Tuesday, August 19, 2014


BREAKING!!!  It has been rumoured that the Canadian Motor Speedway operation has been purchased by Carl Paladino and other investors.  Sale will be confirmed shortly.

And now, back to the Conflict of Interest Case.

In the Conflict of Interest case against Councillors Steckley, Hill, Lubberts and Collard, the late Supreme Court Justice ruled that the contributors to the lawsuit be revealed.

Here is the list as copied from the official list supplied by the court:

1. Bridgeburg Holdings Limited
1625 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: James Miller

2.  Zavcor Trucking
3650 Eagle Street
P.O. Box 180
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0

Owner: Kirk Zavitz

3.  1049506 Ontario Inc
2045 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: William Miller

4. Garrison Square Plaza Inc.
6150 Valley Way, Suite 104
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 1Y3

Owner: Artaj Singh

5.  Howard Beattie, Valerie Beattie
649 Lakeshore Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1B8

6. Employment Professionals Canada
1220 Garrison Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1P1

Owner: Marina Butler



  • The Millers are close friends and contributors to Doug Martin's campaign in 2010.
  • Kirk Zavitz also contributed to Martin's campaign in 2010 as did Arjaj Singh.
  • Singh is the landlord for the property rented by the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Erie Economic and Development Corporation.
  • Marina Butler also contributed to Doug Martin's election campaign in 2010.
  • Marina Butler filed a compliance audit against the campaign of Ward 4 Councillor John Hill in 2010 after his successful election.
  • Marina Butler has also registered to run for council in Ward 4.


Martin's Cross Examination Excerpts

Shular Thibert Connection

Monday, August 11, 2014


The chief Poobah of the racetrack and the EDTC was on local radio this morning bragging about the sale of the Fort Erie Racetrack's 388 acres to a Buffalo group headed by Carl Paladino and a couple of collection agency owners.  Lively group that will be.

So, folks, do you remember the recent kerfuffle about a parcel of racetrack land that the town was considering buying?  "Whatever happened to that?" you might ask.  Well, nothing really, except that Jim Thibert had a hissy fit because a couple of members of council said that the proposed acquisition was "bonusing." "Perhaps Jim Thibert did not understand that such an incentive to sweeten the deal for a potential buyer was bonusing," you might say. Oh, but you would be wrong!

Because Jim Thibert knows bonusing.  He knows it so well that he used it as an excuse as to why his EDTC was having trouble luring new businesses and manufacturers. Here is what he said just this past January:

 “With bonusing laws, we also can’t give away free land, free services, or defer taxes, something they can do easily over in New York.”

Thibert said this in his annual profanity-laced apologia to council on the economic state of the Town of Fort Erie. Always quick to blame council, especially this council, Thibert used the incentives offered to businesses in New York State as the reason Fort Erie was dragging behind in attracting new enterprises.

Then, he allegedly tried to use that technique to sweeten the deal with the potential new owners of the racetrack. Fortunately, council did not take the offer, thus avoiding a potential legal problem with the sale.  In fact, El-Ad (Nordic Games) insisted that the parcel not be broken up for sale, so the plan to buy 13 acres on Industrial Drive was never going to be part of the deal.

It didn't stop Jim Thibert from blowing a gasket and suing Ward 5 Councillor Don Lubberts for Conflict of Interest.  Thibert maintained that Lubberts' employer had done electrical work for David Compson, the reputed broker of the deal with the Buffalo group, and that Lubberts was in conflict because of it. Lubberts maintains that he checked with his lawyer and was given the go-ahead to take part in the discussions. Reports have come back that Compson and others were not amused by the lawsuit and apologies were sent around.

So, Thibert has been on a short leash regarding the sale and he was finally able to speak about it early this morning.  Suddenly, Fort Erie is in the midst of a major boon and has become a happening place - all because the Buffalo guys bought the track. OK. Then Thibert went on to talk about the multi-million dollar marina project on the Niagara River and the Canadian Motor Speedway as if they were already done and in operation. (Just like in one of his shiney brochures of a couple of years ago where the Bay Beach Project, the Canadian Motor Speedway, and the marina were included as though they were already running, but the restored Point Abino Light Station was omitted.) 

