Monday, January 27, 2014


Budget Meeting last night: the audio is up on the town's website. Interested people should listen to the whole meeting, but I must point attention to the EDTC's request, through the Supplemental Budget for $150,000 to add to its reserve. Ward 3 Councillor Bob Steckley pointed out that the EDTC already has a reported $150,000 in its reserve fund. The request was denied. I repeat, an additional $150,000 of taxpayer money that was requested to top off the EDTC's Reserve Fund was voted down.

Others would have you believe that this is a sign of Armageddon and that "war has been declared" as a result of this saving for the taxpayers. So the "others" will continue their campaign against the four councillors by spreading their lies by word-of-mouth. 

If people really listen to the budget meeting, they will discover that the councillors are very concerned about the cost to the taxpayers for the additional funds requested. even Rick Shular gave a speech congratulating council for its good budget.  

The Jimmie. Jimmie! Show went on earlier at the Chamber of Commerce where Jim Thibert worked hard to blame the present council for all the failures of his Economic Development and Tourism Corporation.  Oh, those wetlands, how they bedevil and thwart all those great industries just hankering to come to Fort Erie.  And the council (cough-cough) who aren't team players.  Thibert wore his special outfit provided by the Thugs Are Us Tailor Shop to show how very serious he is about the state of Fort Erie. See it HERE.

Of course, earlier this week, we were treated to the Doug & Leslie Show.
AUDIO IS AVAILABLE: Click HERE and listen to audio of Special Meeting. She comes on toward the end.

Leslie North brought the crazy to council on Monday, January 27, 2014. She registered to speak on the supplemental budget, but that was merely a ruse to speak regarding the alleged intimidation of Fort Erie residents by a group that was formed to help keep the Bay Beach Properties in public hands.  She even mentioned "Virginia" before her remarks were cut off by the mayor as he attempted to keep her from going overboard in her remarks. Update: Leslie came to council alone, without her entourage of bullies. She attempted to come across as a "concerned citizen" when she is anything but. She is merely following the script sent to her by her puppetmasters; the ninjas were ordered to stay home. While she enjoyed a chance to air her "concerns" with the help of the mayor. it was obvious that Leslie was merely the Designated Hitter this week. She's sure to be back for another appearance as most of the others are unfit for public display.

But she did anyways. She claims that 50-60 (correction 40-50) people have been intimidated into silence by the Fort Erie Waterfront Preservation Association (FEWPA). Talk about projection. Does Leslie even realize what she is saying? She's part of a small group that has taken harassment to a whole new level. In fact, she bragged about her complaint to the Ombudsman about a private meeting held shortly after the election in 2010. That meeting was deemed NOT ILLEGAL by the Ombudsman, Andre Marin.  She said they got off "on a technicality." Leslie has been biting away at the ankles of the four councillors since they were elected and she claims that regular citizens are being harassed by FEWPA.  As far as I know, FEWPA has been very quietly working to help save the Bay Beach Properties from a high rise development. The people I know who are members are just concerned taxpayers, not thugs, hellbent on intimidating the local citizenry.

It's those yellow signs that have sent Leslie over the edge, especially the glut of signs that appeared in the Bridgeburg area of Fort Erie a few years ago. Of course, there are still some yellow signs around and one can assume, from Leslie's remarks, that people feel intimidated by their very presence on people's front lawns. Oh, be afraid; be very afraid - of Yellow Sign Fever. If afflicted, people become enraged that a few in town pushed to give away a prime piece of waterfront property to a high rise developer. The severely afflicted go as far as to believe that there was a side deal that was the incentive for the development push. 

So sorry, Leslie that you and your fifty friends feel so intimidated. There is a cure for that. It's called "Critical Thinking."  Shouldn't be hard for someone who claims to be "an accountant."  However, critical thinking is often blunted by association with uneducated wannabes who pride themselves on their hometown and homegrown prejudice. What Leslie was trying to bring forth, which is a constant meme in her friends' blathering on the internet, is that she and her followers blame Americans for everything that is wrong in Fort Erie. She fails to acknowledge that only Canadian citizens can vote in a municipal election and that those voters put the four councillors into office - along with two others and a mayor who won by a mere five votes.

