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Looks like the town received a grant to enhance the sand dunes at Bay Beach in 2008. Certainly would give one the idea that the town was on board with preserving the uplands. Here the town is working with The Friends of Crystal Beach, a community group formed when the amusement park closed and that was responsible for many updates, improvements and support for the village of Crystal Beach.

Later, when the Molinaros came into the picture, the FOCB fought to save the uplands from development.  For that the group lost its Bingo license for being "too political."  

Striving to save a public parkland area for the people is too political?  What about a lawsuit filed just eleven days before an election?

Sounds like someone made a promise to a developer and was unable to deliver on that promise.  That is why people like Lame Duck Mayor Martin are out there campaigning against The Four. 

The Molinaros sued a couple of women in 2010. One was the owner of a property next to a proposed development which, according to the owner, "enjoyed a prescriptive easement over the Plaintiff’s lands."  Follow the LINK to see the outcome. (Spoiler Alert: The Molinaros lost.)

In other words, there is no guarantee that Molinaro's most recent lawsuit will be heard, nor that it will be decided in favour of them.  They are attempting to control the outcome of this election with the timing of the lawsuit. 

HERE is where it all began. Notice that it was said that improvements to the Bay Beach Properties would cost in excess of $3 million. Based on what? Here is where $35,000. of taxpayer money went to send "invitations" to prospective developers. Just where is the money from that earlier grant?

I know this is old news to some, but this is where it all started. The people of Fort Erie, especially those in Crystal Beach were lied to from the get-go. It looks like a deal was already made; town staff just had to come up with some lies to sell it to easily swayed councillors. The mayor was already in on it, presumably.  And that is why they were so upset when The Four were elected.  And this is why they are working so hard to stop The Four from winning their elections.  It's all about the promise made to a high rise developer - not a promise to the people.


  1. Money to "save" the dunes? Would that be where a huge chunk of change went to a fencing company to put up prison like chain link fencing and left a small gate where the "guards" can conduct their illegal searches? The protected "dune" the Moles set a crackerbox promo trailer upon (that must have really made a good impression on perspective purchasers) then took months to remove? Just wondering if the dune protection plan had selected vision? Seems I remember whatever plants dared to try to grow back were mowed down with a vengence. Is that "the"dune or are/were there others?

  2. Show Fear! If the majority of Council elected are pro Tower like Marina and Zanko, there will be a trade. Give us our Tower and this 10 Million lawsuit will disappear.


  3. That is a nice simple thought BUT, as any sucessful law suit would be paid by insurance (premiums paid for with our tax funds) and the new council MAY be so pro development, not to throw cold lake water on the trade speculation, consider the chance for the Mo condo plebs to have their cake and eat it too. First, the ten mill or so as determined by the court, with a severe finger wag in the face of the previous town council, "bad council, BAD, BAD... Then the new council with much back slapping, grins and guilty giggles, putting the Doug bunker back on the menu. Then after much secretive back room meetings and calls the Judge who made the favorable ruling gets the penthouse suite for a few bucks. All this and more from out of one of the first few chapters of Planet Fort Erie, the novel, the legend, the nightmare. Dont rule out a sweet settlement AND a new enlarged beachfront construction circus if the CoC gets to run the area for the next 4 years.

  4. The lawsuit linked above with Molinaro & DiCenzo is very interesting as it related to a Land Titles issues on the waterfront. The judge reprimanded the Molinaros & their lawyers Aird & Baylis for bullying the defendant. Aird & Baylis are the same law firm that represented the Town regarding the condo tower & gave the current councillors advice that they must proceed with the development. Hmm curious.

    The $10 million lawsuit is just another bully move to get the 4 councillors out of office & proceed with the development. However, there is still the issue of clear title. Another Land Titles issue.

    Just an aside. The Marz development has had no problems selling their homes. The Molinaros could only get 16 potential Buyers. I guess the folks looking to locate to CB would rather have a home NOT a Concrete apartment even if it does look at the beach.

    1. Cough, cough, conflict of interest???

  5. "Martin says the Molinaro Group has the right to recoup costs". The vote was 6 Councillors to 1 mayor to not extend the contract, as was advised by the Town legal team. It would have been no advantage to the Town, THE TAXPAYERS. But Martin still voted to keep the deal going! Doesn't he care what is best for the Town, us taxpayers? Sounds like he wants Molinaros to get a pay off, doesn't it?

    Molinaros ENDED the deal because they didn't get the sales they needed, they could have proceeded, THEY decided not to, it was still going forward because there wasn't a majority vote against it. Council passed the MNR permit AND the Site Plan.

    Note also that Molinaros Knew the Town did not have Absolute Title to the Bay Beach Waterfront and it was Molinaros who waited two years to start the process.

    Note also that THAT is exactly what Don Lubberts was pointing out to Heather Salter who refused along with the mayor to ACKNOWLEDGE there were road allowances crisscrossing the property.

    It has been over a year and a half since the Deputy Director heard the lawyer's and three surveyors testify and STILL NO TITLE!

  6. Must have been a little embarasing to the Moes when they had everything handed to them, had a large number of the political sheep eating out of their hand, a great site on the water, services at the road, businesses nearby, then overprice their conctete creation, (with an extinct amusement park "theme" for the "suites"). Several if not all prepurchases by real estate minnows hoping to flip for a quick profit. "Embarasing" Now a halfbaked lawsuit in the oven trying to save some face at least, around the office. Wouldnt want to be the cracker that steered that barge onto the rocks, probly back flogging time shares in Elliot Lake.

