Thursday, November 20, 2014


Took this picture on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM.  You can see the wall of Lake Effect snow headed towards Buffalo's South-towns, the traditional Snow Belt of Western New York.

As I was trying to clear the snow sofe off the top of my car this morning, a young lad walked by my place. "Headed to school?" I asked. "Yes," he said. "Too bad," I said, thinking of the joyous "snow days" we enjoyed when I was growing up in Buffalo. We didn't care that traffic and emergency services were tied up; we were having fun making forts and preparing for snowball fights, knowing that our moms would have hot chocolate ready for us when we finally gave into to exhaustion and the cold.

While the Buffalo area makes headlines with a record snowfall, eight people lost their lives over the past few days - all storm related. That is the sobering statistic that comes from such storms. Perhaps people should follow the late Jimmy Griffin's advice during a big snowstorm when he was mayor of Buffalo: "get a six-pack and relax."


  1. Amazing photograph. :-)

  2. I was just down there again. Sun is shining over North Buffalo and the black curtain is further south, towards Orchard Park and ski country. Should be good skiing if anyone can get there. Driving ban still in effect. Roofs are collapsing under the weight of the snow. Been listening to Storm Porn on Buffalo AM stations.

  3. Politically speaking the storm is at least that dark on our shore and it is forecast to last 4 long years.

    5 out of 6 morally challenged sitting at the horseshoe soon ......well done Fort Stupid, you've just voted to screw yourselves. We deserve our reputation.

    God help Mr. Lubberts.

  4. Too bad that all the electorate didn't see the Council Meeting that aired this afternoon. Four good honest men were targeted since they took office. The only despicable thing that they did wrong was get elected instead of the old boy's favourites.
    mayor martin said that he enjoys the blogs because they are fun to read and often get so much wrong. I wonder why the nastie blog reported so many things wrong?

    I wonder how they got the impression that The Four paid off Heather Salter to leave to save an harassment charge against them? We know from Court testimony even by the mayor that staff informed Heather that she didn't have a case and we saw the document that noted the mayor and Steve Pessaro made up the four to pay her off.

    Can't wait for the Conflict of Interest Charges to reveal just who was lying!

  5. That picture is a keeper, one for the history books.!!

  6. I watched the last Council Meeting where Steve Pessaro gave his summation of his needs and gave the speech about treating staff better by not working around them and querying them instead of questioning them.
    I am confused, wasn't there a genuine harassment case by a staffer settled after a Councillor did indeed overstep?
    I also query that it wasn't one of The 4 because that would have been leaked into the major papers.

    1. He's just another Hypocrite and maybe someone should point out to him what the word Querying means - Oh Stevie!! " Querying -
      ask a question about something, especially in order to express one's doubts about it or to check its validity or accuracy.
      "many people queried whether any harm had been done"
      synonyms: ask, inquire, question More
      put a question or questions to (someone).
      "when these officers were queried, they felt unhappy" " Hopefully this will be the last we here from Stevie and he has to find a real job, maybe the track is hiring and need someone to muck out the stall's.

  7. Saturday 22 November Niagara Falls Review had an article in their travel section an article giving a brief history of some lighthouses and mentioned that our Point Abino Lighthouse was a must see sight, and also it was designated a Heritage Site. would this impress the clods of lower Jarvis Street ? probably not. I notice an open house for people to see the signs that Town staff want to foist onto the Fort Erie taxpayers, at a cost of $200.000 dollars per sign, This is a slap in the face of Stevensville Area water ratepayers that for 35 years have had little water pressure , which in turn caused most of our heritage class buildings to burn to the ground through lack of water, We need a new pipe from Rose Hill Water treatment Plant to replace the undersized pipe that was put in back in 19980., which now serves nearly 3,000 people, the pipe was meant to serve 600.people.of just Stevensville .This should be the number one concern of the incoming Town Council. The City of Port Colborne managed to get a Trillium Grant to pay for their new welcome signs. The Town Staff want to stick the bill for their project on the tax payers.

  8. This photo is sort of like the division in this town!

  9. Stormy days ahead for one of the Barbies. What a surprise in store for her. Much speculation that on inauguration night there will be a special gift "served" up. Glad John Hill is tired of being politically molested . It is so wrong that Councillors must vote one way or the other based on threat of being sued if they don't vote the right way.

  10. Are we reading this right?? Tickets to see the end of the most devisive "leader" in the short history of this painfully confused town council?? Tickets?? Like pay maybe money to attend an adios to the fool who couldnt get it together and put the town on the track to a better future?? Are they serving meat? It better be pork served from a bucket... Hey, wait, we might just be writing the script for the "roast"!! It will be sweet to see the laughs that all the mistakes and corrupt behavior when reflected on will produce. Isnt that what got this council into the stagnant place it stands knee deep in this evening? Tickets? A public figure paid with tax money, has the juice to ask for money to come to see him say goodbye? We are in more trouble than any of us realized. Drink enough and maybe the bald headed horse stroker will actually make sense, (hopefully without the piss and hooker references).

  11. Citizens/Taxpayers had better come to full alert as details are leaking out about the $200,000 bucks we may be on the hook for. STAFF led incentive{ probably another Mustacchi brainwave} are going to present two options to new Council for the Gateway Project,,,,a pretty entrance to Town that is of benefit to Peace Bridge, Province QEW and Federal entrance to Canada. It will not give us a single job, a new pool, better roads, cleaner water front,,So listen up Council...Do NOT choose A or B but go for C....NOT FOR OUR TOWN RIGHT NOW>>>WE CANT AFFORD PRETTY.

  12. Spending money that we don't have on these signs, is a lot like putting lipstick on a pig, I just don't understand the mentality of the people who live in this Greater Fort Dreary, This Town has infrastructure that's on the verge of collapse, and down right dangerous to man and beast. polluted creeks and no water pressure , Crescent Park never did get it's pipes replaced, Stevensville has complained for years. fires and more fires. Time to launch a class action lawsuit against the cretins of Council.!!!

  13. Potemkin village.


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