Even the Mayor-by-Five-Votes couldn't prevent you from making a fool of yourself at council. He tried, but your were just too quick for him and you got in your slanderous accusations against FEWPA and the councillors.

You should be so proud of yourself. Hope the Boys buy you a drink - or three for your efforts.


St. Catharines council gives Port Dalhousie developers ultimatum.

In a village that faced similar problems to Crystal Beach regarding the building of a high rise development that made big promises to the people and failed to deliver, the mood is one of anger and frustration. Buildings were razed in anticipation of the development that had been green-lighted by the OMB (surprised? LOL) despite strong local opposition. Now the St. Catharines council has issued an ultimatum: build or sell.


  1. Grateful there will not be a condo!January 27, 2014 at 9:07 PM

    She should really take a good hard look in a mirror. She would get an "A" for intimidation. Perhaps she should look it up in the dictionary because she doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word, yet she is very good at performing the action.

    I am reminded of a billboard on Garrison Road that called anti-condo people welshers and liars as well as a number of other derogatory names. That is intimidation and bullying. Do tell, what actions does she claim FEWPA and other anti-condo people have done that are so intimidating to those 50 or so people who have spoken to her? I would like to know specifically. You can't just accuse people without facts as she has done tonight.

    1. I remember her bragging on Facebook that I was "under investigation" by the NRP. It is true that the NRP visited me five times based on complaints by her friends, but, according the the official I spoke with, I was NOT under investigation. Coincidentally, the visits stopped about the time that some of her friends were called into the police station for a stern talking to. (The complaints were all in regard to something I had written on my blog.) The visits also stopped about the time that NRP officer Scott Heron was charged with cheese smuggling.

  2. Well, the Strand Blog and I are once again under threat from the ninjas. Guess that opinion and truth are not allowed in Jim Thibert's world so I should expect a contempt of court charge any day now. So, what does that tell you? It should tell you that the GM of the EDTC used taxpayer money to sue me because he did not like what I published about him.

    Leslie North talks about harassment, Hah. She, who is associated with stalking, anti-American, camp followers is describing herself when she talks about harassment. Remember she bragged about filing an FOI request regarding the firing of Heather Salter? Turns out it wasn't her and the request was denied.

    Her remarks last night about the Kinsmen Pool were peppered with blame for any future drownings in Fort Erie. All because the council listened to people hired to access the viability of the pool. Even Rick Shular agreed that it was beyond saving.

    More, after coffee, about her assertions that those opposed to the condo tower urged a boycott of certain businesses. Projection again, Leslie.

  3. view_from_the_beachJanuary 28, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    Let's be sure to make sure everyone is made aware of just who has been behind the Leslie"s, OBBs, greggers and the like ALL ALONG.
    Funny how last nights "presentation" was allowed to go just far enough to plant the seed eh?
    Nice going Dougie. You sure know how to scrape the barrel.

  4. From What I can surmise from listening was that the mayor was embarrassed by Leslie's presentation. He tried to steer her away from her most outrageous claims but she is so tone deaf that she did not realize that she was stepping over the line. And it's all on tape, there for everyone to hear.

  5. Not that anonymous.January 28, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    When I first heard about this after reading a facebook thread, I thought a little old lady from somewhere in town was speaking and that the councilors started yelling at her. Then I read the truth here and realized that Lesley and her gang have come out of the basements of the east end to try and stir the pot. It seems that they are now not even pleased with the fifth member of the not a council meeting in Ridgeway, one Stephen Passero. I am wondering now who they will be putting their support behind. Perhaps Greggers IS going to make a run for a seat at the horseshoe. He could use the job after all.

  6. The 1,000 plus "KEEP BAY BEACH LANDS PUBLIC" yellow sign campaign was a very public Friends of Crystal Beach endeavour.

