Thursday, October 23, 2014


He was guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial as part of a one month tour of duty. The National War memorial is located close to the Parliament Buildings where democracy is practiced on a daily basis. The tomb itself was built to honour those who fought and died to preserve that democracy. The man who stood on guard was fulfilling a tradition that the monument and its precious contents would not be left unattended. And so it was that a young man who came to fulfill a duty, was cut down while protecting that hallowed place.  He gave his life protecting freedom like the unknown heroes who are buried in the tomb. He gave his life to protect the democracy some take for granted.

In this election season, please honour the man and the others who stood up for your rights by voting in the Municipal Election and any election going forward.  It is your right and privilege but it is also your duty.

Do it in honour a young man who will not be able to vote this coming Monday. A young man who took a bullet guarding a monument to democracy.

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  1. Sadly Cpl Cirrillo is not the first to die protecting our right to freedom and democracy, which is why I am so adamant about people exercising this right (actively and intelligently for the grater good)that has been paid for in blood.

    Democracy has been under attack here in Fort Erie the last 4 years and now sadly all the world can see that it is under direct fire in Ottawa as well.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR as they have been at the forefront of protecting your right to an uncompromised democratic process for everyone.

    RIP Cpl Cirrilo

  2. Too bad Mayor Martin doesn't appear to respect a fair democracy. Why argue with the best surveillance of election boxes as possible? James Culic's article was all about Don Lubberts wanting a scrutineer from ward 5 in the transport car. The procedures that Don was most concerned with were all of the election boxes that were going to the institutions, none of them are in Crystal Beach. All turned out well, Carolyn Kett had indeed made the necessary tabulator and transport changes before she retired and yes they were done before the June deadline as Don had been attempting to find out at Council.

    I just can't believe that our mayor would go so low as to inform the press that Bob Steckley was quitting? So glad that James Culic thought to check up on his source before printing that news! We know that Bob Steckley is running against Sandy Annunziata who is mayor Doug Martin's favourite choice.

  3. I think if people called our former Mayor a skunk, would that be an insult to all of the skunks that are out there.!!


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