Thursday, February 20, 2014


UPDATE: The lies continued in the "report" on the agreement between the town and the Point Abino Association regarding access and the length of the agreement. From the ninjas:

But rather than let a sleeping dog lie, good ol Donnie has to poke the P.A.A. with a stick and make amendment to make it a locked in 5 years which was *approved by the usual vote.  So now, Town staff has to go back to the bargaining table with the PAA who already, as noted earlier, doesn’t want us around, and ask them to sign up for 5 years, and by doing so ensuring that Donnie’s friends in P.A.L.P.S. get some revenues.”

* The truth is that Don Lubberts' amendment was defeated in a 5-2 vote.  

So, the one-year agreement with automatic renewal unless one or both parties decide to amend or change the agreement was finally approved by a 6 -1 vote as recommended by staff. Don Lubberts expressed hope that a five year plan would have been better and he offered the amendment. He also wanted to hear the opinion of the Point Abino Lighthouse Preservation Association as they volunteer to run the tours of the historic site. That is all folks. Democracy in action. Not some kind of vicious plot.

And now, back to original exposure of a pack of lies from the ninjas.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Great Unwashed have a vendetta going against Four Councillors who were elected to council.  The GU have made up stories; repeated gossip and even misrepresented facts in their zeal to smear the Four Councillors.

Well, this time they went way too far - far into absolute slander and libel territory with their latest attack on The Four.  The problem is that it was ALL A PACK OF LIES.  Fortunately for them, they took down the offending post. Unfortunately for them, I have received a copy of the offending post.

It all has to do with the hiring of Hemson Consulting Ltd. to conduct a Development Charges Background Study. The report was presented to Council in Committee on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

Here is what the ninjas said about the study:

So last night was no different. Another assault on our intelligence was launched when council received a report from a company called Hemson Development who was paid a rough sum of money, around $30,000 to do a development charges study for the town of Fort Erie.

So town council voted 4-3 to have this study done in Fort Erie.  The question is why? This is where the assault on us tax payers begins. An assault on our intelligence and where the smoke and mirrors begins....

This is the start of a tirade that questions the very integrity of the four councillors and accuses them of wasting taxpayer money on a study when they already received accurate information from Jim Thibert, head of the EDTC.

So instead, they voted 4-3 to hire an outside company. The question is, how was it tendered? How did they get the contract? How did they do their study, it happened real fast and was put together in less than two weeks. Did I hear Bob Steckley state in last night’s meeting that the report was roughly 6 pages long? That works out to $5000 a page including cover letter and index. The ninjas pump out more pages for the people of Fort Erie in one day for free. There are people in this town who bust their humps day in and day out to not even come close to making $30,000 and far too many who wish they could make that much in a year.
So once again, 4 men on council used our tax money for their own personal gain. They paid $30,000 for an opposing opinion to try and make Jim Thibert look wrong only they aren’t smart enough to realize that the they just insulted 30 of our top businesses in town with this report.


 November 19, 2012 Council in Committee Meeting - 2012

From the office of the CAO (That would be the Acting Chief Administrative Officer Ron Tripp.)


Hemson Consulting Ltd. be retained to provide the Corporation of the 
Town of Fort Erie with consulting services for the preparation of a 
Development Charges Background Study in the amount of $44,578.50 
(including HST). 

The recommendation went on to recount the tender process and how Hemson scored the highest on the criteria although it was not the least expensive. 

Here are the results of that recommendation, from the minutes of that meeting:

 Recommendation No. 6 
Moved by: Councillor Shular 
THAT:Hemson Consulting Ltd. be retained to provide the Corporation of the 
Town of Fort Erie with consulting services for the preparation of a Development 
Charges Background Study in the amount of $44,578.50 (including hst). 

So, the ninjas' Good Ole Buddy moved the motion to hire the consulting firm to perform the study and the money for the study was provided by an amendment to the capital budget of 2012 from the development charge reserve fund.

THAT: the 2012 Operating Budget be amended to include a budget of $42,000 
for the 2012 Development Charge Background Study with funding from 
the Development Charge Reserve. 


So, the whole post was a lie, based on the fevered imaginations of the ninjas, fueled by their hatred for four councillors.

Now for today's laugh, coming directly off the keyboard of the chief ass-clown of the One-Trick-Pony-Parade:

Our job here at the ninja is the tough one. An assault on our intelligence has been launched by these special interest groups in town, by former and current councilors. We are at war over the truth! We are at war over getting the right information out to the public vs. the false. As tough as that task is, we are somehow winning. My guess is that we are winning because of one simple fact, over the years, we have been getting it right and our predictions have come true and our numbers keep growing.

Editor's Note: I deleted some comments because they are off-topic. Not my usual way but I think we all need to focus on what has been exposed here. This is what the ninjas have been doing.  This time, we caught them in a bold-faced lie - actually a bunch of lies.  Comments meant to detract from the matter at hand will be deleted. We have proved our point.