Monday, July 14, 2014


Maybe there was other stuff going on in Fort Erie, but Crystal Beach was sure swinging this weekend.  On Saturday, July 12, Queen's Circle came alive with the sounds, smells and tastes of the Crystal Beach Amusement Park as the twenty-fifth anniversary of its closing was commemorated with a "Memories Day."  Put together by local historians Paul Kassay and Rick Doan with a big dollop of help from the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Area and the Friends of Crystal Beach, the event attracted hundreds who came to view the artifacts and pictures from the fabled amusement park.  It was a chance to enjoy the legendary Hall's Suckers, Sugar Waffles and other treats once found only at the park. 

And, one of the Park's most popular features was celebrated on Sunday evening with a return appearance by the popular Toronto All-Star Band playing the Big Band music offered once-upon-a-time at the iconic Crystal Beach Ballroom that formerly played host to the greats of the Big Band Era. The concert was held at the Waterfront Park, just a stone's throw from the former site of the park's famous Comet Roller Coaster.  It is estimated that well over five hundred people attended the early evening concert that coninued through numerous encores. The concert featured a dedication to the late Janet Truckenbrodt who worked so hard to preserve the memories of Crystal Beach.  Earlier rain gave way to warm sunshine for the concert on the waterfront.


STARTS AT 7:00 P.M. Bring a lawnchair and enjoy!

You see folks: Crystal Beach is alive and well and getting better every day. Bay Beach was packed on Saturday and people of all ages enjoyed the memories of the once great Crystal Beach Amusement Park as well as the free concert at the Waterfront Park.

All these great events could not have taken place without the strong community spirit and co-operation of the Crystal Beach BIA and the Friends of Crystal Beach. These groups and all the hard-working volunteers are committed to making Crystal Beach a great place to live and visit.  (Here's another factoid the naysayers often omit: not all people in these groups agree on the "condo issue."  They do however agree that Crystal Beach is home and they love it.)


  1. Just a great evening,... if only it could happen more often.

  2. Sandy Annunziata will announce later today his intention to run for Regional Council. Still trying to get on the political gravy train after losing out to run for MPP in two tidings. LOL


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