Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Well, hello all you people who voted against your own self-interest and put the Chamber of Commerce on Fort Erie Town Council.  You know, those people who helped put together character assassinations of four councillors who they disagreed with.

Now, they're in power/ Thanks Marina Butler (devotee of EDTC GM Jim Thibert;) Kimberly Zanko (Chief Cheerleader and Chamber Maid;) Chris Knutt (Who?;) George McDermott; and Stephen Passero (Channeling Eve Harrington.)  The only councillor who survived the putsch was Don Lubberts from Ward 5.

For your information,  you easily manipulated voters: 
the S.L.A.P.P. Lawsuit devised by Thibert and his allies has finally been resolved and the four accused unjustly councillors have been paid back for the thousands of dollars they had to pay out of their own pockets to defend themselves against these sore losers.

You low-information voters are also going to pay for your ignorance through higher property taxes and water rates.


Thank you, Fort Erie Council. Read about it HERE.

The additional infrastructure servicing the town is spending on the capital budget towards the Canadian Motor Speedway will also add to the bottom line for operating costs to the tune of about $254,000. Overall, the 2016 water and wastewater budget expenses are increasing by about $676,000 over the 2015 rates.

 EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm putting this in the form of questions: What could possibly go wrong when a company from the Mideast (Home of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and ISIS) that is planning to build a large installation very close to the one international bridge connecting the US with Canada at one of its busiest crossings? A quick look at the various holding companies and banks involved with the Canadian Motor Speedway poses a lot of unanswered questions that the public doesn't get answers coming from its evasive and well-programmed PR department, run by a former "concerned citizen" who spoke at numerous meetings in favour of the project. Again, here's a question: how long has she been on the CMS payroll? (We will not be getting an answer to that question and others like: what bank is funding this project?)

So, the taxpayer is paying for the infrastructure improvements on the speedway; half a million to the high school theatre; another half million (or more) to the horse track; and lots more. All this on the promise of jobs. So, the Chamber of Commerce donated $10,000 to the school theatre when Fort Erie has a high unemployment rate and systematic poverty. No, the Chamber got their photo op with a large cheque for the theatre while people in Fort Erie have to visit food banks to feed their families.

We suspected that the priorities of the new council were all pro-business and not people friendly. We hoped that some would develop a true understanding of how to govern all the people instead of pandering to a select group, but that obviously did not happen.


  1. view_from_the_beachDecember 9, 2015 at 5:51 PM

    Frankly NONE of this is a surprise.

    Garbage in..Garbage out as they say eh?

  2. Used to think just having a dependable well drilled and having some lines, a pressure tank, a good pump, and a small treatment system was a lot of money. That was before we saw what people were paying over the years for a town water hookup. What some of those bills looked like we could replace the pump twice a year and still come out ahead. That is some expencive water the town is sending out. Thousands of dollars per year in many cases and this in a town right up against a lake open to the horizon. It looks like the same old where the money collectors see what you need so bad then put the screws to you. With the taxes being paid there should be no charge for water as is the case in many towns in better managed parts of the country. In this corner of the dominion? Put the screws to these fools they dont even know the difference.

  3. May be best not to mention the well idea too much. Knowing the way things work here some overpaid buttonpusher "working for" the town might find a way to put the screws to the people that dont want to pay all those high fees for "treated" water. (A lot of people dont want to drink the stuff, what does that tell you?) Just sayin, people not on town water lines dont want to get nicked for opting out.

  4. I notice in the budget $800,000 dollars from the water/sewer reserve fund , will be soaked up by the Speedway Motor track, Where did that money come from? as it is illegal under the Municipal Act to use money left over from paying the Region for it's water and sewage charges for any other purpose than fixing up the system already in place, Crescent Park has been wallowing in it's own sewage for 45 years and the broken "Transite" pipes still have not been fixed.!!!

  5. To Porgey, what is illegal under the act will only remain as a curiosity as legal types and some not so legal, wait for someone to bring expencive suits against actions that in the past would have been stopped before they got started. Case in point the latest nonsense by the ombudsman regarding illegal closed meeting by the Region. Illegal yes. Now what? Nothing. Porgey makes a good legal point but as we go down this road of dishonest practices the limit of what can and what will be done becomes even more broad. When it comes to money and spending the people that make this sort of deception work get praise for a job well done.

    1. I found it ironic that the region, under former Fort Erie CAO Harry Schlange, got into trouble regarding closed meetings. If anyone should know what the law is regarding closed meetings, it should be Schlange. In the first year of the Ombudsman's authority over Fort Erie, our town placed the highest in the number of complaints about closed meetings in the province. Yet Harry, who was Fort Erie's CAO at the time, did not "get" the law regarding closed meetings? Dumb ass. Or perhaps he, along with Rino Mostacci and Ron Tripp are ruining the region like they did Fort Erie. One good thing we can thank the previous council for is running them out of town. Now they're baaack! At the region.

  6. Lake front Lovers owe Councillor Libberts a debt of thanks.It would appear Martin supporters Val and Howie Beattie of the old boys club want to capitalize on their lakefront property.To do so they need a property switch rezoning and a variance. Easy to do with this council of CC and BFF Butts and Barbie dolls support. The catch is they are one of the lakefront sinners who have protruded onto a Town owned road allowance.They want to obtain that road allowance to further build on and offer the Town another lot. All was going very well until Lubberts pointed out that lot 5 was usually underwater...tabled and more to follow.Rest assured it wont be a win win for the taxpayer.

    1. I believe it was Jimmy Dirt Bags little girl(the Butt) who was mentally absent at the meeting months ago when the agenda was either the new high school theatre or the debate about the ward 2 by-election(win win designed to get another ol boy plant in power at a mere cost of 40 grand to the tax payer). Either way I digress and clearly remember the whole room talking about one thing and the Butt, totally ignoring that debate and using her position of elected privilege to quickly shove through a variance for her good pals the Beatties. It was a well played slight of hand.

      The Butt working for all the people, as long as you are connected.The other 95% of Fort Stupid is only there to pay pay pay for it all.

      Good 1 Madam Editor on the phrase Low Information Voter as that pretty well sums up most of the few who vote here.

  7. Yeah, that variance for the Beatties was real cute. No conflict there (cough-cough) It may finally come out just how involved The Head Chambermaid Cheerleader was with the plot against The Four. "Hey, let's put up a billboard on Garrison Road calling The Four a bunch of liars!"

  8. Deep into December and still no postings about the Masters plan regarding "Bay Beach, The Ultimate Outcome". Or is that stew just not ready to serve yet? There was a carefully worded diatribe about some possible building across the street from the lakefront, and a seemingly wistfull rendition of the need for an admission fee to visit said beach in the newspaper. Was that it? Anybody have anything to add to that rather sketchy description of a remarkably devisive and expencive exercise by the towns leadership?

  9. This is interesting,


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