Friday, January 9, 2015


UPDATE: The case will proceed to trial for unlawful dismissal. No deal was struck.

It appears that the case of former Bridgeburg BIA office manager against the Town of Fort Erie has been settled without a court case.

SC-14-00009661-0000 is the number assigned to the case that was scheduled for a conference room at the Welland Court House on January 9, 2015.The docket called it a "Settlement Conference" which means that the public may never know exactly what happened in the case or whether there was harassment of Ms. Landry by certain Bridgeburg BIA Board members, including then Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero.

If the "elimination" of Ms. Landry's job last winter involved any of The Four Councillors (It wasn't!) they would have been the target of much ridicule and possibly another lawsuit. Somehow, Passero gets a pass for his alleged behaviour in this event. Makes one wonder just who is still supporting the losing mayoral candidate. One person who supports Passero is herself a former BIA office manager, Peggy Tedder Thompson who has wreaked havoc in every position she has held, especially her job as the BIA manager where she set up a scenario that caused the ousting of two decent businessmen from the BIA board. Where is she now? 

Monday night's council meeting should be interesting as the new council grapples with the task of replacing the late Rick Shular in Ward 2. It would seem, according to past practice, that the runner-up, John Millicone, should first be considered. We'll see just how political the new councillors are. In a recent news story, Marina Butler showed her lack of knowledge when she opined that no one had run against Rick Shular in the recent municipal election. She's in favour of an expensive by-election. 

Personally, the thought of a return of the Poltergeist (Stephen Passero) to council would be a real tragedy. He screws up everything he's involved in. Hey Stephen: how's that Underwater Recovery take-over of the Kinsmen Pool coming along? You know, the one you tried to ride into the mayor's job. Yeah, really. Go back to your unregistered cupcake job and your sometime wife. Please stay out of local politics.