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Carl Paladino and others purchased the race track according to PUBLISHED REPORTS

Carl Paladino is quite the developer and quite the character. He ran for governor and lost to Andrew Cuomo; he sits on the Buffalo School Board and he has been outspoken against new gun control legislation in New York State. (Sorta like Jim Thibert on steroids with lots of money.)

What will this mean for Fort Erie? One person responded just after the news was published: "Now Fort Erie is really f#$ked!" Not sure what this means but Paladino and his associates did purchase the entire track parcel which includes the historic race track.  According to reports, there will be no major changes in the operation of the race track which leases 130 acres of the 338 acre parcel.

What the plans are for the rest of the land is unknown but Paladino says that those plans will be revealed in due time.  

What do you think?


  1. without knowing most of the details, one can only hope that this is a very good thing for not only the historic oval but everyone locally.

  2. Curious in the BurgAugust 9, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    Didn't the Greek say it was someone else that was buying the property?

  3. I see that the ninjas are posting details from the e-mail sent by "Jimmie" to his inner circle about the sale of the racetrack. Uh. It was covered in the US media last night. Of course, in Jimmie's version, the EDTC takes all the credit. Paladino is a land speculator; he picked up rundown properties in Buffalo during the bad years and now he's making lots of money on its renaissance. Could be that he sees an opportunity to make money off the property. It surely won't come to him strictly from the racetrack.

  4. This is exactly how Donald Trump made his money, his father left him $26 million dollars , so he bought lots of real estate downtown NYC when the economy was still in the dumps, when it bounced back he made a killing from his investments."The Donald" is now a billionaire.

  5. view_from_the_beachAugust 10, 2014 at 4:56 PM

    Thibert AND Paladino !!!

    Kidz.. You ain't seen nuttin' yet.. (and when it's over ya won't see anything at all)

  6. Its real estate, and even though its with the perceved "help" of a publicly funded agency,the ECTC, their real intentions will remain for at least the time being a mystery. Now the government looks down the QEW to some some cul de sac border town and will see the funny deals going on with foreign ownership of yet another patch of Canadian real estate. Welcome the Buffalo mob to a great opportunity to launder money. Real estate, you got to love it. Maybe they made Jdog a deal he couldnt refuse. At least after giving the Liberals in power the finger because they wouldnt shell out for some foreign rented track, the EDTC saved some face, (and some very tired looking horses) by helping to sell out to some land hungry group over the river. Shame really. I guess the best thing to do is wait for a truckload of fixed lottery machines to back up to the "service entrance", (after approval of course).

    1. Well, if I don't get sued again for posting your comment, I believe you hit the nail squarely on the head.

  7. I think this is all a very positive development. The land on the edge of the racetrack could be built on to make townhouses or even single family homes. Being so close to the horseracetrack might make them more sellable when the time comes unless the developer is only builbing them as they are sold before construction. Anyway I bet the horses while they are running around the track would look there and wish they had such an easy life. Hey!! That could be a selling point!! Youre not a horse, buy one of these condos!! I bet that would really make the developer sucessful!! (and richer, I bet). They could hire a really focused video production company, add some well selected music, and make a "presentation" that would outline the positive attributes of purchasing such a "home", and a the same time show how, (If you wanted to be part of this "unique" project) you can,(with a "deposit") experience what is sure to be a life changing decision.

  8. Friends, get ready to ride the Buffalo. Paladino of Ellicott Development Co. (who has said quite casualy always carrys a handgun "where legal") partners with Joseph Mosey and Joel Castle, who made a fortune with their company Great Lakes Collection Bureau, then sold it. Now Joe and Joel come back even bigger with another "collection bureau", Norstar Location Services, looking for county money to overhaul their new head quarters. The Fort Erie race track for sale since 2007 looks like a done deal for them. Collection services. Horse racing. Land speculation. Get ready to ride the Buffalo friends.


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