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Premier Wrynn recently revealed that former MPP Kim Craitor was forced to resign in 2013 due to sexual harassment allegations against him. He has since said that the allegations were "unfounded," although a third-party investigation did determine that there was evidence of harassment by Craitor. Since then, one of the complainants has come forward publicly. She, along with other Niagara Falls employees at Craitor's constituent office, had abruptly resigned as well. His long-time aide had already left for greener pastures.

Accompanying the article is a head shot of Craitor, taken several years ago, which shows a marked resemblance between Kim and entertainer Wayne Newton. What struck me is that there may be some justice in the world as Kim thought nothing of throwing The Four Fort Erie Councillors under the bus in his support of Jim Thibert, the head of the EDTC and his frequent lunch/golf companion.

Of course, many of us had already realized that Kim was a liar. He told a whopper just after the provincial tourism minister gave $2 million to Fort Erie for "tourism initiatives." That announcement was made with great gusto at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Craitor was quoted in the local press as saying that there was no decision yet as to where the windfall was going, but there were a lot of possibilities for its use. Of course, we knew that it would all go to the flailing Fort Erie Race Track and it did. Of course it did.

Frankly, I would never have guessed that Craitor would sexually harass his female office staff. I had other suspicions about him amid some pretty disturbing accounts about money losses in a provincially held program. Many of us thought his abrupt resignation was due to that. We never believed that he was just "exhausted."

Craitor pandered to the wrong people in Fort Erie and gave the rest the impression that he was working in their best interests. He was not; he was a Thibert groupie. While he was palling around with narcissists, he was setting himself up for his own demise. I hope that he resigns from Niagara falls Council. He is done like a duck's dinner.


  1. Council WatcherMay 7, 2016 at 3:16 PM

    This is the same MPP who stuck his nose into local politics by coming to a FE Council meeting and threw four members of Council under the bus by praising Jimmy Thibert and the wonderful things he has done for FE. He said something to the effect that Jim is the one guy I want to fight for me in economic development. He is the best. We were dumbfounded that he would do this and some of us sent him emails asking why he would get involved in a local matter. The four councillors were asking for a review of the MOU (Memo of Understanding) between the EDTC (Economic Development and Tourism Corporation) & TOFE (Town of Fort Erie) and wanted to bring the EDTC back under Town supervision as a sub-business committee of the town reporting to CAO (like it was before Redekop screwed it up).
    Jimmy recruited Kim to plead his case for him.

    So, now we know he is as slimy as Jimmy and Stephen P. Could probably throw a few more in there too.

    1. This guy will try to run against Deo for the mayors spot? Crate should just take his pile of dough and feel fortunate he got off so easy, so far, and find a nice quiet place off shore to go fishing. Could ask JT and company for advice on that point. Should be able to at least get a little inside poop for the money he helped to find a home for at the reality horse show.

    2. Apparently this "situation" had been going on for quite some time. Funny how Annunziata had to say something about it in the press. What the hell is he running for? None of his business really. Let this play out. The fact that Craitor did not show up for NF council shows me that he is a coward and that's why he chose to resign rather than face his accusers.

      If Craitor had any guts, he would have shown up at council, shingles and all, ready to answer any questions. Once again, he ducked for cover. Personally, I believe Craitor should resign from council and retire permanently. He is done.

    3. By now Kimmies getting advice from some lawyer. With the money this guys got?? So dont show at the council meeting. A Liberal slush fund to pay off perspective problems? Now that would be a lot more serious than Kims thinking with the small head. Maybe Crate should get together with Jian G and flesh out a framework for a self published book. Kim always did know what side of the bread the butter was on. Too bad he had to step in it and slip. Could have milked that spot for a lot longer.

  2. CorruptionFighterMay 21, 2016 at 12:41 PM

    Rarely do I disagree with you Madam Editor, but IMHO Kim is not the devil you make him out to be here.

