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I knew all along who the "unnamed," now convicted and sentenced embezzler was in the Bridges Scandal.  A lot of political capital must have been spent to get such a good deal for Carole. Also, why was it necessary for her name to be withheld from the media while the matter was being resolved? Notice how very, very quiet Russ Wilson has been the past few months. I heard that the investigation into the matter was very thorough and Russ Wilson was very nervous. Seems that Russ falls victim to these money shortages wherever he goes. Way back to his days on Customs and, of course, the Bingo Years. Now Bridges. Gillespie has not revealed why she took the money and has offered full restitution along with her 18 month soft sentence. And that is odd in itself. Perhaps they didn't vet Gillespie at all because she did have some red flags on her resume.  Here is the link to the article:  

Carole Gillespie was sentenced for fraud in the Bridges embezzlement scandal.


Question: why are certain members of the Chamber of Commerce and a service club crowding the ballots in the upcoming municipal election?

The answer is: they're continuing the agenda they created shortly after the 2010 municipal elections.  That agenda was to eliminate or destroy four councillors who were all elected by comfortable margins and who were elected by people who were tired of the direction the previous council had taken, especially with regard to the Bay Beach Development of a twelve story condo on public property at the edge of the public beach.

Almost immediately, some chamber members got together and erected a billboard along Garrison Road calling the four "liars."  Then came the infamous full-colour leaflet presented under the guise of "citizens for a prosperous future" or some such title complete with quotes from now candidates Kimberly Zanko (who ultimately admitted she was the spokesperson for the anonymous group) and Marina Butler, a candidate for Ward 4 who also sought a compliance audit on the newly elected councillor of the ward, John Hill, in 2010.

Of course, Martha Lockwood, who mercifully lost her re-election bid for Ward 5 to Don Lubberts, had to pile on for a compliance audit of Donnie. And there were others, some in retaliation for the audits of Hill, Lubberts and Collard.  All of this cost the taxpayers a lot of money and all of this was a waste of time.

It seems that anyone willing to pay the yearly fee can be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. It does not care if the business address provided is not correct or that the business has not had an inspection by the health department in over three years; nor does it care that the business address in a closed-up, for sale property.  All is fine if one pays his or her dues. Heck, you can get to be President even if your business has gone bankrupt or you have no viable business.  As long as one pays their dues and is welcomed into the inner circle, they are OK.  As to this "inner circle" as in one of the Circles of Hell of Dante, they are practicing the art of political alchemy. combining the desire for the community to have a healthy business climate with their desire to control the governing process.  The Four Councillors' election in 2010 and the near election of Ann Marie Noyes put the Circle of Hell members on high alert and they will continue to attack The Four and anyone else who does not agree with their agenda.

Just take a quick look at the present list of candidates, available to download HERE.  Lots of members of the Chamber of Commerce and also members of a certain service club.  Seems that service club is encouraging its members to run for office or it's a great big coincidence. Many if us don't believe in coincidences.

If you like the idea of a group of business people running your town, under the auspices of the chief poobah of the economic development corporation, then fill your boots. (Of course your boots would already be filled if you wade around those waters.)

And the fun is just getting started.

Editor's Note:  In the previous thread there was a discussion about a meeting attended by some newly elected councillors and one incumbent back in 2010.  I wish to correct one part of my statement about that in what is the complete description of the event:

The meeting, at a private home, was attended by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero; Ward 3 Councillor Bob Steckley; Ward 4 Councillor John Hill; Ward 5 Councillor Don Lubberts; and Ward 6 Councillor Paul Collard.  The purpose of the meeting was to ask for a 90 day adjournment of the Ontario Municipal Board Hearings that were taking place regarding the proposed Bay Beach condo development as appealed by thirteen local people. The newly-elected councillors wanted the time to review all the paperwork and information that had been available to previous members of council to get up to speed on the hearings. The four councillors signed an affidavit making the request; Passero did not sign the affidavit.  This meeting had nothing to do with the later lawsuit filed by another group of people in the effort to stop the development.  That lawsuit was heard in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto, totally unrelated to the OMB hearings which were held in Fort Erie.

