Thursday, June 12, 2014


You've seen the bicycles as you enter Crystal Beach. Now, become part of a new tradition:

This weekend Celebrate FATHER's day early...Bring Dad 

down June 13, 14 to the Crystal Beach Bicycle Festival...

Friday June 13th 

-6:00PM Crystal Beach Business Poker Run (ride your bicycles to each participating business and build the best poker hand to WIN!) 

- Lino's Pizza
- Exiles
- Crystal Chandelier
- South Coast Cookhouse (home base - Poker hands turned in here by 10:30 PM, PRIZES awarded at 11 PM)
- Sneakers
- Paddy Wagon
- Sub King

-9:00 PM Live Music / street party at South Coast Cookhouse with Redline

Sat June 14

10:00 AM - noon - Family bicycle ride from Waterfront Park to Bertie Boat Club

12:30 - 1:30 PM - Crystal Beach Firefighters Bicycle Safety Rodeo on Derby Rd.

1:30 - 2:30 PM Children's Tricycle Race on Derby Rd

Join us and bring your family and friends. See you there!!


  1. Curious in the BurgJune 12, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    And all they do in the east end is complain about how they have nothing. Some of the best thinkers in town if you ask me.

  2. Corruption FighterJune 13, 2014 at 8:13 PM

    Liberal MAJORITY govt for the next 4 years and (known PCer) Doug with his tangerine shirted Jimmie prancing around the track have royally pissed off the now majority liberals with their banners and gatherings designed only to impress the yokels and weak minded.. Well done idiots, lets see how a slots n track bail out goes now.

    The town through OUR tax $$ have managed to buy a measly 37 races at a cost of about 1.1 million of our local money..

    My math...ok... 500,000 GIFT and about another 600,00 from the EDTC which other than a cut n paste brochure annually does absolutely nothing else for the rest of the town., and this FK er has the gall to sue others for conflict of interest with public $$. No conflict here eh jimmie as head of the EDTC you should be impartial with the publics resources that you have misused since DAY 1 but to plagiarise the ass lickers and those oh so fearsome Ninjas, you are truly a conflict ridden 1 trick pony who has only one hand to play.

    Leave NOW while there is something left to rebuild from and take dougie with you as well as Leslie, Peter K, Greggers, half the Chamber of Commerce and all the unmentioned opportunists that would sell this town out for their own gain.

    1. I'm still waiting for accurate attendance figures for the race track. With the financial crisis ongoing in the province and Kathleen Wynne's majority government, do you think she will invest any more taxpayer money in the Fort Erie Race Track? Hardly. Much as I like Wayne Gates, he will have very little clout at Queen's Park now that his party has been downgraded. As you mentioned, CF, those banners and bad attitude towards Wynne will come back to bite Fort Erie in the butt - big time. I hear that all over town, people are expressing their disdain for Jim Thibert and the really lousy job he has done as EDTC/Race Track guru. He is the main reason Fort Erie is failing. The sooner all the people realize this the better.

  3. Crystal Beach is hopping tonight! Lots of bicycles and lots of wide smiles. I love it here! This is such a friendly happy community!

  4. Just caught the comments made by the intellectually challenged about the decorative bicycles over at nitwit central.
    PLEASE go see for yourself!

    1. Don't like to direct traffic to the Big Loads of Garbage but their remarks about the bikes are just so infantile and mean-girl like that they must be seen. Meanwhile, not much is happening in Bridgeburg because they're too busy Trashing everyone else's efforts to concentrate on their neighbourhood issues. You wanna pool for the kids? Work on that. Want to bring customers to Jarvis Street? Plan a street festival or special event. Want to put Bridgeburg on the map? Do something newsworthy.

      And the people of Stevensville, Ridgeway and Crystal Beach will continue to work hard to make their neighbourhoods attractive and interesting destinations.

      Yeah, you whiners in Bridgeburg: keep putting down others' efforts. It makes you feel so empowered, doesn't it?

  5. Dont feed the trolls, like vermin if you feed them they come around more often, Tragic seems to be upset maybe his homeboy Dim Tim not only got blown away .but hes taking his deflated ball and going home (probly to cry like a little girl in private). That was a nice piece of timing to have a bike festival on the thirteenth when the rest of the sheep were going to PD to sit in their fumes and noise and exchange looks like someone swallowed a chicken bone.Tragic? You sound about as hip as a 2 dollar haircut.


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