Monday, October 27, 2014



MAYOR - Wayne Redekop


Ward 1 - George McDermott

Ward 2 - Rick Shular

Ward 3 - Kim Zanko

Ward 4 - Marina Butler

Ward 5 - Don Lubberts

Ward 6 - Chris Knutt



  1. nasties were at it again, after dark. Don Lubberts signs were mowed over and one of his large signs was vandalized.
    was it done by one of Crystal Beach's stalkers or a different low life?

    1. I hope that anyone who sees destruction or interference in this campaign does something about it. Don't sit back and let anyone, regardless of what side they are on, interfere with the voters' choice. Take a picture; call town hall (905-871-1600) or call one of the candidates. We all want this election to be free, fair and reflective of the voters' true intent.

  2. the signs were fixed and the large Lubberts sign had to be replaced. should have taken a picture.

  3. view_from_the_beachOctober 27, 2014 at 5:21 PM

    After the dust settles and the new Council comes to order I suspect that "Doug's legacy" and few of his hacks will still be something that keeps us up nights.
    Consider the "eight-ball" we're collectively behind with Thibert remaining at the helm of the EDTC as a new gang of invited, out of town developers come a carpet bagging along and proceed to run roughshod over our elected officials.
    Building upon Martin's campaign of terror we can be assured good Ol' JT and his newly acquired "torpedoes" will bring new meaning to the term "divide and conquer".

    Perhaps it is the more optimistic of us that need to be well grounded and most aware in the reality of the situation?
    Failure to do so would certainly elicit a charge of "delusional" from the likes of JT and in all honesty.. perhaps it would be correct?

    At no time has it ever been more important to have fair minded, sensible and just plain HONEST representatives for all of Fort Erie.

  4. There have already been reports of screw-ups at the voting places. More or less due to complete lack of proper training of the voting place workers. Remember when Don Lubberts wanted to ask Acting Clerk Tom Mather some questions about voting procedure at the last town council meeting? And remember how Martin tried to shut that whole conversation down? What we have is the results of inexperience at running an election. There are always going to be screw-ups, but, come on. This is an important election.

    Hopefully, this will all be sorted out before the next election. Learn from mistakes. Follow what other communities are doing that is successful.

    They do want a sooth-running, fair election, don't they?

  5. Sharon, thank you for all of your hard work day in day out since the first count-down started, to get the truth out there.
    You are a talented journalist.

    I really think that dougie over"played" his hand at the end.

    1. Thanks to the readers. Been averaging very high number of hits lately. That is encouraging. All any of us wants is for our local government to listen to the people. They didn't listen to us about Bay Beach among other things. Let's hope than whomever gets elected forgets any "agenda" and represents the regular people.

  6. It looks like the Jarvis street characters "judging" from their latest posts have been reading your mail . That looks like some strange tangled web of club minded backbiting posture this site has so far been able to avoid. Some poor guy pouring a beer into a glass. So it seems, a mutiny at a meeting of...well its a little hard to understand...anyway, happy election day may all your wishes come true,,, but in a good way,,,and if not,,,theres 2018 coming up to iron out some of the wrinkles...

  7. The election results are terrible, looks like the Chamber of Commerce has won this election , Crystal Beach has put Don Lubberts back in, the Barbie twins of the C of C are in , the worst Mayor this Town ever had is in, 4 years of living hell is now in the offing.The Molinaros got their vengeance on Hill and Collard, Knutt has never done anything for our community , and the the hairdresser never ever did anything either, Stevensville is in very bad trouble no water and too much sewage, people here don't care if their homes burn down for lack of water pressure.much like a movie set, fire hydrants but basically empty.

  8. The voters have spoken. It's the Democratic way that we enjoy here in CANADA.

    1. Yes, Mary. The voters have spoken. It happens in other countries as well. Congratulations to the winners and anyone who put their names on the line.

  9. I agree Sharon. Other countries like the United States of America enjoy the same Democratic Society that we do here in Canada. We can all have a "vote" in what we deem to be best for our Country, Province/State, or Municipality.

    We ,,,,, we actually take it for granted. It is part of our RIGHTS as borne by our founding fathers of both countries.

    We should be eternally grateful to them, and I think, at least I hope that we all are.

    Having the opportunity to actually have a "say" in who governs you/us is so commonplace to all of us living in a democratic society.

    I want to say "Pray", but that just doesn't seem to fit. But, be appreciative of the freedom that we all "take for granted" in our societies as opposed to the oppressed countries within our world. And now I will use the word "Pray" ..... and Pray for the extermination of inhumanities upon the people of this world just because of their colour, sex or belief. Pray for the fighting and killing to stop.

    Pray, that we, as part of this world's humanity, can make a difference.

    The vters have spoken within our community .... because they can. United, as a world community, we can speak louder ...... If you dare.

  10. Have to agree with Porgey. 4 years of hell if not longer as this town has just elected almost no one of any good character whatsoever. Zero, nada, zilch.

    Good luck Mr. Lubberts as you will need it to work with this despotic regime. Dirty Doug and the thugs/ CofC should be proud. You have carte blanche to screw this town anyway your collective checkbooks can handle.

    Good bye Bay Beach hello King Jimmie.

    I sincerely thank THE FOUR for all you have tried to do in spite of a town that is too retarded to realize they are paying more and more to screw themselves for the benefit of Fort Erie's undeclared elite /ruling class. Dirty bastards they are.

  11. Donnie is our duly elected Councillor again. I'd say that poll shows that our community wants our beachfront to stay public.

  12. So by any chance what are your opinions of Sandy Annunziata? For starters, I don't trust his mother & I personally consider him to be an ignorant & arrogant POS who's intelligence is limited to being able to throw a football & pummel others on the field though what do YOU personally think of him?

    Sorry I posted under "Anonymous" as I didn't read the disclaimer saying you no longer accept them from those who post under such a name.

  13. I liken Sandy and his mother to Tony Soprano and Livia from The Sopranos. Can't get the analogy out of my mind. Sandy has little since his playing career is over, so mama helped him get elected to council. He thought he could jump from that to Queen's Park, but failed twice in that regard. He had to wait for four years for another chance and he was elected to the regional council where he will grandstand and follow mamma's orders for the next four years, hoping for a bigger prize. Brother Anthony has also been groomed and pushed to success, although he has more on the ball, it would seem.

    I'm just going to be watching Sandy for signs of plagiarism, duplicity or mis-representation which I feel are coming in the future.


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