Thursday, November 6, 2014


The secret is coming out!  The Globe and Mail published an article about Canada's South Coast, especially Crystal Beach, as the first of seven desirable places for the over fifty crowd. Of course, those of us who live in the Beach have known this for a long time. Every year, the population of Crystal Beach and Ridgeway increases with refugees from the GTA who long to live in a quaint and quiet community free of traffic congestion, high rises and urban blight.  

This "news" is further proof of the divide between different communities within Fort Erie. we just went over to Buffalo the other day and upon return, when asked, "Where do you live?" I responded with, "Crystal Beach" and my friend said, "Ridgeway." Not Fort Erie, which is technically where we live.  Although the town was amalgamated decades ago, the disparate villages remain loyal to their own brand.  

That is a good thing, except when it comes to politics.  Remember when now Lame Duck Mayor Doug Martin wanted to change the ward system to an at large configuration?  Did he really think that would happen?  That idea will not be discussed again now that the mayor's buddies have been elected in all but one ward. Just as various communities within the amalgamated GTA retain their identities, so too Fort Erie has at least five distinct sectors; some of those broken down even further into neighbourhoods which retain their own identity.  There are many who wish that the former towns within the Town of Fort Erie would return to their former autonomy.  

No wonder there is a divide in the community.  The villages of Crystal Beach and Ridgeway are changing because of the new demographics provided by the influx of people from the GTA and other areas.  It seems that Fort Erie proper, including Bridgeburg, remains static as does Stevensville while Ridgeway/Crystal Beach is growing and changing.

I think we live in interesting times.  I still see great things ahead for the Ridgeway/Crystal Beach area Fort Erie.  Let's see how this new council faces these challenges and opportunities.


  1. Our town slogan should be "A community of communities" which is really what we are, I just came back from a ribbon cutting, of a replacement bridge in Willoughby, the former bridge was put in back in 1963, a plaque on the bridge proclaim's the name of "Ruch " a former Willoughby roads superintendent , Black Creek was part of the former Willoughby Township , and when the forced amalgamation happened in 1970 , we wound up in Fort Erie, a Town that meant nothing to our residents, I also say at the border , when asked where do you live? I say Black Creek , having been to numerous Town Council meetings, I found that Fort Erie was clueless to the wants of Stevensville or Douglastown/ Black Creek .so we just warred with the Town for 44 years now, The people elected by Fort Erie voters tend to be pretty obtuse.and not familiar with the Municipal Act even Mayors do their own thing.hence the term Republic of Fort Erie,

  2. Great articles, however I think this new resident has been misinformed about the lifeguards on the Beach. Nice to see positive stories about our beach & the attractiveness of the Ridgeway & Crystal Beach communities. More ammunition to keep Bay Beach public & no Towers.

  3. The Fort Erie Arts Council is celebrating their 20th anniversary show. It is usually held in Ridgeway at The Sanctuary. Since it is a special tenth it is held at The Leisureplex. The Saturday night special event begins at 7 to 11 with a $10 entrance fee, Sunday is from noon to 4 with a cash donation.
    Please come to support the arts in Fort Erie.

  4. The truth has finally come out about the CMS. They need 60 million dollars from government for the infrastructure upgrades before they can move forward with their development. Otherwise they will have to re-examine their plans. This has been a joke since the get-go! Blackmail anyone? It seems another case of if you don't do it, I'll take my toys and leave. So they pump this up with all kinds of hype until people expect this glorious saviour to appear and then they say but…….

    1. and for 60 MILLION $$$$$ the tax payer gets a few part time jobs, cutting grass and doing security paying, hmmm let me guess 12 bucks /hr and residents watch their property values plummet(it's called property stigmatization)..

      The Not4Nascar has been a bad joke played on a job desperate electorate since its inception.

      Well done Dirty Doug and Jimmie Dirt Bag, yet again you have played the dumbed down/ duped locals whilst staring down at us all and giggling all the way to the bank.

      Breach of Public Trust is so everyday here that it's considered the norm in Fort Stupid.

    2. Oh, you mean like all those jobs at the Fort Erie Race Track that the province is pumping over $7 million per year? Read Article HERE Sounds like another demand for "welfare" from the province using the unemployed as a bargaining chip. If the people from CMS cannot show actual progress on their project, rather than moving some earth around, the province should back off on any major improvements to the infrastructure.

      If you remember, the blame for the delays was placed on the OMB appeals; it was another chance for proponents of the CMS to call out NIMBYs as the scourge of economic growth. One OMB appeal was decided a long time ago. we were also told that "ground would be broken" this fall. Did not happen yet.

      So, the taxpayers are expected to spend $60 million to improve the infrastructure for a project that is still in the planning stage.

      News Flash: Some properties have still not been purchased by the developers of the CMS. Basically, they're paying for an option to buy.

      So much for a firm commitment from the CMS. Oh, and where is Jay Mason, BTW?

  5. How about Honda waiting for a handout of 85 million for it's plant in Aliston. At least they can probably be relied upon to come up with the 850 million they have promised. But are there any guarantees that they won't pull out in a few years if things get rocky? What is with this all corporate welfare being paid out with taxpayers money?

  6. Why doesn't government take some of this money they are willing to give large corporations, and give it to local business. Take for example Vertis in Stevensville. When the parent company pulled out, what if the provinicial government offered money to the employees to keep the business going. I don't know how much it would take as we would need to hear from some of the employees if they thought it was viable. Large corporations have proven time and time again that they have no interest in people, only profits. Give it to the people who would probably make it work.

  7. Dazed and ConfusedNovember 7, 2014 at 1:49 PM

    Thank you, Just The Facts!
    Am I obsessed? Restating the obvious?
    Funnel some funds to...drum roll...JARVIS ST.! = p

  8. Something of interest for our readers, The Province is finally going to make some changes to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, (MCIA) the last time they clarified this act was 1982 and came in ironically when Doug Martin took over the seat once held by Alderman Gibson of Gibson Jewelers, The Town lawyer Stewart Elliot told that council the nuts of bolts of the revised act, Dougie had a real problem getting the facts,The changes are being made , because of recent legal cases made against Hazel McCallion and Rob Ford who though they broke the Act because of the narrow scope of the Act they got off scott free,! now the changes will put the onus on to the alleged lawbreaker and not on the complainment to prove that they are not guilty, also because of the high cost of filing a complaint thousands of dollars , wish we had these new changes many years ago.people like Passero ,and Martin would have been held accountable. This could be a real blessing in this Town , The Republic of Fort two changes could happen very soon, the recall act and a revised conflict of interest act. these are something that we can really use here. Making these Conflict of Interest allegations, cheaper and easier to file makes the playing field more even.

  9. It is up to the east Fort Erie BIA to be progressive, Bridgeburg etc. They now have control of council so lets see what positive things they can do.

  10. I think that the day will come when the Province will say an enough and put in place an Administrator to run this town that wastes money, hires politically connected friends and cronies, lets the Towns infrastructure collapse, does not abide by any laws of the Province , and unable to set a list of priorities that should be tackled head on .This nonsense has gone on far to long, and a full audit of the towns expenditures for the past 20 years would find out who spent what, also we have the case of conversion of Provincial funds of over $2 million dollars from Tourism/Recreational to JT and given gratis to the Fort Erie owners of the Racetrack , who authorized this?? Grand theft of government funds in my opinion,.some body should be held accountable !!


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