Guess that was another example of Thibert's selective memory.

Now we know for a fact that Thibert does know bonusing.

Editor's Note: RIP Robin Williams. One of the funniest guys ever.

Saturday, August 9, 2014



Carl Paladino and others purchased the race track according to PUBLISHED REPORTS

Carl Paladino is quite the developer and quite the character. He ran for governor and lost to Andrew Cuomo; he sits on the Buffalo School Board and he has been outspoken against new gun control legislation in New York State. (Sorta like Jim Thibert on steroids with lots of money.)

What will this mean for Fort Erie? One person responded just after the news was published: "Now Fort Erie is really f#$ked!" Not sure what this means but Paladino and his associates did purchase the entire track parcel which includes the historic race track.  According to reports, there will be no major changes in the operation of the race track which leases 130 acres of the 338 acre parcel.

What the plans are for the rest of the land is unknown but Paladino says that those plans will be revealed in due time.  

What do you think?

Friday, August 8, 2014

New neighbourhood: South Coast Village

New neighbourhood: South Coast Village

Great video highlighting Crystal Beach and in particular, the South Coast Village under construction on the former arena and parking lot grounds of the Crystal Beach Amusement Park.  What a great life to the community.  Mayor Martin seemed a little surprised that a development is getting such a warm welcome from the locals.  Could be that it's the exact type of development that is right for Crystal Beach.  

Thanks for giving our little "hidden gem" some much-needed positive publicity.


Canada's unemployment rate edged down to 

seven per cent in 

July, with just 200 new jobs created, 

according to Statistics Canada.


 The article goes on to report that "On an annual basis, employment increased by 115,000 jobs, with most of the work part time and no increase in total hours worked compared with July 2013."

 It would seem that those seeking local political office will have little or no effect on job creation when the national stats report a mere 200 new jobs nation wide.  That would probably mean that, statistically, Fort Erie got about a half of a new part time job, which is really no laughing matter. There are 1.3 million unemployed in Canada and Fort Erie has a much higher unemployment rate than the seven percent national average.  It is a huge problem in our community.  

Candidates who promise jobs might want to look at the stats before they make such lofty promises. Sure, there are ways to help the local economy that may result in jobs, but most new jobs are often offset by job loss due to plants closing and businesses failing.

Of course, it does fall under the mandate of the local economic development department  to work with local lawmakers to create a friendly business environment. Except Fort Erie doesn't have an economic development department working out of town hall, directly accountable to council.  It has an arm's length corporation operating out of a separate location under the leadership of a two hat wearing egomaniac who is obsessed with the racetrack.

Can the voters un-elect Jim Thibert, our economic development czar? Of course not.  What
needs to be done is that the EDTC be returned to town hall as a department. No non-elected official should have the power that Thibert wields without accountability.  He has misused his power and he has defied a Freedom of Information ruling by still not providing information about the EDTC as ordered.

Ask yourselves just how long have things been going downhill in Fort Erie? Certainly not just in the last four years as some would have you believe.  This council brought in the lowest tax increase in years yet all people hear about is the "problems with four councillors" and a vicious and vexatious lawsuit endorsed by the mayor, the head of the EDTC and a couple of councillors.

Soon, the voters of Fort Erie will be able to see for themselves just how far these people have gone to destroy the reputations of the four councillors.

It can't come soon enough for me.


