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But his victims will never receive restitution. An article in the Niagara Falls Review tells of a fraudster named Robert Rawlings, who fleeced a number of people who thought he was investing their money in his extensive network of holdings all over the world. He was small potatoes compared to a local resident, one Gary Fraser, who was convicted of scamming over $2 million from his family and friends. 

HERE is an article to refresh everyone on a man who has been buying property in town and then letting it sit, unused or, in the case of the property on Queen's Circle, demolishing it altogether. Not content to acquire a lot of property in the Crystal Beach/Ridgeway area through "syndicated mortgages," he has apparently branched out into 'cottage country" up north.

Remember this? A once stately historic building at Queen's Circle in Crystal Beach was stripped, then razed after it was purchased by one of the many companies associated with Gary Fraser.

The former Pines Restaurant; Mia's Antiques; numerous cottages and properties have been purchased through syndicated mortgages by various Fraser-connected companies. The seemingly stalled development on Schooley Road in Crystal Beach is also connected to Fraser and his wife.

It took years of effort to rejuvenate The Beach after the CB Amusement Park closed, especially the main business district. Now that Fraser has arrived, the main drag, Erie Road, is starting to look again like it did in the 1990s: boarded up, abandoned buildings and empty cottages.

We have been warning people of this convicted fraudster for a while now.  Whatever his agenda is, it does not seem to be for the benefit of the town.


  1. you can thank Dirty Doug and his cronies for rolling out the red carpet for scuzbag developers/carpetbaggers/con men and declaring open season on the Beach. The infantile local voter cheering for their own demise is perhaps the best joke for the insider ol boys club in some time.

    On another note just read that according to the mayor and Jimmie Dirtbag, it's nothing but blue skies and clear sailing ahead for the town. Jimmie goes 1 further and says that there are local jobs to be had but no one to fill them!!!! and for this sage advice we pay him what?? oh sorry no one seems to know.

    In Fort Stupid all you need to be a well paid leader is a suit and a reporters ear. Gotta look good for the duped dumbed down electorate eagerly chowing down on this real low grade horse manure.

    1. I listen to what so-called "regular people" have to say and, if there are jobs, they must be hiding in the designated swamp lands. The people at the unemployment office do a great job at helping people find work, but, they cannot create jobs out of thin air. There are a lot of people who are skilled labour; most have to take jobs out of town in order to survive. Many of my acquaintances with grown children have seen them move out of town in order to find decent paying jobs. It seems that a lot of the people who remain in Fort Erie are retired or on some kind of public assistance.

      In my own case, I was unemployed for a while and finally got a job in Welland. I was fortunate enough to find a ride to and from work until I could afford my own car. It was a tough slough and there were many others from town who followed suit. Some actually relocated to Welland or St. Catharines for work. These were well-qualified people who tried and failed to find work in Fort Erie.

      Yes, the mayor and the EDTC GM are full of horse manure. I was just reading that my hometown of Buffalo, NY is experiencing a job boon. It took a while for Buffalo to get back on track after years of neglect and blight, but it has happened. Fort Erie might take some lessons in how it was done on the other side of the Peace Bridge. I do know that there was co-operation between big business and the city. Here in Fort Erie, a lot of the possible investors in town have no use for Jimmy T. except "the usual suspects" who want ot keep the town all for themselves. Just Google "Carl Paladino" LOL

  2. I read with disgust the report on the Mayor's State of FE address and Jimmy's EDTC same old same old. What is expected as new has been regurgitated for at least 10 years. C.M.S., NPC Marina, etc. have been around for what seems a lifetime.
    I think Wayne must believe if he says it enough times he may actually believe his own clippings about how great his council is. They have no agenda? Well, how's this. You have at least three members on this council who were involved directly or indirectly with a lawsuit against four sitting members of council and a lawsuit brought forward by the GM of the EDTC which is funded through taxpayer funded grants. They also have a member of council who ran against the current mayor (who also aided and abetted the previous mayor's lawsuit) and another member of council who also ran but financed the Councillor from Ward 2 when he ran for mayor.
    Wayne, smell the coffee. Your council didn't want you and I can say a lot of other people who are about town are sorry you are the mayor.
    Back to my original reason to write. I read your posting about JOBS and Thibert claiming there are lots of jobs just nobody skilled enough to fill the openings. Again, he made the same claims for years and swore when challenged on some of his 'information' about skilled jobs needing to be filled (remember?). Well, some of those jobs have just left the building. FERGUSON-NEUDORF GLASS IN STEVENSVILLE JUST LAID EVERYONE OFF UNTIL AT LEAST AUGUST. They have been slowly laying off people and the other shoe finally dropped recently. Again, these may not have been highly skilled positions but at least 50 people (who were left) were working. Now nobody is. This is progress?
    On top of that, the Councillor from Ward 6 brings a motion forward urging the NPC to get the Marina project back on track. He must have missed all the Open Houses (June 2014), the requests for Public Input, and the Request for Parties Interested in bidding on submitting plans and ideas for the project. The guy is out to lunch.
    Anyway, again back to my original intention, for some of the people at the Ferguson window plant in Stevensville, the fat lady has finished warming up and is in full song.

  3. Another former business, now abandoned, has gone up in flames. Seems to a trend in Fort Erie. All those empty buildings and still Jim Thibert maintains that there are plenty of jobs but no one skilled enough to fill them.

    Show me the JOBS! Like that little old lady in the commercials of yore, I say, "Where's the work?"

  4. Visions or are they hallucinations, Wayne Redekop promised a vision for our Town of Fort Erie. last time he was mayor over 20 million dollars in slot revenue disappeared out of 36 million the Town received, 7 and a half went to reduce our taxes and 6 and half went for Bay Beach, Friendship Trail , including 2 million for South-End baby hole project, JT made the slots disappear when he sent 400 slot machines to Woodbine Racetrack , putting the final nail in the Towns coffin, what a delusional bunch of people running the Town, nothing much can happen with the Marina, as Doug Martin and Wayne Redekop stopped the closure of the open air cess pool which was supposed to be shut down 2002 and sewage pumped passed the Marina and into the Anger Road Plant for treatment. They were given a choice, the deal made behind closed doors , Spears/Kraft Road subdivision (Frenchmans Creek) they went with that later project. a gift for their development friends.


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