  7. I am not sure the Mayor was that embarrassed as he let her go on & on with her outrageous comments. He also supported her right to the preamble even though it was way off the topic of budget. I can't believe that this crazy ladies presentation of nonsense took up over 20 minutes of the short council meeting. What a waste of Councils time & airspace. Her opinion that the Town should not spend any money improving Bay Beach because of perceived, possible, maybe legal actions. She just doesn't support Crystal Beach at all & her nasty comments about FEWPA etc. prove that she is a real East Fort Erie gal & a leading member of the unwashed from that part of town.

  8. Even though it was a few years ago now, I am aware of that blog that was started against you and said all those horrible things about you and your american status (and all americans to be honest) and said horrible things about your restaurant. Even though I had never met you, and actually still really haven't other than once stopping by your place for ice cream, I went on that site and defended you and was just awful. I often wonder if they (since I have no idea who they were and are still unsure) had traced me and know it was me...but at the time I did not care. Now so much more has happened, myself being a victim of some lies spread about me, I do wonder even more if they were tracing that site. But, I can't change that. My point being, I am far more afraid of them and the things they do (and yes, I would call it intimidate) than anything the anti condo people would ever throw at me. I have made friends with many of them, (the anti condo people) and they seem fair and rational...not the type to do such awful things. Yes, there was a page started saying to boycott a restaurant on Jarvis, but it was not because of anything to do with the condo or bay beach. It was because of a personal attack against a wonderful human being that DID NOT DESERVE IT because they thought she was a member of Friends of Crystal Beach (I believe) and therefore worthy of attack. It was awful what was done then and some continues to this day...such childish antics that have done nothing but tear this town apart.

  9. the Fort Erie Waterfront Preservation Association [FEWPA] was incorporated with a legal board of directors, the majority Canadians, to handle legal donations through an American and Canadian bank. There were no memberships, just generous donors to pay for legal expenses for the Ontario Municipal Board [OMB] hearings.

  10. SAD,
    By the way Lesley, we avoid that certain place on Jarvis St. because of the owner! He is his own worst enemy, he has written and promoted some nasty things on his Facebook page, has tried it on others FB pages and including on the FE Times etc!! He has bragged about his connections and that he has, he's also bragged about recording people's conversations from his restaurant. How can one go out for a nice dinner there and be in such uncomfortable surroundings thinking that, that man is recording their conversation and take the risk that he will blab it about to others? Myself nor my family will never set foot into his establishment again!

  11. Thank You soooo much fort that post "a donor" ( screen shot, page saved, post saved, etc., etc. for evidence ).

    An organization with no membership with the sole purpose to collect donations to pay for legal expenses ......... that the FOCB donated $10,000.00 to.

    Hmmmmm ..... interesting ..... very interesting !!!!!!

    1. Hum, and Lesley has the nerve to say the anti-condo are trying to intimidate? What are you trying to do? I know of private residents that donated money to the people fighting the Condo - from your post you are also threatening their generous donation.

    2. If "private" residents donated to the legal fund, I have no problem with that. If an organization supported by town funds supported the same " legal" organization, which apparently is not legal ..... now there is the problem.

    3. Why are you going out of your way to threaten anyone that donated money to help their neighbour? What is that to you?

  12. Ninja world is hailing Ms. North as a hero.
    While someone has her attention could you please remind her that it was Doug's buddy Molinaro THAT WALKED!!!
    (let me guess.. he was intimidated by all those yellow signs and FEWPA)
    The fact is kids Molinaro ditched the "Martin Deal" because it was a stinker and they couldn't sell enough of the bullshit.
    Grow up and get over it!

    1. Cindy: your people already went after the Friends of Crystal Beach's bingo, citing that bingo money was used to fight the condo. Funny how other groups have used bingo money for political purposes but got away with it. Anyways, the FOCB bingo license is back and the FOCB is not supported by town funds. Perhaps you're confusing it with the CBBIA which is the business association which is town funded, as is the Bridgeburg and Ridgeway BIAs.

  13. Why has there been no comment on the presentation by the volunteers of South Shore . What a great PR job they are doing for tourism promotion,,a job I might say should be done by the T in EDTC. They ask for financing of $15,000 based on similar grants from Wainfleet Port, Welland and Pelham,,,money well spent BUT should it not come from the EDTC budget since they are doing their job and would be redundant financing. We would be paying twice for the same service.

