Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 Instead of  the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee of the United States, Donald Trump, we have someone who follows  the Trump Paybook and who assumes that the people of Fort Erie are "poorly educated" and do not have good memories or critical thinking skills. Not so at all. It's just that those of us who see the truth don't have the stomach. or the funds to go one-on-one with a psychopath. I submit that the next mayor of Fort Erie will use the Trump Playbook to win in 2018.

I received the following comment from "Corruption Fighter" this morning:

"if you think things are bad now......wait till Pissero makes his take over bid in 2018....he will make Redekop's wanderings over to the dark side a longed for memory....The OL Boy Club....f@cking Fort Erie for decades"

And yet, people voted for Passero and his friends. In truth, it was Passero's friends from the Chamber of Commerce (A.K.A. Chamber Maids) who basically handed the Ward 2 seat to Passero after the death of Rick Shular. Rather than appoint the runner-up, the Council of Commerce decided to spend thousands to have a by-election. Of course, you-know-who was backed by the Old Boys. And he won. Surprise. Stephen was still smarting from his loss to Wayne Redekop in the mayor's race. So, like Brutus, he has been working hard to discredit the mayor and place himself in the spotlight as the heir apparent to the throne of the mayor-ship of Fort Erie.

To those of us who are Americans, the thought of Trump as president of the US is truly frightening. He tells lies easily and does not apologize for mistakes and he makes lots of them. He has conned and cheated his way into striking distance from the White House. I am very afraid for what could happen in the US if he is elected.

On a similar but much smaller scale, the people of Fort Erie may be faced with the choice to vote for a Trump-like liar and con artist for their next mayor. Check this guy out: he supposedly has a business yet it does not really exist legally; his personal life is one of marital cheating and manipulation; he loves seeing his name and picture in the media and he associates with rather sketchy characters.

Just a warning, folks. Do not allow your vote to be stolen from you by a narcissistic wannabe Trump.


  1. Passero, made accusations that 4 members of council, had violated the Town Lawyer's rights, and paid her off, to stop a judgement against council, the truth was the lawyer had not done due diligence by allowing the Molinaro Group to write their contract with the Town, never did a title search as is required when selling property, two open road allowances still existed on the Bay Beach property, under the Municipal Act the adjoining neighbours were entitled to compensation for the loss of use of the road allowances, Stephen Passero was not only in "Breach of Trust' for talking outside of council to a former Alderman Tim Whitfield about confidential data relating to buy out, also a conflict of Interest as he voted on the buyout. Passero collected money for over 5 years towards the Municipal Pool , but no accounting for those funds, where did it go.??

  2. With all due respect to Porgey and his comment on your blog, it is extremely important to note that the dismissal of Heather Salter absolutely had NOTHING to do with her handling of the Molinaro file. Yes, it was a hugely flawed contract written by Molinaro Group's lawyers but it was accepted by a vote of Council. Molinaro put clauses in there under For the Sole Benefit of the Buyer (Molinaro) that allowed the developer to walk away from the deal should they not pre-sell 47 units by Dec., 31, 2013.
    Molinaros asked and received permission from the Town to seek Absolute Title ON BEHALF OF THE TOWN and at their expense. Important: the town didn't then nor does it now need Absolute Title. The Town owns the property. Absolute Title is a requirement to have clear title on property on which you are going to build CONDOS.
    The Town was never going to develop the property with condos.
    The Town tried to deny the existence of the Private Rd. and the open Schooley Rd allowance. To this day the Lands Title Tribunal still hasn't rendered its decision.
    That appeal by property owners had nothing to do with the Town. It was Molinaro's fight.
    So, again, although it was a poor written contract it was binding on the Town AND MOLINARO and in full force and effect until the developer said they were not going to complete the development.
    I hope you can see from the brief recap of the finer workings of the condo contract right until the end that Heather Salter was dismissed without cause which was clearly stated.
    Porgey is right about Passero and don't forget that the dearly departed Shuler also filed an affidavit in which he and Passero LIED about how the facts of the settlement vote and settlement was agreed to by a majority of Council.
    It was also pointed out IN COURT, IN FRONT OF JUDGE SWEENEY that "this suit was really Doug Martin's suit and it was Whitfield helping Martin and not the other way around". I think that's a fairly accurate account of Mr. Hurren's statement in front of the judge and shocked spectators.
    I say again Salter's dismissal and Bay Beach are NOT related.
    That must be made abundantly clear and the Salter issue has been adjudicated with a NOT GUILTY DECISION having been rendered. We must move on from Salter even though great harm has arisen from it.