  7. I just googled the Paradigm Project by the Molinaro Group in Burlington. After the 2013 OMB approval, amendments to their Site Plan approval were requested:
    -height of back building from 20 to 24 storeys
    -total residential unit increase from 921 to 929
    -reduction in Retail from 2,000 to 1,600 sq. metres
    -reduction in office space from 9,000 to just under 3,000 sq. metres
    -overall parking spaces of 1.25 spaces for 2 bedroom to 1 space
    -visitor parking .25 to .18 spaces.

    We noticed the Bay Beach development lost retail space because the second private floor featured a pool instead. No beach access washrooms were shown in the brochures, the sales clerk said washrooms, without change facilities would be located inside the condo.

    and it hadn't even got underway yet! Don't forget there never was going to be a pavilion for the beachgoers, a room could be rented. Oh, and no one could even be allowed to step onto the sand to the side of the condo because it was off limits for the toad, but the town was responsible for grooming it and maintaining the outside patio. No concession area for refreshments either.

    but Martin wanted this?

    1. Martin probably wanted to run for re-election but knew he didn't have a chance, based on the outcome of the last election. Five votes for an incumbent? Very bad results. He would have been embarrassed this time around. He's still angry that he didn't get his way and he's like the spoiled child having a tantrum. His only motivation now is revenge against The Four who ruined his chance for a nice Golden Handshake.

  8. The arguments presented here are far too intelligent for many in this town to comprehend so why don't we stick to the tried and tested dark side/old boy tactic that ALL OUR PROBLEMS ARE SOMEONE ELSE"S FAULT!! probably those bad Americans or maybe it's that small group of beach huggers or maybe 4 councilor's of conscience with their oh so secret agenda or maybe the gay whales or maybe................
    (Hitler used the Jews so not very original there ol boys)
    No matter how stupid it seems.

    It works well for Doug and the Thugs. A mysterious increase from mystical donors may even visit your bank statement.

    Can't beat them so let's join them and make $$$ screwing the town over like so many. Now if we can only erect that apartment block, all the streets will be paved in gold or at least my bank account and a few cronies. We will be once again open for business.......MONKEY BUSINESS!!

  9. view_from_the_beachOctober 24, 2014 at 11:15 PM

    As has been evident throughout, Doug "The Vindictive Little Prick" Martin, clearly places the whims of these particular developers above the wishes of residents.
    With the exception of the teenaged mutant ninja douche bags and a handful of political hack ass kissers, even people in favour of waterfront development acknowledge that this deal, Dougie's Deal, is a stinker.
    While we're fortunate enough to finally rid ourselves of a man whom will be forever remembered as a failure, his obvious allegiance to Molinaro as expressed by his continuous justification for the $10000000 lawsuit shows just how far he's prepared to go to remain in their loving embrace.
    From the day he was elected mayor this man knew which side his bread was buttered on. Now it's time we insure his like minded cronies and croniettes don't get another shot at lining his pockets.

  10. Doug wanted to see something before he finished up, probly pushed around by his wife. Might have even had designs on a buy to rent part of the concondo. Be interesting to see the list of the characters who lined up for the presale. We would sure like to see that list.At least there were not plans for an off shore marina to go with the place, as happens in other more southerly locations. Then it would be adios to what is left of the peacefulness of the waterfront. Not to mention the stink, noise, and visual pollution of trailer grade watercraft like jetskis. This nonsense might go on for years. At least there are other places to go in the summer. The EDTC is going to be no guiding light when it comes to helping visitors enjoy the lakefront in summer. Except for a pathetic reprint of a guide to Fort Erie that has recently featured on its cover a picture of a lighthouse that is on private property and a storm damaged boat launch the town wont fix on Pt.Abino road. When can we expect better? From whom?

  11. Many years ago another election time 8 years ago , I asked a lady why she had a sign supporting Doug Martin for Mayor, she told me that she felt comfortable with the man, Doug had been out of sight for several terms on Regional Council, which is" out of sight and out of mind" so to her he was a none controversial ,person and thereby a safe bet, boy, was she wrong.!! that guy split the whole Town in two and caused an ongoing war of words, bile and toxic fever that has engulfed every aspect of our daily life, here ,there has been a constant quest for power and a sleepy part of Ontario resembles the sect driven strife of the middle east.The Chamber of Commerce unlike many business organisations, feel that they should be running our Town, instead of people elected form the community, painting anybody that opposes them as being anti-development and a threat to growth, but the truth is that this Town has never been receptive to newcomers, much like those old western movies, ( we don't cotton to strangers around these here parts) 3000 thousand jobs from Chrysler Corp sent packing back in 1968, they then went to Pennsylvania .Greensburg,300 lumber jobs slated to go across the road from Millers Auto Wreckers next to the railroad tracks, after a lot of harassment ,by town staff,they pulled up stakes and welcomed in Lackawanna NY to the former steel mill lands. so suggesting that the town was closed to business ,by the 4 newcomers on council , is a spurious suggestion,and a bald faced lie.

  12. When a few jobs show up here its such a rare thing that the group of "look what we are doing for you's" show up wearing suits and shit eating smiles for the rare but not to be missed photo op. Remember the Eurocoptor announcement of 50 or so jobs to be enjoyed by the undertroden unemployed of the town?? You know anyone local that got any of that sugar? Cant really think of any other examples its become so rare that such an event takes place. Riches foods expansion 10 years ago or so. but without the circus atmosphere the copter plant announcement got.The Erie personell types keep the minimum wage pot boiling, no benefits, no long term plan for the people hired and no job security. Without naming names is this the type of mentality the voters want holding a place on council? In the USA most call it the slave market employment centre. Here people have tried to spin it as an attribute to the economy of the area. A steady stream of underemployed worker bees is not what this area need and helps to hold back good paying long term job prospects for people that would give100% if given the chance.

    1. I'm going to copy your remarks over to the new thread I'm working on. You're absolutely right.


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