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A Resident sent in the following comment yesterday.  It bears repeating just as it is.

Congratulations Fort Erie, you have finally made me ashamed to be a resident here. Why you ask? Not that 4 councillors are being sued; in fact how many people have that much dedication to stand up for their constituents even at the risk of getting sued. Actually I am disgusted by the low moral fibre of the handful of residents who are celebrating in these lawsuits, wishing people to lose the houses, etc. Last I checked, in Canada, people were innocent until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But it is good to see that we have so many legal experts in Fort Erie. I just didn't realize law degrees could be obtained with a high school education. Interesting to see who are the ones that are so quick to pass judgement. By the they not realize how often developers sue municipalities cause they didn't get what they wanted? Again with the calibre of legal expertise we have here, I'm surprised they failed to mention that.

On a positive note, it is great to see that so many FE businesses are doing so well that they can alienate over half of their potential customers by openly criticizing and wishing ill will on our local politicians and their supporters. I am just so happy that the jewellery, restaurant, flooring, electrical, and racing industries are doing so awesome here cause no one would be that stupid to destroy the business they own or work at. Then again, if they are doing so great, in a time that the 4 councillors have "destroyed fort erie", then what is all the bitching about? Oh I forgot, it is just easier to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings....

Any questions?


Over the next few days leading up to the election, I will be offering a complete timeline of events as they unfolded starting with the build-up to the election in 2010, right up to today.
 It is a long, long story but it is important that voters fully understand why is was so important that The Four were elected and why there has been so much opposition to them by certain vested interests.  

BTW:  George McDermott is going to complain to Google because he does not like what I wrote about him and calls it a lie.  I received numerous reports that George was standing outside the Leisureplex on Thursday night informing people of the lawsuit filed against the town and the four councillors. In his latest e-mail to me, he states: "I have purposely chosen not to comment on this issue because I have yet to have the time to read the documents and should I be elected I want to come into the situation unfettered. The voters have the media to report to them on items like this , they do not need me to do it nor have I ."


  1. The threats are the same tactics as dreamed up before the last election to frighten voters. I saw a copy of the letter sent out that threatened those working at the Race Track that they better vote for candidates on the list provided or they would lose their jobs. There was another notice hanging at Town Hall briefly with the same threat to staff.
    The timing was such that Mayoral Candidate Noyes didn't have the opportunity to defend herself that she had never voted against the Race Track as a Councillor.

    The threat is bigger but same timing. I know that a common goal of The Four is to insist that the EDTC be more accountable. They ALL however realize that Fort Erie needs a well functioning Economic Development and Tourism Corporation.

    makes me wonder....

  2. individual thinkerOctober 19, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    Regarding the redundant phrase..American special interest groups caused this. Come on people including a man running for Ward 5 councillor, come up with your own thoughts. That is merely a scapegoat strategy. Easier to blame outsiders that your own. This continues to divide and cause unnecessary hatred. Start thinking on your own and check truths on your own.

    1. The so-called "special interest groups" are people who are concerned about the environment and the future of Crystal Beach. We are blessed with a beautiful sand beach with safe, shallow waters at our beach. Many Canadians and American long-time summer residents have opposed the condo on public beachfront land. They are concerned that the condo will destroy the beach and upset the fragile balance of nature along the shoreline. If that's a "special interest group" then so be it. This is another attempt by some to misdirect the conversation and lay blame on the people. The councillor of Ward 5 is a person who works with and interacts with the people in his ward, many of whom are taxpaying Americans. They cannot vote but they have every right to speak their minds as taxpayers. For many years, Crystal Beach was very dependent on the tax dollars that American summer residents paid. Crystal Beach has a much more balanced demographic now which is good for everyone.

  3. Any candidate who is using the law suit to further their chances of election is NOT someone the people want in council. Those candidates are only adding more fuel to the fire regarding the great divide in Fort Erie. They should be more concerned with real issues affecting the Town. In my opinion they really are not showing the maturity & common sense required to be on council.

  4. When it comes to special interest groups, nobody beats the Chamber of Commerce, at one time the head of the Chamber and Mayor were the same person, 1952-1953 Louis Ziff ,we starting in 1983 , taxpayers, supported the Chamber of Commerce with our tax money for over a decade, to the tune of $120.000 thousand dollars per year, they love having their snouts in our tax money.

  5. Not sure but ...

    Is someone who sues me for $10 m really my friend ?

    Do I really want someone who sues me to invest in my community and control its future ?

    Do I really want someone who is giddy with delight that I am being sued to sit on my council ?

    The political and economic elites that have ignored efforts to conserve my waterfront are an embarrassment to this community and should be ashamed that they squander their privelege and ignore their responsibility.

  6. ain't seen nothing yetOctober 19, 2014 at 6:13 PM

    Something that has been bugging me...if the timing of this lawsuit was not politically motivated and just coincidence...then how does a nobody like bonito get his hands on copies of it so quickly? Oh and right before a candidates night? That is one crazy coincidence! Does ninny ninja sit at his computer continuously refreshing websites until news about the 4 appears. Come stupid do you people think we are? Did it come directly from the lawyers or from a the town? Hey local about investigating that...oh wait...that would be real reporting...

  7. The smart money would have said,"a large development like the Moly condo is good for the tax base, might provide jobs for tradesmen in the area," (a clause that should have been included in the agreement), and with input from the affected residents, a location for said project agreed upon. Not on one of the last pieces of public waterfront as a sales sweetener. There are many locations thet this project would have been well placed on. Probly half built or better by now. Doug knows the town can sure use the added tax base. Those prices though!! If something like that is ever built locally lets hope that public/private partnership includes a little input on what the market will bear in terms of pricing. Maybe our new friends from inner Buffalo could have a little input on that aspect of the game and maybe get a little more friendly now that they are looking for development on their new land purchase, that is, around the race track area. Likely no protests or law suits there if they were to pick up the ball and run with it there. How do we get that going??

  8. Funny how all Americans in Crystal Beach are sooooo bad , so special interest(whatever that is?? explain that Sandy!! from your very vested position) but a few miles away at the horse track they are the best thing to happen here or at least according to that brainiac Bonito and his twisted friends at Thiberts Times. Selective Xenophobia how convenient.

    As for McDermot being unfettered, he was very "fettered" a long time ago. Good people of ward 1 vote for anyone else if you don't want major very connected very old boy input(old boy special interest!!) controlling the north end.

  9. Seven months or so the track property stands, collecting snow, the track itself a mud trail. Got to be a better way to use so much money and get somthing for it besides last seasons memorys of 37? race days. What a dino-sour place to look proudly upon because, "hey, we are Fort Erie, and we have an old race track, closed most of the year." No concerts, events of any kind, nothing?? Whos in charge of this dead weight? Any ideas from any of the political candidates?? Isnt there somthing missing from this situation? Like ideas or creative input??

  10. Was at the thrift store on Jarvis yesterday. In case anyone is interested there were a few pretty good looking law suits there that had just come in, at a pretty good price. One looked a bit overused but still serviceable. I guess noboby wanted them or maybe they just didnt fit anymore. Anyway if anyone is looking for slightly used lawsuit for whatever reason (dont forget we have an election coming up) there are several for the taking in case anyone needs one to make their candidate look better, (or some other candidate look worse). Even if you dont need a lawsuit right away, its ok to pick one up and put it away. You might need one later,and at least you can feel comfortable knowing theres an old lawsuit you got at a good price ready to pull out of storage even if its a few years away and needed for the next election. Besides, as any lawyer will tell you, the money went to a good cause.


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