Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Why does Doug Martin care about how the municipal elections are conducted?  He's not even running in this election. 

We probably won't ever know the answer to that question, but the Mayor-by-five-or-was-it-seven-votes certainly got all wee-wee'd up when Don Lubberts started to ask questions about the procedure for the election from the clerk who is empowered to run the election.  Martin did everything he could short of duct-taping Lubberts' mouth shut to prevent him from asking and getting answers to his questions.  

Which makes us tinfoil hat wearers wonder why the mayor doth protest too much. He makes observers and listeners to council meetings anxious for his exit from the horseshoe.  He really has been the cause for a lot of the turmoil at council with his pettiness.  Not a good way to leave the mayor's chair.  The new mayor may need to burn some sage or invite an exorcist in to rid it of the bad juju he leaves behind.  

Spoiler Alert: Lesley North "investigated" problems in previous election and found no proof of any wrong-doing.  She initiated her investigation based on "a blog written by someone who has been convicted of slander." Oh my. Who can she be talking about, I wonder? Lesley also did major research into insurance rates if a scrutineer were to be allowed to accompany the ballots from one nursing home/senior residence to another and a serious accident were to take place. Thank you, Lesley for doing your due diligence. Now you can return to your new task of dissembling my live(sic).

As to the Kinsmen Pool, Paul Collard made an attempt to find out why there was such a delay in the members of the Underwater Recovery Unit receiving a copy of a lease agreement sent to the URU by the town in June.  It was not brought to members until late September and, according to the town's acting CAO, there is no word yet from the URU about the lease. Stephen Passero was strangely quiet about the Kinsmen Pool situation. Just recently, he was trying to take credit for "saving the pool" and promised that it would re-open in 2015.  (Stephen has also remained silent about his business which has apparently gone underground - literally.)


Anyone who continues to blame the four councillors for the present council's dysfunction should pay close attention to the meeting. Notice too how Rick Shular actually goes off script at one point.  Maybe he's looking forward to being able to speak his mind in the next council.  He is the only candidate that is assured of re-election.

Happened to catch the Port Colborne Council Meeting this morning on COGECO.  What a difference a responsible and reasonable mayor makes!  A long-time member of council who is not seeking re-election, Bill Steele was given the opportunity to speak directly to the viewers about the lies and misinformation that has been given out by certain members of the press, candidates and those going door-to-door. He went point-by-point, asking the city treasurer to correct the misinformation, which he did.  Too bad that such an opportunity is not afforded to the councillors of Fort Erie to refute the lies that have been put out there about them. (Please don't suggest that I move to Port Colborne if I like its government so much.  I would just like to see that level of democracy come to Fort Erie's government.)

NOTE: On CKTB 610 AM today at noon, mayoral candidate Mike Cloutier was to be interviewed.  Yesterday the station interviewed Ann Marie Noyes. Thursday will be Stephen Passero and Friday will be Wayne Redekop and then Dean Dimezio.  All will be available via podcast through the station's website.


  1. I am curious as to why the Human Resources/interim Town Clerk appeared to know NOTHING about election procedures for Fort Erie. Councillor Lubberts asked for an answer regarding election box rules and was assured that he would be informed at last night's Council Meeting.

    What happened?

    Shouldn't procedures be reviewed soon? The first Advance Poll is this FRIDAY!

    and what is the problem with verifying that the counting machines are sealed with the ballots boxes at the proper time?

    and isn't it reassuring that candidates can place sealing tape after the boxes are closed and then moved?

    1. After the meeting, the mics were still on and the acting town clerk was heard to say to someone, "Don't ever do that to me again!" Reportedly, he said this to Don Lubberts while wagging his finger in the Ward 5 Councillor's face. Far cry from last week when he agreed that it was feasible for scrutineers to ride in the same car with the ballot boxes from nursing/senior homes. Why was he not prepared for questions? The election is less than two weeks away and advance voting starts Friday. Between the clerk's deliberate stonewalling and the mayor's ridiculous attempt to stop Lubberts from asking questions, one can only surmise that something is being covered up. Why not just make sure that there is no way that the votes can be tampered with?

  2. If anyone is having a meltdown, I think perhaps it might be you Sharon. " one can only surmise that something is being covered up. "

    1. At my worst, I could never be as rude and as nasty as Doug Martin has been for the last four years. Scrutineers, candidates, election officials and the public should be able to fully access the rules and procedures of voting and the voting procedure should be following the Ontario Municipal Elections Act to the letter. All anyone should want is a free and fairly run election. Any attempt to subvert that process and the knowledge of it is highly suspect. I do wish that an outside third party would be in charge of the election. Certainly couldn't cost more than $110,00. the cost of the useless Compliance Audits of 2010 - after the election.

  3. Oh, My, don't forget that we don't want a scrutineer with allergies to have to travel inside a contaminated vehicle.

    What if the Returning Officer drives a car that doesn't have a trunk?

    Let's hope that now some of the Poll Box recorded data procedures are now on record, thanks to Councillor Lubberts and Councillor John Hill getting it assured that we will have an upfront transparent beyond reproach election this time in Fort Erie.

    1. Oh, I forgot about that. Perhaps we should also be cautious as one of the scrutineers may be a carrier of Ebola, having just returned from West Africa. Then, there's always the fear of a hi-jacking not covered by insurance. Or a flat tire. Would the scrutineer be required to change the tire? What if no one belongs to CAA? Someone doesn't like the music played on the radio? Serious stuff. Not to worry, Lesley has investigated it thoroughly and she has taken into account all contingencies and has decided that there are just too many variables to allow scrutineers to accompany the ballots.

  4. All Town staff is suspect, in my opinion no member of staff should have their furry paws on any ballot boxes after they are signed and sealed, it is public knowledge that these past 8 years have seen elections that do not conform to the protocols outlined in the Municipal Elections Act, nothing forbids scrutineer's from watching over the ballot boxes until seals are broken and counted by the machines, Provincial Elections the ballots are all counted by hand, and every ballot is accounted for., Chicago style elections practises should cease and honest elections be the new norm,. that is the very least the voters should get in the Town of Greater Fort Erie..

    1. I don't believe that all staff is suspect, but there have been enough "incidents" in the past for some to be suspicious. As I said, it could have been easily resolved with an election official swap with another municipality or to hire an outside company to oversee the balloting.

      Anyone who thinks elections can't be fixed needs to watch the miniseries Recount about the "election" of George W. Bush in 2000. The use of Diebold machines has been linked to a number of problems with voting tabulation in the States. Played a major role in Dubya's re-election in 2004 allowing him to win Ohio.


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