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The reason I have not posted much of late is that I'm trying to rid my thoughts and energies of the stench of local politics. Frankly, I'd had enough. Then I saw something on Facebook that inferred that I was a liar for including Doug Martin and other backers of the lawsuit against The Four in my rant against what seem to me is pure evil.

It also seems that certain people are trying to revise history to clean up some people's reputations. In what universe is it not evil to start a lawsuit against four duly-elected councillors because they opposed a development that basically gives away the last decent piece of beachfront property in Crystal Beach to a developer? And that was not the only reason they were sued. They were sued because they represented a power shift at town hall and that could not be tolerated by the mayor-by-five-votes and his supporters. I saw it at the court hearing. Former Mayor-By-Five-Votes admitted that the law suit respondent (Former-Beaten-in-a-Landslide-by-One-of-the-Four Tim Whitfield) was merely a "Straw Man" in the lawsuit. The other named supporters of the lawsuit represent a Who's Who of local political power brokers and their minions, one of whom went on to defeat one of The Four in the 2014 election.

All this is out there for those who care to look further. One of the local political gadflies even helped finance a slanderous billboard on the main drag in town. He also funded a blog that went after the four using confidential information collected from various "sources" at town hall.  Of course, they all deny this now that their people are back in power. Mission Accomplished. The regular folks out there in Fort Erie have lost again. Town Council is now almost entirely made up of Chamber of Commerce members. The mayor can only hope to corral these agenda-driven flunkies. Only one of The Four remains: Don Lubberts. (He's still facing another conflict of interest lawsuit that the litigious GM of the Fort Erie Racetrack Economic and Tourism Development Corporation filed against him. That, along with the lawsuit he filed against me will accomplish nothing, but that's how Thibert rolls.

And now the Big Announcement about a development at the Racetrack. (Love the pic of Dougie and Jimmie hugging Paladino) Where have we heard this before? Well, I found THIS. An earlier blog post by yours truly recalling the big story from 2008 where Nordic Games (the then owner of the racetrack) was planning a big development (alarmingly similar to the Paladino plan) at the racetrack site. The Ministry of Tourism gave the town (EDTC) $2 million to be used to enhance tourism. That went towards the potential "purchase" of the Fort Erie Race Track by the town (Thank You, Kim Traitor) The $300 million development project was shelved and the $2 million disappeared into the coffers of the holding company of the track.  

So, here we are again. Promises, promises. Clue: Paladino is looking for massive tax cuts and funding from all levels of government.

You might already know my prediction regarding the Speedway: I'll believe it when I see it. Now they're adding this multi-million resort at the horse track and we still have an antiquated international car bridge to serve both these "crowd pleasers."

The best line of all was said by Paladino himself:

“We’ll put our shovel in the ground the day after they put theirs in,” Paladino said. “That’s how important the CMS is to our project.” 

(Buffalo Business First)


  1. It's all about how much big money the already rich foreign investors can squeeze from the taxpayer with the illusionary carrot of money/jobs and easy prosperity just for the asking. Hints of Bay Beach anyone and the promise of "amenities" not cash....Hmmmm

    The local politicians line up to kiss these so called "investors" (of your very own tax $$) asses because the average voter is too blind by the con(or just too stupid)to see it for what it really is, a con job/rip off (cue Strugar/Cashman now). At the same time the politician looks like he is actually doing something in the role the public put him in. Reality is, he is duping his own electorate for votes and ultimately raising taxes. The opposite of the oath that was sworn and often forgotten.

    Brilliant but not very original as it has been around for awhile and used here time and time again. But this is Fort ______(not too smart).

    Now have those brilliant journalistic whiz kids at the Post/Times endorse it as they ultimately will and another few million of our taxes yet again disappears down a rabbit hole of the rich and shameless.

    There you go FE. Act accordingly as it has been spelled out for you. Hold your politician accountable or just go to Tim Horton's and bitch about how much taxes are going up up up and jobs continue to disappear.

    Thank you Madam Editor for once again doing the main stream media's job for them. The watchdogs of society(the Press) is too complicit here or lacks the integrity to expose rather than endorse the con job.