  3. Dear Council watcher, were you aware who financed this suite against 4 faithful councillors, the list was Zavitz Trucking,Mr Singh, owner and landlord for the EDTC and Chamber of Commerce, Beaties, the owner of a pub in the Recreation Centre , they are possibly all members of the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce.

  4. Hey, didn't Marina Butler back the Conflict of Interest lawsuit as well?
    Wasn't Kim Zanko the spokesperson for the secret group that put up the nasty billboard calling the four liars?

  5. CorruptionFighterJuly 12, 2016 at 11:00 AM

    gotta give James Culic his due.....He's been doing the job reporters are supposed to and giving Regional Council a well deserved kick in the behind. A rare thing these days when most reporters just cut and paste the propaganda coming from the local ruling elites.

    Wish he would perform the same magic in FE where for instance, volunteers are kicked off boards for asking where the money goes.....

  6. I was going to give Culic props for his piece unraveling the "delays" in the Canadian Motor Speedway project. Despite the earlier claims that all the necessary properties have been purchased, the truth finally leaks out: not so. So, the ongoing battle with a couple of land owners who have expressed their frustration with the developers of the speedway and have gone to the press is now being blamed for the delays..

    I still don't trust that it will ever be built. And those jobs promised? Forget about it! There are legions of people in other communities who were promised jobs on projects that gave developers massive tax breaks. The result: no jobs and higher taxes. Not to mention a big, white elephant sitting in the middle of the community that was now responsible for upkeep, etc. Think of Port Dalhousie which is still suffering under a development nightmare.

    While some think they were able to stop a big, expensive development in Bay Beach (OK. No condo tower on beach side of Erie Road,) there are others, like myself. who think that the plan to sell/develop the former Rebstock property was in the works when the property was purchased in 2001. Fifteen years later, the parking lots on the south side are still in play. I remember, back in 2002/2003 when the town wanted to sell off the parking lots to fund a portion of the Friendship Trail. Almost got away with it but for a teenager with a petition and a large group opposing the sale. Had a few years of rest until Doug Martin and his ilk brought in the big boys from Hamilton with their twin condo tower idea and the council of the day rolled over and opted to give away the land in exchange for ever-decreasing "amenities." Just a reminder of how these things work in case anyone forgot the Lesson of Bay Beach.

  7. Still waiting for shovels in the ground at Bay Beach. Will development begin this fall as we were informed?
    Pessaro has already managed to downgrade pavilion plan.

  8. CorruptionFighterJuly 18, 2016 at 1:54 PM

    all is quiet at at least on the surface once again in FE with the "proper" people back in control, taxes going up and the "proper" people comfortable with their tax payer funded 6 digit lifestyles.....only on the surface however as it has been reported that the former "Four" are still under surveillance by the dark side ruling elite's storm troopers and assured FE the anomaly of councillor's working for ALL the people will not likely happen again...

    How's that 10 million $$$ lawsuit going anyhow or should I ask anywhere??....

    1. Last weekend the Ridgeway Festival was held and it was a huge success. The Ward 4 Councillor, Marina Butler, made a cameo appearance. That is about all she has done for her ward since her election in 2014. A total disappointment but her only goal was to unseat John Hill, one of The Four. She was also a no-show at the wonderful Friends of Crystal Beach sponsored Waterfront Concert series headlined by the Toronto All Star Band. What a Show!

      Meanwhile, the Friendship Festival will present its last gasp event, not on the traditional July 1-4, but this weekend. If this doesn't kill it, I don't know what will.

      The Second Annual Circle of Art exhibition will be held at Queen's Circle (think the CB Post Office) on Saturday, July 23 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Many more artists and more surprises.
      (Circle traffic will be closed off. There is a public parking lot near Derby on Erie Road)


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