I did not remember that an affidavit was signed at that meeting regarding the OMB case as the writer to this blog mistakenly referred to the Superior Court Case which was not even on the docket at the time the councillors held the meeting. Hope this sets the matter straight as to what really happened.


  1. The biggest Fort Erie Race will be on October 27th with six running. Hold your horses!

  2. Am I missing something? I don't see any posts regarding the "Superior Court Case".

    1. That, my friend, is another thing altogether. The lawsuit was started to cast aspersions on the four. To the people who brought the lawsuit believe that they have achieved their goal. Now it will be delayed until after the election. Problem is that certain court documents are now public records. Soon all will be revealed.

  3. Curious in the BurgAugust 5, 2014 at 4:35 PM

    Great people aspire to hold great positions. Leaders of industry and commerce. Leaders of countries. Leaders of people and their ideas. But I am glad to see that we have none of them here in Fort Erie. All we have are ordinary people that think because of who they are, are better than the rest of us. If most of who is running think that they will command the wills of the people if they win, they had better think again. For people who's aspirations are ONLY to be the Mayor or a councilor of this town, they are only fooling themselves if they think they hold seats of great power. They like many of those around here are only just average.

    1. What I'd like to see in the next mayor is a leader who thinks about the general welfare of the taxpayers in supporting and fostering new ideas, not a nasty, tantrum throwing, self-serving, spoiled brat. Just because he cannot get council to vote his way, he throws a fit and refuses to work with council at all. Then he starts a lawsuit against members of his own council. It's good that he's retiring; we don't need any more of his negativity and nastiness in our town. Let's hope that the voters make wise decisions this October. There are others who have done everything possible to destroy the reputations of four councillors, yet they act like they have nothing to hide or that they did nothing illegal.

      Liar, Liar, house on fire should be their motto.

  4. I have to LOL how you guys sit behind your computors and complain about anything and everything.

    You, Sharon> ridicule those members of the CoC and Service Groups who are exactly the people that get off their duffs and do something for the community.

    You just might learn something from them, but, Oops .... I forgot. You know it all.

    1. Funny you should say that. I was sent a link to an article written in 2008 about the town taxes going up 11% and, among the funding was $40,000. to the EDTC to produce a brochure to attract Toronto developers. What ever happened to that?

  5. and I haven't heard the news we were to get shortly. Didn't Jim Thibert announce an announcement regarding the Race Track coming in a few days?

    1. Because Jim Thibert is out of the loop on the sale. I suspect his foolish lawsuit against Don Lubberts was part of it. Right in the middle of delicate negotiations, Thibert let his own bruised ego interfere with the process. The potential buyers probably did not take kindly to that interference and are now punishing him by keeping him uninformed. Just my take on it based on Thibert's MO.

  6. What is so wrong with an individual who has belonged to a Service Club being a member of council? I personally think if should be a mandatory pre-requisite to being a councilor or mayor because the first thing it says to me is they already care about the people in this community by giving of their time. They have also seen the deficiencies likely up close and personal rather than just sitting around speculating about what might or might not be.

    I am going to assume your insinuation is surrounding the Kinsmen given the fact you have Mark Wilkie and Chris Knutt both highlighting on their resumes their membership in that club. The thing to pay attention to is that they are PAST members and no longer involved with them. So the insinuation you also are subtly trying to make ( not so subtly btw) is that that service club is trying to "take over" is nothing but a fantasy running around in your brain.

    Further to that, almost all the service clubs in town are part of a National body and as such have, just like Government, Regional and National Governing bodies, which if these individuals you are alluding to have served above and beyond the club in one of these roles they already have a background and working knowledge of things like Rules of Order and as such would need to know you need a motion to reconsider to be passed before you vote on the resolution itself, FYI Councilor Lubberts.

    As well one would also know that when you wish to make a resolution it be worded clearly and concisely rather then having the Committee Chair hold your hand and lead and ask you 3-4 times if you would like to "amend" your motion" as Councilor Steckley did for Councilor Collard a few months back.

    Before you get your back up thinking I am chastising "The4" that is not the case because Councilor Passero has been just as guilty in not knowing Rules of Order all that well either.