  14. Monday's Council Meeting can be viewed Thursday at 12 thirty on Cogeco channel 10. See for yourself how the mayor chairs his meetings.

  15. For all of this, I am still trying to figure out what is SO wrong with trying to save the last and best beach in the area for many miles in any direction, for generations to come.

    The relatively small, very loud and aggressive dark side supporters and their handlers(with everything to gain) have somehow managed to make this a crime.

    This has become a battle of good vs evil once you cut through all the multiple layers of their crap.

    1. The only answer that rational people can come up with is that there was some kind of side deal that benefited certain people. Why else would anyone want to give away, as you say, the last piece of beachfront parkland? If developers were so interested in developing waterfront land into high rise condos, why did they not just purchase one of the large waterfront estates in Bay Beach and then get the property re-zoned? Part of the reason they chose the Bay Beach Properties was, because of major upgrades to the water and sewer system at Schooley Road, it would be easy for the developer to hook up to the system. I still believe this was conjured up long before it was actually presented to council - like years before, going back to 2002. I also think the key in this was Rino Mostacci who thankfully has moved on to a new town. Hear he's doing real well there trying to sell the idea of a multi-million dollar hockey arena.

      Doug Martin has a long history of being very close to the gravy train. He has made a career out of aligning himself with, and expediting for the "money people."

  16. Pay attention to the replay of Monday nights "stage play". Listen to Martin INSIST that North is allowed to continue her inarticulate, insulting and untruthful attack upon fellow citizens and make unfounded accusations about sitting members of Council.
    Clearly the entire performance was rehearsed and the mayor was DETERMINED to allow one of his mouth pieces to finish her ridiculous rant.
    Most telling of his simple minded intent though was his absolute opposition in allowing Councilors the right to respond and ask specific questions about the same lies and innuendo that they were just ordered to subject themselves to.
    Ladies and gentlemen Doug Martin has completely lost ALL ability to distinguish between HIS WILL and the LAW OF ORDER.

  17. Madam Editor, reference your post of 1:04pm today. You are absolutely WRONG!!

    Do you not know anything?? Silly woman. I have been told by a certain few repeatedly(so they must be correct) that had the Bay Beach development gone through, the streets would be paved in gold by now. We would all have jobs making 6 figures with corner offices, secretaries, 20 hour work weeks and a limo service to our villas on the river or lake. I find it somewhat exasperating that a person of your intellect cannot understand that an APARTMENT BUILDING was this town's only and last chance at easy jobs and riches, for everyone (or so it is said by certain people in leadership positions with their closest allies and business associates who should know). These outstanding individuals are obviously working day and night for the collective good completely without any thought for themselves.... whatsoever. I fully believe that we should carry the Molinaro's through the streets next time they deem us worthy a visit for desiring to do the entire town such a great service at so much expense to themselves. Clearly they are very large hearted individuals. I only wish that someday I can aspire to even coming close to repaying this obvious generosity and I thank the stars for people like our mayor and his friends for their selfless wisdom and service.

    Who are you, indeed who is anyone in this town that dare question this obvious wisdom!!.........

    SUPPORT THE FOUR!! end local stupidity, graft and greed.

    1. Right now, the streets are paved with snow. Complaints are pouring in regarding the sidewalk situation. Guess these guys have no idea what it is like for people who don't have a car.

      Yes, if we believe the claims, Crystal Beach, as well as the rest of Fort Erie just blew off a chance to turn itself around with the giveaway of beachfront property and the building of a high rise.

      Guess I'm stupid enough to expect our town to preserve and protect its precious public waterfront land.

  18. Doesn't everyone in the ninji photos of the state of our town meeting, seem kind of weirded out by the ninji photog ?

  19. A VERY CONCERNED CITIZENJanuary 30, 2014 at 9:13 AM

    Anyone that opposes Martin and Thibert should be aware of the direct threat made by their ninja supporters (as copied from their hate page)

    "if you didn’t think war was declared before, there can be no doubt any longer that we are at war."

