no longer QUAINT ..... they are destitute. And no facade or apartments above the existing buildings are going to fix that.

    Okay ..... stepping off of the soapbox now. Thanks for listening ( Reading )


    1. A wise friend once told me this when I was opening a business in Ridgeway: "If you can make it in Ridgeway, you can make it anywhere." She was right. Unfortunately, my business was one of those that opened and closed rather quickly. Lost a lot in that endeavor. Glad I tried though. Crystal Beach is definitely a story of non-support by locals. Another tough place to make it in business. Been there; done that too.

  11. Sorry if I missed your shop in Ridgeway. Which one was it?


  12. I had a picture frame shop on Ridge Road. Before that, I worked at Tomorrow's Treasures which was also on Ridge Road but closed to move out on Highway 3. I loved my job and wanted to keep working as a picture framer. Hard to run a business on one's own with no back-up.

  13. The fact that McDermott has declared to run in Ward one is very telling. There is no doubt he consulted first with Pissaro and was informed the Ward one councilor has loftier aspirations. Now the speculation will be is it to be Mayor or Region. Either way it is classic case of the Peter Principle.

  14. VERY CONCERNED CITIZENFebruary 6, 2014 at 7:57 AM

    WOW I mean he even impressed the ninja bunch. No doubt it was good for a pitcher of beer and a slap on the back eh Steve?
    With luck maybe they will endorse you for Sensi Mayor of Ninjaville?
    And to the gang over at FEninja PLEASE KEEP POSTING!

    1. Yeah, they call me a liar for saying that Thibert wasn't there when it was quite apparent that he wasn't there to take credit for the expansion. Sounds like one of those relatives who gets an invitation to a family wedding only because he is a relative - not because anyone wants him there.

      Passero's lame attempt at humour at the expense of the Premier just shows the out-of-town media and visitors an example of how tone-deaf officials of Fort Erie can be. I'm sure that Kathleen Wynne remembers the "What have you got against Fort Erie" banner that adorned town hall as well. Stay classy, Stephen.

    2. VERY CONCERNED CITIZENFebruary 6, 2014 at 9:58 AM

      How does all this add up? Thibert and friends take you to court to "defend the honour of FE and the EDTC" but a HATE site is setup specifically to attack and insult not only you, but anyone that has anything critical to say about Martin, Thibert or any of their cronies.
      The same site is used as weapons platform taking aim at 4 sitting Councilors and subjecting them to even further personal insult and slander all the while admitting a political agenda in support of the same group that brought suit against you. They even boast of a "special relationship" with certain members of town staff, the EDTC and Martin!!!
      The question is WHY is it tolerated ?
      Any intelligent person knows exactly what the answer is.
      The operative word of course is intelligent

  15. free entertainmentFebruary 6, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    Ninjas, pfft. If you can make it past the spelling and grammatical errors without laughing, the content itself is a knee slapper. Are you trying to tell me that there are people who actually take that drivel seriously? While I often don't agree with what is posted here, I actually am interested by the commentary and content due to the fact that it is intelligent dialogue and humorous for the most part. One would have to surmise that those engrossed in the ninja rhetoric are on the lower end of the literary scale. But hey, it's free entertainment ! I think it's cute to be able to clearly notice which articles are copied and pasted from ninjas with higher than average intellect, ninjas who don't want to be identified --- covert ninjas. LoL

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  17. I had to laugh when I heard this;
    A couple if ninjas were out early this morning rummaging through the recycled boxes. I never laughed so hard in all my life. Are the ninjas looking for campaign money? Lol

    1. Maybe they were doing "community service." Some will get that reference if they see the great movie: Nebraska. Swear to God, it could have been filmed in Fort Erie! Even the main street looked like Jarvis Street - replete with empty storefronts. Must see movie.

  18. To `Free Entertainment`.......Believe it or not, there is a fairly large segment of locals mostly from the east end of Fort Erie that not only believe that ninja drivel, they actively promote that stupidity. Convenient and expendable pawns in a larger game for power and money for a select insider club and their wannabe`s, who trade local resources for their own benefit.

    Welcome to Fort Erie politics. No one said it was intelligent.

  19. free entertainmentFebruary 6, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    There are also many locals in the East end that think ninjas are all a bunch of kooks and have enough sense to follow their own ability of free thinking to realize them for what they are, a pack of misfits who spend far more time than is healthy masterminding things that are out of their control. Actually, there are too many people in this town already doing that. This bunch just takes it to a lower level of silliness.

  20. Bonito walks into the bar and orders a beer.
    Barkeep serves it and says here you go JACKASS
    Bonito swills it down, burps and says I'll have another.
    Barkeep returns and again says here you go JACKASS
    Just like the first greggers guzzles it and orders a 3rd.
    Barkeep responds coming right up JACKASS
    Other patron at bar askes why do you let that man call you a JACKASS?
    Bonito turns and says..
    Oh he haw he haw he halways calls me that!


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