Monday, November 3, 2014


UPDATE:  The Mid-term Elections in the States just proved my theory. The Democrats, who, under president Barack Obama brought the country back from a terrible recession; brought in the Affordable Care Act; got Bin Laden and numerous other benefits, were defeated in many crucial elections. The Republicans have now taken over Congress and the future looks grim for average Americans.  Those who voted, voted against their own best interests. In many ases, they voted out the people who stood up for them.

(Just heard this on Stephanie Miller's Show:  Now they have to prove that they can lead.)

It would seem that Fort Erie's recent municipal elections are really a microcosm of what is happening in the US. As I said before, tomorrow, Americans go to the polls to vote for the entire House of Representatives; one third of the Senate of 100; many governors and local positions.  

In this election, it's all about Obama and his "failures" as a president.  The  BIG FEAR that the republicans are counting on to take over the Senate and retain their comfortable majority in the House is EBOLA.  More people have died by falls in the US than have died of Ebola - one.  There is only one active case in the US at this time. So far two who contracted the virus from contact with the first patient are now clear of the virus.  But the anti-Obama media has ginned up the fear and have assigned blame to Obama for "a failure of leadership" in the Ebola crisis.  Which, of course, is no crisis at all.  True, mistakes were made by the hospital in Texas when the patient, who had just arrived in the US from West Africa, presented at the hospital suffering from symptoms associated with the disease.  If he had been treated appropriately at the beginning, he probably would have survived and the two nurses would not have contracted the disease.

But that was only one example of how the media and wealthy donors have manipulated public opinion to turn voters away from those who are working in their best interest.  Same thing happened in Fort Erie.  The fear of higher taxes due to lawsuits filed and funded by agenda-driven persons caused many voters to turn away from their own best interests.  The future may not be so bright for the majority of the people of Fort Erie, but it will certainly be bright for the "friends" of those who were elected.

It looks like the GOP will prevail on Tuesday. This is because they were able to use the media's influence to move their agenda, even though that agenda is woefully untrue.  HERE are some real facts about Obama. None of this got any play in the media, just as the accomplishments of The Four were never included in the local media's coverage.  There is a lot of money behind the anti-Obama effort. The Koch brothers have invested millions in the effort to take over the Congress of the US.  A dozen or so people funded the effort against The Four.  Among them was Marina Butler who was elected in Ward 4. Something about that just doesn't seem right. Call for a Compliance Audit, then fund a lawsuit on the man you plan to run against in the next election.

But it worked!  Now Fort Erie can take pride as a town that followed the American way of winning elections. Except it was on a much smaller scale. The next four years will be interesting as to how this plays out.

Early Predictions:

1.) Taxes will rise but the new council will blame the lawsuits for the rise (which will be a lie.)

2.) The Kinsmen Pool will remain closed.

3.) That other blog, as well as its contributors will be dropped; no one will take their calls.  They have served their purpose. Lesley North will probably not speak at council, but when she does, she will need to be very careful as Wayne Redekop will not allow such antics.

4.) Stephen Passero will get a job with the EDTC or the Peace Bridge.  

5.) The votes on council will be 5-1 and no one will say a word about it except me.

6.) The Fort Erie Racetrack will stay open with million of dollars from the province and a top-off from the town.

7.) Young people will continue to leave town after the get their educations.

Any other predictions?