    Ok so he fell for ol Jimmy Dirt Bag's line of crap. He's not the first and definitely not the last. Ol Jimmy has rolled this really slick way a long time and has made lots of money by conning those in charge of the public purse. I really feel for The Four as it was this town's small chance to turn things in the right direction but I doubt Craitor knew he was deliberately throwing them under the bus. Craitor even had the backbone to stand up to his own party and attempt to better his constituency against his own party's political interests which is likely one of the reasons he "left" provincial politics. As for the sexual harassment charge, some women today use that as a convenient excuse to whack any guy they don't like. NOT ALL but definitely some. What better way to have someone resign than to have them caught in a scandal involving a woman in a compromising situation. Like that's an original idea going back to when, the dawn of time?

    Maybe I'm wrong but there are far bigger fish to fry around here and have done a lot worse than Craitor may have done in a moment of bad judgement. I believe his heart is in the right spot unlike some of our more local homegrown dirtbags who would steal the gold from your still breathing grandmother's mouth.

    1. You could be right, CF. There's a local woman who has cost people their positions and jobs because of her accusations of sexual harassment. She has a long history of addiction and mental problems but she has done a lot of damage to people's reputations. And there are others who once danced to Jimmie's tunes who were cast aside when no longer useful. I see their pathetic fighting on Facebook when I decide to visit a local page. Like rats fighting over a few morsels, they have been ruined by their "association" with the Chief Rat.

      The report that Craitor's son was charged with sexual assault is also troubling. It seems when the cracks start to develop, the whole building soon comes down.

      I think my reaction was mixed with extreme disappointment that Craitor may have acted in a very foolish way when so much was at stake. As someone who came up through the ranks of politics, I saw and experienced sexual harassment (yeah, I was once thin and fairly good-looking.) One had to weigh whether it was more important than the issue. I made the decision that the issue was more important. The behaviour I witnessed was an example of the patriarchal society I lived in at the time. There were, as you say, "bigger fish to fry."

      That said: if Craitor believed he was unjustly accused, he would have been better served if he came clean and fought it then and there.

  3. Firing a volunteerMay 25, 2016 at 9:06 AM

    Interesting council meeting last night, they removed Noyes from the gaming board. I guess she asked too many of the right questions that the old boys club committee didn't want to answer. From watching the council, the boards representative, made many general verbal accusations against Noyes regarding her behavior but when asked for specifics or examples was lost for words. He did comment that she went outside the board for information when she didn't agree with the information provided. Good for her. And God forbid she went to the mayor and the CAO to inform them what was going on behind closed doors. How dare she. Noyes's speech evolved around the process that was put in place to deal with bingo dollar distribution. She wanted the bingo groups informed and be part of the process. This behind closed doors, a who knows who, and what appears as preferential treatment needed a light shone on it. But those who know Noyes know her to be one for fairness and openness. Yes she asks allot of questions, too bad they got to close to the truth, so out she goes. Not to worry Russ Wilson will be "retiring soon" . I hope bingo organizations will start demanding answers when they do not get the increase dollars from gaming they deserve. Remember the OLG is the official rule makes here not the gaming board, the OLG gives the municipality set out the parameters, and the TOFE may be outside of them with this "new process behind closed doors selection " may run contrary to OLG policies. Bingo groups unite and fight for fairness and transparency

  4. Getting thrown under the bus last night was another one of the "Good" ones. AnnMarie in her fight for fairness in distribution of over $40,000 among the sixty plus bingo charities mixed it up with Russ and lost.Of no surprise Council sided with the good old boys....the establishment. I hope the OLGC cottons on and straightens this Council out on rules of engagement.,,,but too late for AnnMarie. No matter how right she was it was a guaranteed outcome. She was pissing in the wind. She was too polite to point out that some of the various bingo clubs that did benefit had members that sit on that Board. Time for charitable groups to stand up and demand accountability.

  5. Does it ever end?May 25, 2016 at 7:11 PM

    correction was $400,000, not $40,000. Can't help but wonder what recourse she might take. Perhaps that was why a recorded vote was taken.

  6. CorruptionFighterMay 26, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    speaking of other far bigger fish to fry than someone accused of maybe touching the wrong bum.....anyone want to weigh in on that other democratic?? local institution that also doesn't do what it's supposed to. The NPCA and their "biodiversity offsetting" (read paving over protected lands for profit by the people charged with protecting it wtf!!)....With both our home town reps voting to squash an audit of what is obviously very wrong. It's in keeping with our track record as if it's funked up it may be from FE(usually cause someone connected can make a dime eh Sandy)


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