Saturday, September 27, 2014


Looks like Passero will soon need a lifeguard as his campaign is drowning in the foul waters of the aged Kinsmen Pool.

His latest gambit makes him look like an elephant in a synchronized swimming event. So clumsy. Withholding important documents from the members of the Underwater Recovery Unit is so unprofessional and the possible culprit in this could be hizzoner wannabe Passero.  The members have been waiting for the lease agreement that appears to have been negotiated with the help of Passero (cough-cough conflict anyone?) but were nowhere to be seen although they were released by the town to the URU weeks ago. So who had them hidden away along with their Monopoly money?  Could it be VP Donna Wood who has her sights set on the presidency of the URU? Could it be Shawn Willick, Passero's campaign manager and member of the URU? Or could it be Eddie Haskell himself? Never mind that a study completed a couple of years ago advised that the pool is beyond repair and money would be better spent on a whole new facility.

Here's a couple of good ones, taken from Passero's latest campaign literature:

"As councillor and past Shorewalk President, (he) delivered results to reclaim and improve waterfront road allowances - (he) will continue to fight for increased shoreline access."

Except, he favoured the giving away of the Bay Beach Properties' shoreline property to a high rise developer.  

Oh, and he voted against $50,000. for improvements to encroachments on Rose, Beachview and Pierce Roads in Waverly Beach. Oops. So much for improving waterfront road allowances.

Not just that, he's claiming that he will "create the reserves we need" in the town budget. Spoiler Alert: it's already been done by this council under former town treasurer Helen Chamberlain. 

Nice try, Stephen, but you're not even close to the truth.  

Like how you photo-bombed the race track announcement the other day. We know you had nothing to do with it but you are hoping to be the heir apparent to the throne currently headed by Mayor-by-five-votes Doug Martin. Jimmy Thibert would like that too.  He will get to keep his job and continue to pull the levers from behind the curtain where he has resided for several years.  It has only been through the efforts of the four councillors that he has been forced to be accountable to the people.

Does anyone believe Stephen Passero? They certainly shouldn't.  He says he has a thriving business but we can't find it; his wife works for the DSBN but he never declares a conflict; he will be involved in the disbursement of grant funding if the URU is successful at taking over the Kinsmen Pool.

He had better jump into that blighted pool because now his pants are on fire.