Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Shirley Wallington Grace speaks at Fort Erie Council

"Almighty God, father of all mankind, the source of all that we can hope to have, grant that we may be worthy custodians of all that has been entrusted to us.

And so the Invocation begins. Standard for such things. Humble and hopeful, elected officials and town staff listen in respect, but, do they really get the message?

Not according to Shirley Wallington Grace at the November 17 Regular Council Meeting and last of the present term for some. Shirley, of course was talking about the treatment of four councillors who have been the target of "a diabolical plot" to destroy them. Certainly not in keeping with the spirit of the Invocation.

May we bring to our council chambers minds that think and hearts that feel so that, in our deliberations we may display imagination, wisdom and courage and the will to do our work for the good of all."

Notice that outgoing mayor Doug Martin is not even paying attention to Shirley's presentation. This has been a common occurrence during council meetings when someone the mayor does not agree with speaks before the group. That is, if he is not pounding the gavel to shut them up.  When one of his "chosen ones" spoke, they got away with disrespect and slander against the Four on a regular basis.

One good thing was that the usual suspects were missing a few members of their clown car. As a result, there were no loud outbursts and fifth grade foolishness as has been the case over the past couple of years. Again, the mayor allowed this behaviour to go on unchecked.

Later, each councillor spoke about the past four years as the term comes to a close. Don Lubberts thanks his supporters and helpful staff.  Rick Shular pontificated on his years on council. taking credit for his"policies" which were really just voting along with the mayor on everything. Although Rick may be a master of changing his face into a variety of poses and using his standard Malapropisms in his speeches, he will go on to gyrate with apples and oranges for another mute four years.

John Hill gave an impassioned speech about the good things that have happened in the past four years and his part in them.  He proudly listed his accomplishments and thanked his wife and family in an emotional close to his speech.  He presented himself as a man who tried to do the best for the people despite organized opposition and lawsuits.

Paul Collard spoke of his commitment to the people of Stevensville and his hopes for the completion of project started under his watch such as the Official Plan for Stevensville and the prospect of bring transit to his community. Another good man taken out by the "diabolical plan" of certain people.

Bob Steckley spoke about the harassment that placed a great strain on his family life and warned that on December 1, some people will be receiving phone calls. He plans to tell these people the truth about what he thinks of them. Like the others who have been under attack for so long, he has behaved with class. 

When it was Stephen Passero's time to speak, I left the chambers as I cannot bear the sight of that man. The only good thing from this past election is that he is out, out, out.  It's only a matter of time when he receives his consolation prize for running for mayor from his handlers.

And goodbye to Mayor Martin!  Worst mayor in recent history and he has some strong competition. Ignorant, rude and short-tempered.  Nasty man who will not be missed.  There was applause when The Four gave their speeches, none when Martin ended his.

That tells it all.


  1. I was at that particular Council meeting, and noticed a reference about Doug Martin was responsible for the new Town Hall, a new town hall was in the works for a long time at least 12 years of preparation, also the Province had a special funding towards new Municipal buildings which other people were going for , the Town Hall was paid for on the backs of hundreds of volunteers, who ran thousands of bingo's and paid a surtax on their already steep bingo licences ,(the highest in the entire Region) $65 dollars on top of $150. We tried to get that reduced at council but Russ Wilson and others still wanted their pound of flesh.so no reduction. I remember Anne Marie Knoyes had no luck getting the fees down. If anybody wants to see the final Council meeting it should be on Cogeco cable Thursday at one o' clock.. The 4 councillor's in my opinion acted like real class, during their four years on council. This was the first time in 44 years that council was not dancing to the music of the Chamber of Commerce. and it's cronies.

  2. Ritual incantations that invoke superstition and supernatural beings is offensive and has no business in the hall of municipal government in the first place.

    1. While I do agree with you, it is a long-held tradition in Fort Erie. Shirley was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the invocation given the way the people and four councillors have been treated at town hall.

    2. Personally i disagree with both of you and find your comment particularly offensive Che. But that is an argument for another time.

      May we agree that council should at least be held accountable to a higher power for example the public who they should represent for the.... " greater good" but alas around these parts usually means an insiders club(CofC/old boys) that has ran this town into the ground for decades while only looking for THEIR short term almighty dollar. The only true special interest group that exists around here btw, to take a quote from that oh so scholarly sage Greg Bonito(aka sensei Ron)

  3. Cogeco, channel 10 is airing the meeting Friday and one p.m.

  4. And I find it offensive that council is acting in defiance of The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

  5. At this point it's Kali, Goddess of CHANGE who's runnin' the show. : p


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