    Also. Here is another copy-paste from the same post where it is surmised that the Mayor of Fort Erie is presumed to be quoting posters to this local hate page

    "Vote wisely like Mayor Martin said who I think was quoting Sensei Ron."

  20. Leslie North's "presentation" was a carefully crafted and rehearsed double edged sword. Absolutely no doubt that martin knew the gist of it beforehand.

    The obvious cheap shot kicking of the Four while the mayor held them down plus the real intent of trying to save the Lobster House and it's foundation. She then went to lengths to save the cement pad that the snack bar sits on after it's demolition. ...WHY??... Not being an expert but I would surmise that without an existing foundation etc, one is led to believe it is that much harder to justify a building permit and thus keep the door open to another attempt at giving our last and best beach away. Ask Leslie as she is clearly better schooled by someone(guess who??) in this regard.

    I can only guess at all of North's motivation. Does she really believe if we give the beach away and build an apartment block her business will thrive overnight?? Or is it just for a pat on the back by the so called, self perceived, inside cool people?? Or is it she has a deep innate need to be so important that suddenly the colour yellow and common sense scares her?? Or does she just like to bully?? Or is it she has invested so much of herself in this 'cause", she will never admit it's wrong. I don't think it's $$ as that is likely being reserved for the top of the food chain.

    As one of the Four said, she knows nothing about being on the receiving end of intimidation, having probably just left the courthouse defending themselves against the mayor and his insider pals. What's that taxpayer funded bill up to now, so martin can muzzle "the democratic process"(you didn't rehearse that one did ya dougie??) for the obvious greater good of us ignorant little people who only pay him and cannot seem to grasp why the Bay Beach Turd still smells after all these years of his rhetoric.

    I do fully agree with North on one point. There is no intimidation in the privacy of a ballot box and the people clearly spoke last time. 5 votes from open ballot boxes, Leslie.

  21. VERY CONCERNED CITIZENJanuary 30, 2014 at 1:28 PM

    Could a better example of intimidation be found anywhere?

    "if you didn’t think war was declared before, there can be no doubt any longer that we are at war." direct quote from forterieninja hate page

  22. I think you lot are a little hard on ol Jimbo.

    I mean his best pal the mayor,( that doesn't mine wearing the entire failure of the Bay Beach Disaster at Jimmie's suggestion), has probably already spent 150,000$$$$ just sueing his own council and fighting AMN on his 5 vote recount. So what is another paltry ONE HUNDRED+FIFTY THOUSAND $$$ between BFF's.

    To put it into better perspective. Ol Jimbo could sue at least 5 more bloggers(or even GOOGLE!!) for this


    He could fight 15 or more FOI requests, lasting years and years. I mean come on people, for this paltry amount, we may never know what he has done with the other millions over the years and the best part is...............we get to pay MORE for the privilege of not ever knowing!!!

    I never knew ignorance (and extreme arrogance) could cost so much... Only in the TOFE.

    PS.... Sincere kudos to Mr Schuler for standing up to stupidity.

  23. You guys are WACKED !!!!!

    1. Cindy
      Given the ninjas declaration of war
      is probably NOT a wise choice of words.

    2. Cindy, Big word Wacked - is that your answer to my questions above?

      23 PrimeJanuary 29, 2014 at 9:03 AM
      Why are you going out of your way to threaten anyone that donated money to help their neighbour? What is that to you?

    3. Cindy, OR WHOMEVER,
      I am going to assume you are new to town, or, have only lately starting paying attention, cause, no (and if I understood your definition of whacked correctly) we are most definitely not whacked. I wish we were, but nope. I wish it was all in my and our imagination (the intimidation) but nope, not. You try stating a different opinion than some people out there (esp regarding the condo) and see what happens to you and we will talk later.

  24. Calling the kettle black are we Jimmy Thibert.
    Council needs to work together isn't that what you said? Council needs to work as a team as it affects future businesses and the STATE OF FE.
    Well jimmy wasn't it you that refused certain councilors to attend luncheons at FE Racetrack you SOB. Now that really really irks me jimmy.