  2. The much touted talk about twinning the Bowen Road Bridge was basically an after thought , the original plan called for a single span , In the very early days of Doug Martin's Mayorship, the MOT held an open house and discussion day on the replacement overpass for Bowen Road, the Speedway was still not on the Towns radar at that time , I was there, so was Miller's Auto Recycling .himself, some waterlines had gone into the ground leading to Cairns Crescent , that swampy area has had machinery digging around in there, the club possibly involved. What intrigued me that the Fort Erie Speedway people said they were waiting on feedback from the MOT , on a new overpass so that they could plan their next move, amusing as they where , the MOT were going to replace it anyway, I have been giving my thoughts on the subject to the MOT and have my comments on record, I use that off ramp several times a week , living close to the next ramp on Netherby Road. This project along with the replacement bridge over Black Creek are major investments , both are at least 60 to 70 years old .and disintegrating rapidly, those two bridges are slated for the year 2016 start dates .most of the remedial work on 3 newer overpasses built in the early 1970s is now finished, This Fort Erie Speedway project is obviously using that bridge as a ruse for not getting the spade into the ground. That is my opinion

  3. If these two projects were completed, it would be a major attraction for both Americans and Canadians, but I wonder if huge back-ups on the Peace Bridge would put a damper on the whole idea. I just don't think Fort Erie has the infrastructure to support these big developments and the taxpayers will end up paying for infrastructure improvements. We will be told that these developments will bring jobs and tourists to the area. Really? I simply cannot see it happening. Not without a large, modern bridge from Buffalo to Fort Erie. It's the cart before the horse - and a second class horse at that.

  4. To be honest the announcement for the Race Track Lands is strictly a well timed ploy just in time for the the EDTC to go to council to show how successful they have been & why they need their money with of course NO oversight. This news coverage is really just a rehash.

    1. The articles of today are very simular to those of August 2014 both in the Buffalo news and our local press. Both talk of major development on race track lands. Nothing new here, just an opportunity to get it back in the press. Timely perhaps?

  5. If said projects ever came to fruition said waits at the narrow border crossing would be an advantage to said principals in said endevors. Hotels, sadly lacking in Fort would be required, infact better utilized when a giant plug up at the crossings is expected. Hotels needed, built and used as a cash cow. Why make it any easier to get home after the races if you dont have to. Not exactly a new idea. Like putting out salty snacks where you sell drinks.

  6. A lot of the people who attend car races do so in campers. Many would be day-trippers. These people are not big spenders who would stay at a swanky hotel. The hotels in The Falls are not up to full capacity - even at the height of tourist season. With Woodbine having a casino, there is little need for the gamblers to come to Niagara Falls. I think there is a glut of casinos and race tracks already in North America. Just look at what happened in Atlantic City. Even Las Vegas is in decline. Why does anyone think that Fort Erie will grab a big chunk of those dollars? It would be nice for sure, but it probably will never happen. Build a decent international bridge first.

    We all know what happened the last time someone wanted to build a bridge between Fort Erie and Buffalo. Suddenly, the Peace Bridge people began talking about building a bridge and they ran the Ambassador people out of town. Still no bridge. That was well over a decade ago. Coulda had a new bridge now except for for nasty politics.

  7. The Niagara/Ambassador Bridge killed by the likes of Martha Lockwood , Doug Martin et,al we could have shown the world , yes! Fort Erie is now open for business, sadly the myopic minds that pass for local government said NO! we don't want a new bridge. The Maroun Family of Detroit,developersand owners had the cash to build it, the bridge, without massive infusions of tax-payers money. while the Canadian taxpayer's are on the hook for a new bridge crossing over to Detroit , which will diminish our crossings. The Bowen Road bridge, MOT did say the design would leave room for a later date. This really shows me the hypocrisy of our local civic government . I also wonder why? does our Lawyer/Mayor never declare a conflict of interest when dealing with housing developments, when he derives much of his income from land transfer and deeds, I have never seen him declare a conflict even when he is up to his eyeballs conflict.