    These is the foundation for being able to run organized and respectful meetings and when the members ( all of them) of council choose to ignore them, this is what you get. I don't know all of the backgrounds of current council but I am guessing that 80% of them have never been in a service club and defiantly do not know rules of order. Shular and Martin both have demonstrated they both are, and I will give them a pass ( as I now await for CF to have another epic meltdown) but the rest are clueless and have made the lack of that skill set quite clear.

    I have no idea how the reply to LOL from Sharon has ANYTHING to do with the CoC and Service Clubs because you totally refer to taxes going up and the EDTC, of which neither has anything to do with any service clubs

    I will leave it at that ...for now

    1. I am pointing out that certain members of the CofC and a service club are working their own agenda that in no way represents the mandates of either the CofC or the service club. It's merely the connecting thread between them. The people who are behind this are not always in the front; they are directing the effort to gain control of the council, thus the future of Fort Erie. Many of us don't agree with their philosophy, one that could ruin the very aspects of why this town is so desirable to many. Sure, there are jobs needed and there should be some sort of training program to help people develop the skills needed in the present market. But, I suspect that there are some who want to develop the hell out of Fort Erie for development's sake only. There is a smart way to go about developing a town and mistakes have already been made. Hopefully, no more "mistakes" will be allowed.

    2. Thier idea of Development is build more homes/appartments, which we know have a glut of!!

    3. why would i melt down to a well thought out and written argument.

      Dirty doug should have Roberts Rules down by now after what, 3 decades of screwing the town for his pocket book and his like minded cronies. He has had a lot of practice.

      I do have to wonder why you apparently hold these types of individuals in high esteem when it is these exact types of characters that are responsible for this towns current situation. Contrary to what the dark side here says , this did not all start 4 years ago with the election of a new type of individual that for the first time in decades was not looking out only for FEs self appointed and self serving ruling elite (the ol boys network that just happen to have large numbers in certain circles locally, CofC being 1 of them) .

      Intelligent argument on the surface but if not self serving, you are directly supporting the people who fcuked us all into the terrible mess this town is in and it started a looong time ago.

      Should I return to my drinking now Kevin.....

    4. Why? Because anytime even gives Martin or Shular a kind word, you immediately jump all over them with a barrage, so I have come to expect that as the norm from you now

      As far as who I support...

      I do not favour "the 3" or "the4" and do not choose either side, but rather I choose to support those individuals who display professionalism and integrity first and foremost, (and currently all of council is shown a lack of this at one time or another), knowledge, strategic planning skillsets thru SMART Goal setting and SWOT analysis', a strong financial background and actually trusting the people ( internal or external) who have expertise in specific backgrounds rather than council thinking they are all high and mighty and all knowing ( again what we have now)

    5. Thanks for thinking of me CorruptionFighter, but it wasn't me. Guess other people think you are a jerk too.

    6. ah ``Kevin``. I knew you were still out there closely watching even though I supposedly ruined your (also supposedly) newly acquired computer skills for life with my opinions. If i ever do really melt down, you will be the first to know.`Thanks for the confirmation. Your twisted mind and sick soul continues to expose you.

      BTW your ``friends`` consider you expendable and you will never be allowed membership to their inner circle.

    7. You are so screwed up it is hilarious.

      Nope, didn't ruin my computer skills, but it does seem that you have ruined yours. Hold down the CTRL button and click on the SHIFT button a couple of times and you will have your "punctuation" corrected.

      FYI ..... I have ABSOLUTELY no friends in the inner circle, nor do I want to. I am just a regular citizen, posting a comment, then getting "called out" by a rude poster .... being you. Remember, CorruptionFighter, you are the one who first suggested that I was "under the influence" when I posted.

      BTW ..... my first computer was a Vic 20. Does that mean anything to you? So my " newly acquired" computer skills are not so new.

    8. Steady there, Kevin. Your thin skin is showing. Since this is all anonymous, why even bother defending "Kevin" at all? There is a dedicated clique at work to take down the four councillors and anyone who agrees that the corruption in this town has gone on far too long. You may or may not be a member of it, but you are blindly following their agenda. Too bad you don't look into their backgrounds as carefully as you claim to for the four.

