Sunday, September 13, 2015


I know that a lot of people don't have a profile on Facebook and that is perhaps, a good thing. What started out a a sharing website has evolved into an unrepentant hate site. It seems especially true here in Fort Erie. If one were to type in "Fort Erie" into the search bar in Facebook, a page called "Fort Erie Hi-Lites" will probably pop up. It is a so-called page that has devolved into a nasty opportunity for bullies to rule one small place on the internet. I sometimes visit because my name comes up from time to time by one of the chief bullies. He thrives on calling attention to my blog. That amuses me because he is potentially driving more traffic my way. One or two others agree with him, calling me an "idiot" etc., thus making me so upset that I shrug my shoulders and laugh at their idiocy. But they move on quickly and start fights with each other over nothing. Their are only a handful of them but they take over the page and soon, everyone else loses interest. Not much positive news and opinion dwells on the Hi-Lites page these days.

So, I move on, checking up, out of curiosity (damn, I shouldn't have done that!) on the teen mom I once wrote about here. Well, she has moved on and has hooked up with at least two or three guys since I last checked on her. Well, she's pregnant again and has already broken up with her baby daddy (not to be confused with her first baby daddy, long ago out of the picture.) Their break-up has been preserved on Facebook, along with numerous selfies and trash talk. Baby daddy thinks he's a gangster, "straight outta Compton, beatin' up those bitches and such." Such a wonderful future ahead for a member of the next generation, one that is coming from a generation who can barely function without an iPhone. Hell with school or getting an education; we'll just suck off the system and bring up our kids with multiple Uncle Daddies. I just can't understand that women today have such low expectations that they feel that having a baby out of wedlock is a good thing. Fine for rich women, but not a good thing for the not-so-rich. The taxpayers are on the hook to support this choice when there are so many other choices available to women: easily available birth control comes to mind.

I do have a favourite that I watch and listen to: Advice From My Mom. She's from Manitoba and she's profane, bitchy and very funny. Please be warned that the language she uses us definitely not for those who are easily offended and certainly not for children.

I just went to my Facebook page and saw pictures of my first and best childhood friend and her sister with their grandchildren. They now live in another state but Facebook has allowed me to see that they are wonderful still. It's so good to see them. This is what Facebook is very good for. I just wish that everyone understood and appreciated that.

To the haters and Facebook trolls: hate on; it will come back to you tenfold.

To others who want to enjoy Facebook: try to stay positive and don't let your curiosity allow you to visit pages trolled by losers.


  1. Thank you for giving out some very good advice , people new to our neck of the woods , could be very confused who these very nasty and profane people are , one has to have lived here for at least 20 years to sift the wheat from the chaff, In my opinion their is only one blog around here, that has bloggers with real factual information and sticks to the truth, quoting from documentation or Council decisions that "BLOG" is run by a real educator and newspaper person , by the name of Sharon.!!!

    1. I feel sad that the Hii-Lites page has been turned into a bully fest.

      My blog is to try to bring what is my truth to light. The local newspapers do not IMHO. I have engaged in some nasty swipes on my blog. I felt that they deserved it. A blog is a whole lot different than a Facebook page though.

  2. FE's so called ruling elite/the ol boys network, who actually believe that it is their right to rape the town for their own profit, have utilized these dregs of society to do their dirty work. It's not a new idea as Adolph Hitler did the same in WWll. Most of his top people where considered criminals after the war and most were hung.

    Every society has this unfortunate element to it but it is only when these lowlife's feel legitimized that they actually become active. That is the case here as it has somehow, in some twisted way, become cool to actively support stupidity and borderline criminality at the very large expense to the greater good of the town.

    Someone should write a book, " The Self Destructive Fort Erie Mindset" or alternatively "Screwing Yourself for Their Profit Fort Erie Style".

    Meanwhile the watchdogs of society, the Press remain silent or worse, complicit.

  3. In the case of Facebook, it isnt the first time, nor likely the last, that a technology was invented, put out for public use, then used by the people to fight one another. Facebook was originally put together for people to find old friends from highschool. Facebook== Yearbook, get it? Old highschool book of faces? Might have been better if it had stayed that way. There are other sites that are more hatefull. Lets hope they dont blossom to the monster size of FB. We will be in REAL trouble then. Would make that bit of spitefull gossip on Facebook look like a couple of bitter old drunks fighting over the last jelly donut in comparison.

  4. Had to laugh when old Tim Hudak tried to piggyback on the popularity of Face book back in his first attempt at the premiers job. Some overpaid shlub came up with the slogan "Changebook" to describe the new and improved changes this Conservative premier wanna be would put in place if elected. Changebook.!! You gotta wonder where these political shut inns get their inspirations. Oh! Maybe copying someone elses idea? Look where that got him. Now whos stuck with another few years of that Liberal with the sex ed agenda as a distraction. Facebook? Changebook? Whateverbook? Old Tim fades into obscurity, Obscuritybook. But in a good way, at least for now.

    1. What an embarrassment Hudak is to Fort Erie and Conservatives in Ontario. Goes back to how he was first thrust on the scene with a great big push by his dad who was very instrumental in the party choosing Timmie Boy to run for Ontario MP. Old Tim rode in on Mike Harris' coattails when he was elected to our local riding. He was a back bencher until Harris plucked him from obscurity and he became the heir apparent (a marriage into a powerful Conservative family helped) for the Harris Doctrine. He also abandoned his riding for a greener (as in money,) more opportunistic riding.Too bad, Timmie screwed up a fairly sure thing. His lack of political knowledge (what can you expect from a box store manager and political flunky) did him and his party in, not once, but twice! Could not close the deal and he was rightfully thrown by the wayside.

      (Apologies to all box store managers)

  5. There is a new movie being introduced at TIFF about investigative reporting. It was noted how important reporting is in a democracy.
    We could have benefitted with some honest unbiased news in Fort Erie.


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