  25. Greg, want to know what irks me your screen name changes every time you post on this blog. We are watching you Steve I mean Cindy. What really irks me Greg, Peter is Careful. But what really really really irks me is Leslie states we intimidate you!!!

  26. According to Leslie we the people who were against the condo intimidated at least 60 private citizens of FE. My question to Leslie is how many of these 60 private citizens are Greg aka Steve Cindy Peter average Joe careful?
    "if you didn’t think war was declared before, there can be no doubt any longer that we are at war." direct quote from forterieninja hate page
    Again, "if you didn’t think war was declared before, there can be no doubt any longer that we are at war." direct

    Leslie who is intimidating who? Cindy Steve Sensei Ron are the same person who thinks he can intimidate anyone and everyone....

    So before you register to speak again at a council meeting Leslie GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT or shut your lying tongue up.

  27. Funny how Leslie forgets that her cohorts have been busy calling the police on me and others just to intimidate us. I believe Leslie was there when Greg Bonito claimed that Bob Steckley tried to run his down. Another police call that went nowhere. And the constant crap on their blog, calling names (I'm a sociopath?)

    Yeah, Leslie: how's that war that your friends declared going? Yet we are the ones intimidating? Delusional much, Leslie?

  28. The Mayor & Thibert at the Chamber state of the Town event, very negative comments about the Town, Council and the nasty Prov. Gov't. What a way to start the year!!

    1. And while the mayor and Jim Thibert blame the province and the council for the economic situation in Fort Erie, Gary Burroughs, Niagara Regional Chair offers hope for the area in a recent Op-Ed. Read it HERE

      The truth is that there are many factors in a town's economic status. Blaming the local council (and we all know who Jimmie was referring to) is ridiculous - especially when it is coming from the guy who does have the responsibility of economic development.

  29. Dirty Doug's dark force storm troopers have used this intimidation weapon continually and almost exclusively. (Though dougie boy rarely engages in public. He let's others dirty their hands and uses the legal system costing the taxpayer huge for his $$ agenda)

    They accuse anyone who oppose them with what they are actually doing!!

    I think this is page 1 from DM's playbook,.... next paragraph to Never let the the truth interrupt the telling of a good story. Right before the chapter on "planting the seed/innuendo" and use/dispose others or the town looking out for number 1. Of course if all else fails, just adjourn or turn off the mics.

    They wrote the book on intimidation. Has happened at council with dougie's blessing!!!. Just review the old tapes and it's all there. They sit behind the speakers and heckle anyone that's not on board with their destructive agenda or selfish self serving intents. It's one of the few weapons they have as for the most part they cannot fall back on intellect(most have none, bully's of this low class rarely do) or any sort of intelligent retorts as there are none for what they have been carrying out. How do you intelligently explain stupid??

    Again, if the dark force is doing it, the opposition gets blamed. Plain and simple.

    SUPPORT THE FOUR!!(don't let the mayor intimidate his own council)

  30. I know many interested people, including myself, who avoid council meetings because of the behaviour of the Great Unwashed. Their chief bully even tried to intimidate an eighty-five year old woman. They have no manners or respect for those who were elected - something they'll never achieve. Like a wise local once told me, "They act like they're still in high school." Yes, they go on about being born and raised in Fort Erie and that, in their simple brains, means that they are entitled to spew hatred at anyone else who now calls Fort Erie their home. They insult Americans every chance they get. They are the ones tearing this town apart.

  31. People use to joke about how everyone in Fort Erie is related, to a point there seemed to be quite a few of the 27,000 that are. That isn't a good thing!! People have been moving to other locations and across continents for Centuries " Jimmy " and they will continue to do so as it is actually good to mix the blood! Jimmy, you're not even living in your home Town, you actually moved to Fort Erie for work! Yes, there will be some people will have to move out of Fort Erie and even the Niagara Region for work and create a life for themselves, Find a wife or husband and create a family, and YES there has also been people moving into this area for the same reason and will continue to do so.


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