    9. Steady there, Sharon. My name is infact Kevin, so don't tell me not to defend my own name while you support some delusional family named Fighter who names their kid Corruption.

      Talk about " a dedicated clique at work to take down the four councillors ", you cannot disagree that the was a a dedicated clique at work to install the four councillors.

      I am what and who I say I am. You might be having a difficult time absorbing what I write, because it is the truth, when I said "I have ABSOLUTELY no friends in the inner circle, nor do I want to." Infact my most frequent contact ( and on an amicable nature ) was with Bob Steckley.

      " Too bad you don't look into their backgrounds as carefully as you claim to for the four." ...... WTF did that come from? Are you wacked?

  7. As well... any sort of followup to that well celebrated arrival of 40 or so jobs at Eurocopter?? Such a fine fix to the unemployment problem here in Fort? Does anyone know of anyone in this area that got one of those jobs? There may be but I havent heard of anyone (yet). Those new positions might help to sell a few more litres of gasoline at the Ultramar for the people commuting in, or a little more fast food for the new workers during their lunch breaks, or their long drive back to some other town. To celebrate a small development like that, (granted, it was election time) with such "fanfare" by some of the local topdogs seems shortsighted, without knowing, (or insisting on an agreement) that the "new" positions being announced would go to people who live in this town. Another example of chest pounding by the EDTC, with a very hollow sound coming back.

  8. DoingIt Right might want to read the book "Babbit" by american author Sinclair Lewis (if he/she hasent already). Get a little taste of where local politics are likely to go when you have a predominance of "service club members" or Chamber of Commerce types controlling the towns agenda. "You scratch my back.." and so on. Try to remember lots of those people join groups like that not to "serve" the people of a town, but to make business contacts, to further their business interests, be it real estate, construction, retail, and the like. Not to mention the social club feeling of meetings where the food and drinks served can have a bigger impact on the sucess of the outing than any percieved agenda to "help the people of this fair town". Knowing the rules of order are important, but to trade off the concept of allowing anyone to run for office, in favor of the idea of promoting only candidates who already belong to some "club" or "chamber" is missguided, morally wrong, and potentially illegal.

  9. Love how you think these individuals are controlling the town agenda. So far from the truth. Town staff pretty much dictate the agenda based on issues and items that are brought forward from us the taxpayers, along with the Region and to some extent provincial government.

    Whether it be zoning requests, development, proposals, presentations, providing of info of things coming down the pipe from Region or Province etc.

    As far as the food and drink.... those that are there for that as their main purpose are there for the wrong reasons, which is also comparable to some at our council table...there for the wrong reasons too. I suggest your drive around town and take a hard look at everything service clubs have provided you and your family and the rest of the people of this town with because the list is so very long and impactful, and had it not been for their commitment to Fort Erie it would be coming out of your pocket in tax assessments

    1. It does seem those that the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce members are trying to Stack the Chances of most of them getting elected, so it does seem that they have some sort of agenda.

      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.
      George S. Patton "

    2. I am not denigrating service clubs or the fine work they do. I am saying that there is a clique that is using a service club as a cover for their own agenda which is the same as certain members of the CofC. Just look at the Facebook pages that have sprung up that are really covers to lure people so that a candidate can flood the page with their message.

      Liars, liars, house on fire!

    3. You are right, generally speaking the Service Clubs and various volunteer organizations have done an amazing job, sometimes despite the inner machinations at TOFE with certain types sucking the town dry only for themselves. It is these scumbags (often with nice titles that legitimize their dirty deeds) that need to be hunted down and dealt with.

      The town is in a crisis and the time to be nice ended long ago.

  10. Can any one tell me when the candidate signs come out? Is there a designated date allowable? Not that I am in any hurry, this time the town will look like a garbage dump, there are so many running.

  11. Just checked the town election site. Signs are not to be placed until 45 days before election day. That puts it September 15th.
    It did seem that they were up a long long time last time.

  12. The most hypocritical line EVER published on the Japanese blog .....

    " Shawn: The admin will quite often correct minor spelling mistakes. Don’t worry about it, the important thing on this site is that every one has the opportunity to get their point across with out being called names and harassed. Thank you for you contribution to the site. "


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