  8. We pay an out of towner A LOT of $$$$$$ to actually ram this expensive con job/rip off down our throats through HIS arms length corporation that is accountable to no one.

    After a decade plus plus and approx 10 MILLION gone with nothing to show for it we get a very large splashy announcement in the local dumb assed press that we are finally "shovel ready". This town was shovel ready for Jimmy's horse sh1t when he first showed up years ago after leaving a certain northern community millions poorer also with nothing to show for it all.

    At least they woke up..............FE probably never will.

  9. Lets hope these new owners of the track and the connecting lands are being honest. Not that developers are ever dishonest. It could be a long wait if the work on the track lands is dependent on a start on the speedway. Lets hope they are not that dumb. A lot of things are said and reported on by our tiny minded newspaper reporters. It seems kind of strange that a car track finally getting going would have any positive effect on the horse tracks operation. Some would say just the opposite. If Pal and the boys are as sharp as we would think they are it would probly be better if they get all the action on their project before car track action takes away from their potential cash flow. Or is there some other financial connection working here that best remains unsaid for at least the time being? There is a limited amount of tourist cash flow up for grabs here, lets hope Pal and the Buf 3 havent got a little taste of bad advice this area is so famous for.

    1. From what I understand, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and there may be some significant changes in the power structure before long. It is long overdue to crumble as former "enablers" begin to see the light. Let's just say that the "chickens are finally coming home to roost." Hopefully, the aforementioned changes will bring forth a better Fort Erie than has been of late. Maybe, we can finally be rid of a major cancer in town. All the ugliness of the past several years will take time to heal, but it can't begin the healing process until the cancer is removed - decisively and permanently. I will cheer the day that happens.

  10. As reported by Fink in the Buffalo press, the track and the CMS less than a mile from one another. No mention yet of a direct access to the two venues by road but with that close a connection who knows. Hotels and a mobile home park included. In some places $280 million not really a lot of sauce, but in "Fort Show Me the Money" it will for sure do as a start. Where all these tenants and business owners come in from who knows. Be fun to watch if this thing grows legs or not. As Fink said, it will be the biggest project Pal and the boys have taken on yet, if it comes to that. In any case watch for even more crazy driving. That CMS is sure to give car nuts another reason to get even more agressive on the road. Money doesent buy happiness but it can sure finance the illusion. The guys with the car repair body shops look on with great interest. And who could blame them.

  11. I am taking a look at this coming years budget , one item caught my eye, $800,000 out if the water/sewer reserve fund will be used towards the Speedway infrastructure, This is money that is left over from paying the Region for their costs in treating water/ sewage, this is money according to the "Municipal Act" can only be used to maintain existing infrastructure or replace a leaking part of that system, So they are breaking the Municipal Act to use that money for any other purpose. Mayor Heinz Hummel put in a free water line and sewer line for the MBB Helicopter Plant back in 1983 /1984 he used money recently raised from jacking up everybody's water/sewer bills, a violation of the Municipal Act . His Town Council was warned by MPP Ray Hagerty that they were breaking the law, this is Fort Erie, we don't give a hoot about " no stinking laws" we are the Republic of Fort Erie.

  12. Anyone read Mayor Red's State of the FE Union Address in the papers?

    What a load of crap designed to appease the dumbed down electorate that resides here. It's all roses and sunshine now when in reality this town needs a huge wake up call and an even bigger dose of Buckley's just to try and slow down the rot and neglect that has been allowed to grow locally for decades(usually for some insider's profit) and it aint gonna happen with 5 out 6 morally challenged at the horseshoe.

    This leaves only 1 man on council with the moral fortitude to wave the unpopular banner of stark reality and he isn't even allowed on his own ward's Waterfront Committee (only in Fort Stupid could anyone even try to explain this away Kim).

    At least little Red mentioned, though it will unlikely happen, reigning in the waste at Jimmy's Arm's Length Accountable to No One Corporation but any $$$ saved here will disappear to the Not 4 Nascar illusion of easy prosperity, should we just give rich foreign investors a few more millions of our taxes.

    A little hope for everyone in this throne speech, should you fall for it. Meanwhile just glance at your tax bills.......


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