Thursday, March 10, 2016


Well. he has been off the public trough for about four years, so it should be no surprise that Regional Councillor Sandy Annunciata topped the expenses list for councillors, second only to Regional Chair Alan Caslin. He has
had to rely on his renters; occasional sports colour commentary and his sports "business" to support himself before being elected to Regional Council in 2014 beating incumbent John Teal, another member of the Old, Old Guard.

Annunciata claims that he racked up a lot of expenses reaching out to his constituents and doing his duty for the people of Niagara. Check out his expenses HERE.

Some of us wonder if he still makes his daily trip to Buffalo as many have observed over the years. Of course that expense would never be included in his expense report, would it? Nah.

"I'm a boots on the ground kinda of guy and this past year we've had a lot of heavy lifting," said Annunciata to the press. Really? Heavy lifting? From what I have been able to gather, the present regional council is just falling in line as they have always done with the Old Guard. Nothing new happening on this council; no surprises either.


  1. view_from_the_beachMarch 11, 2016 at 5:40 AM

    “My kilometres come from supporting my colleagues throughout the region, attending an incredible amount of committee meetings, board meetings and council functions throughout Niagara.”
    And here I thought he was elected to represent his constituents? Sounds more like he's just another political hack.
    Oh that's right. That's exactly what he is.

  2. Yikes! A "boots on the ground kinda guy"?? Sandy should really consider turning off the TV for a while before it does any more mental damage. We need someone sharp with a good sense of what this area is lacking. Like employment for the upcoming generation. Enough with the "heavy lifting". Sports weenie talk aside, Sanda still doesent get it yet. Was not elected to drive like some fool to every call out. Sure seems to pay well though. The driving. Results for the taxpayers? We are still waiting.

  3. Yeah, Sandy's on a roll for the "home team." It certainly is advantageous to have your family, especially mom, plugged in to the political system. He was well taught on how to maximize the perks of his job, paid for by the hard-working taxpayers, many of whom would better serve the constituency. Too bad that others were not raised and educated at the pulic trough.

  4. Bravo to the Standard reporter who does her job and has the proper moral compass to expose insider politicians that do little but feather their own nest at great public expense. A rarity these days and certainly extinct in south Niagara.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg with this official. The fact he is on the developer driven NPCA committee alone shows he has serious issues with public trust to say nothing of his track record at municipal council.

    Yet another (not so)proud moment brought to you by the easily manipulated FE voter.

    1. And, don't for a minute believe that all those kilometres Sandy has clocked are strictly in the course of helping his constituents. He is busy networking all over the place as part of his next move towards the top of the Conservative food chain. His mother and he have lofty goals. Too bad his mother's and the Hudak's plans went awry when Tim Hudak crashed and burned in his try for the Ontario Premier spot. Now it is up to Sandy to fulfill the agenda of the Fort Erie Old Guard. It costs money to pander to developers.

      And Redekop saying that Fort Erie is "strong" is laughable. Meanwhile Thibert stands proudly by, having convinced the gullible locals that he is doing a great job.

      (Editor's Note:) I have heard through semi-reliable sources that Thibert attended Trump University and graduated cum hubris.

  5. CorruptionFighterMarch 14, 2016 at 1:37 PM

    any thoughts anyone on the rezoning of the Bay Beach parking lots to high density residential??

    Is this not were it all started years ago??

    I am quite sure it won't end with just the parking lots demise as there is money to be made by a select few by "giving" the beach away to the "right" developer........

    1. This goes back to the original fight back in 2003 when it was proposed to sell off the parking lots to fund a section of the Friendship Trail. That is when I started my crusade to save the Bay beach Properties.

      So, they're still going to get their way after all the years and all the fights and all the character assassinations and the attacks on The Four. When I attended the "workshops" fo the Bay Beach Properties, I knew that they were flogging the idea that the parking lots would be turned into a high rise and I called bullshit on the whole dog and pony show. Others thought it was a good thing. No, there are people who want that piece of property for a high rise development and they will not give up until they have it. The hell with the tourists who come in droves to our beach. To hell with the local residents who will suffer from the lack of parking. The ultimate goal is to turn our last public beach in Crystal Beach into a private one by driving away the thousands of visitors.

      And thanks again, Sandy for your vote to go ahead with the original Molinaro project. Ironic as it was after you fought so hard to keep any high rises from the shore in your ward. Yeah, you did a really good job.

  6. If that high rise on the old parking lot idea goes through thats sure going to be one ugly breadbox in an otherwise single family area. Right across from the waterfront might help to sell what ever shows up. We can only hope theres an effort to presell a set number of units before this monster rises out of the mud and is a condition before any construction begins. Then, if those units are priced too high and given goofy names the whole thing stagnates, as what happened with the ten level bunker planned a few hundred feet south across the road from this new mistake. Just have to wait and see. Sure hope some of the land owners near this "idea" put up some opposition that goes somewhere soon. What ever happened to a similar "idea" across from the beachfront at Waverly Park?? Too stinky on a hot day? Would be reason enough for sure, but since when has that ever stopped a development in this area?

    1. Of course, there's always the Kuwaiti Marina on the Niagara Parkway. That's a real popular idea with the locals. NOT. One thing going for the residents on or near the Parkway is that many have money and will hire lawyers to fight any assault on the beautiful vista. Remember that the late Stella Ziff won out over a planned golf course on the Parkway.

      Can't they just do one thing right? BTW, drove down Hibbard Street near Prospect Point and those town houses from hell are still for sale. No wonder. Well-known developer made an oopsie and there are no driveways for the units which are placed too close to the road. Good work, planning department. Anyone else would have been put through the wringer to get the proper building permits, but an insider gets a pass on building to code. He's the same guy who wants to cram a bunch of units on a small parcel of land on Rebstock.


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