Monday, August 4, 2014



I knew all along who the "unnamed," now convicted and sentenced embezzler was in the Bridges Scandal.  A lot of political capital must have been spent to get such a good deal for Carole. Also, why was it necessary for her name to be withheld from the media while the matter was being resolved? Notice how very, very quiet Russ Wilson has been the past few months. I heard that the investigation into the matter was very thorough and Russ Wilson was very nervous. Seems that Russ falls victim to these money shortages wherever he goes. Way back to his days on Customs and, of course, the Bingo Years. Now Bridges. Gillespie has not revealed why she took the money and has offered full restitution along with her 18 month soft sentence. And that is odd in itself. Perhaps they didn't vet Gillespie at all because she did have some red flags on her resume.  Here is the link to the article:  

Carole Gillespie was sentenced for fraud in the Bridges embezzlement scandal.


Question: why are certain members of the Chamber of Commerce and a service club crowding the ballots in the upcoming municipal election?

The answer is: they're continuing the agenda they created shortly after the 2010 municipal elections.  That agenda was to eliminate or destroy four councillors who were all elected by comfortable margins and who were elected by people who were tired of the direction the previous council had taken, especially with regard to the Bay Beach Development of a twelve story condo on public property at the edge of the public beach.

Almost immediately, some chamber members got together and erected a billboard along Garrison Road calling the four "liars."  Then came the infamous full-colour leaflet presented under the guise of "citizens for a prosperous future" or some such title complete with quotes from now candidates Kimberly Zanko (who ultimately admitted she was the spokesperson for the anonymous group) and Marina Butler, a candidate for Ward 4 who also sought a compliance audit on the newly elected councillor of the ward, John Hill, in 2010.

Of course, Martha Lockwood, who mercifully lost her re-election bid for Ward 5 to Don Lubberts, had to pile on for a compliance audit of Donnie. And there were others, some in retaliation for the audits of Hill, Lubberts and Collard.  All of this cost the taxpayers a lot of money and all of this was a waste of time.

It seems that anyone willing to pay the yearly fee can be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. It does not care if the business address provided is not correct or that the business has not had an inspection by the health department in over three years; nor does it care that the business address in a closed-up, for sale property.  All is fine if one pays his or her dues. Heck, you can get to be President even if your business has gone bankrupt or you have no viable business.  As long as one pays their dues and is welcomed into the inner circle, they are OK.  As to this "inner circle" as in one of the Circles of Hell of Dante, they are practicing the art of political alchemy. combining the desire for the community to have a healthy business climate with their desire to control the governing process.  The Four Councillors' election in 2010 and the near election of Ann Marie Noyes put the Circle of Hell members on high alert and they will continue to attack The Four and anyone else who does not agree with their agenda.

Just take a quick look at the present list of candidates, available to download HERE.  Lots of members of the Chamber of Commerce and also members of a certain service club.  Seems that service club is encouraging its members to run for office or it's a great big coincidence. Many if us don't believe in coincidences.

If you like the idea of a group of business people running your town, under the auspices of the chief poobah of the economic development corporation, then fill your boots. (Of course your boots would already be filled if you wade around those waters.)

And the fun is just getting started.

Editor's Note:  In the previous thread there was a discussion about a meeting attended by some newly elected councillors and one incumbent back in 2010.  I wish to correct one part of my statement about that in what is the complete description of the event:

The meeting, at a private home, was attended by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero; Ward 3 Councillor Bob Steckley; Ward 4 Councillor John Hill; Ward 5 Councillor Don Lubberts; and Ward 6 Councillor Paul Collard.  The purpose of the meeting was to ask for a 90 day adjournment of the Ontario Municipal Board Hearings that were taking place regarding the proposed Bay Beach condo development as appealed by thirteen local people. The newly-elected councillors wanted the time to review all the paperwork and information that had been available to previous members of council to get up to speed on the hearings. The four councillors signed an affidavit making the request; Passero did not sign the affidavit.  This meeting had nothing to do with the later lawsuit filed by another group of people in the effort to stop the development.  That lawsuit was heard in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto, totally unrelated to the OMB hearings which were held in Fort Erie.

I did not remember that an affidavit was signed at that meeting regarding the OMB case as the writer to this blog mistakenly referred to the Superior Court Case which was not even on the docket at the time the councillors held the meeting. Hope this sets the matter straight as to what really happened.