Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I have taken the above Letter to the Editor and adapted it to the current situation in Fort Erie. 

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." (Joni Mitchell)

You Americans Fort Erians have no idea just

 how good you have had it with Obama The


Many of us are confused by the October 27, Municipal Election. Consider, right now in Fort Erie, the tax rate is at a record low; a building boom is taking place in Crystal Beach; there is a healthy amount in the Reserve Fund; Stevensville is moving closer to adopting its Official Plan; transportation is high on the list of priorities; The Four have always been in support of the CMS; and The Four worked very hard to deliver a budget that respects the hard-working taxpayers of Fort Erie.
Fort Erie, especially Crystal Beach is getting national press attention for its quaint village and lifestyle; its National Historic Site Point Abino Lighthouse is hailed as "the most elegant lighthouse on the Ontario Great lakes shoreline."  The restoration of the lighthouse was spearheaded by The Four. It probably would not have taken place without their support.
So, Fort Erie voted for Chamber Maids and guys who supported the efforts to run The Four out of office instead of those who stood up for the average people in Fort Erie. This defies reason.
Only Donnie Lubberts remains and we are grateful for that. 
Sharon Bowers
Crystal Beach, Ontario


  1. It is regretful that you chose to misconstrue the intent of the letter to the Editor to reflect on the Fort Erie politics.

    The letter ..... spells it out Clear and Plain of the plight in the United States, and Yes the world watches. Four years of backward direction after all the forward direction. Two steps forward back. But in this case ... one step forward .... two back.

    Sorry `bout your luck, but the writer of the `Feedback File`` nailed it.

    And Donnie Lubberts ...... had nothing to do with the promotion of Crystal Beach.

    1. Your opinion. I did not misconstrue the intent of the letter. I was pointing out that the people of Fort Erie who voted were like the Americans who voted in that they voted against their own best interests and sent good candidates packing.

  2. A lot of the interest in retiring in Crystal Beach is because of the waterfront and the quaint atmosphere here. We all want a piece of the beachfront and now hopefully we can get proper washroom/change room facilities for all of the beachgoers at our public waterfront. Our window to the lake.

    Take note that the Niagara Region is the number one destination in Canada for seniors to reside. There is nothing wrong either with a condo back OFF the beach.

  3. Word is Redekop is already filling up town hall with expensive sunshine(that's about 150,000$$$$$ a year!!) list help with Rick Brady touted for the top job.

    A little about Mr Brady......he has kissed major a$$ for quite some time now and not only sold out Bay Beach (for "amenities" in other words ZERO) but also the new Pot Plant on Jarvis etc etc etc. Do not disagree with this overpaid useless stuffed shirt or YOU WILL GO TO JAIL!!! Just ask Fred Bracken or visit his YouTube site and see for yourself how democracy works (it doesn't) in Fort Erie.

    This is but 1 small example of what goes on here all the time but you the tax paying public who pay for all of this legalized criminality, are kept in the dark and fed mis-truths or absolute lies by our "Ruling Elite" insiders club.

    And the duped dumbed down public just voted to increase all this negative activity that costs so much.


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