Sunday, September 13, 2015


I know that a lot of people don't have a profile on Facebook and that is perhaps, a good thing. What started out a a sharing website has evolved into an unrepentant hate site. It seems especially true here in Fort Erie. If one were to type in "Fort Erie" into the search bar in Facebook, a page called "Fort Erie Hi-Lites" will probably pop up. It is a so-called page that has devolved into a nasty opportunity for bullies to rule one small place on the internet. I sometimes visit because my name comes up from time to time by one of the chief bullies. He thrives on calling attention to my blog. That amuses me because he is potentially driving more traffic my way. One or two others agree with him, calling me an "idiot" etc., thus making me so upset that I shrug my shoulders and laugh at their idiocy. But they move on quickly and start fights with each other over nothing. Their are only a handful of them but they take over the page and soon, everyone else loses interest. Not much positive news and opinion dwells on the Hi-Lites page these days.

So, I move on, checking up, out of curiosity (damn, I shouldn't have done that!) on the teen mom I once wrote about here. Well, she has moved on and has hooked up with at least two or three guys since I last checked on her. Well, she's pregnant again and has already broken up with her baby daddy (not to be confused with her first baby daddy, long ago out of the picture.) Their break-up has been preserved on Facebook, along with numerous selfies and trash talk. Baby daddy thinks he's a gangster, "straight outta Compton, beatin' up those bitches and such." Such a wonderful future ahead for a member of the next generation, one that is coming from a generation who can barely function without an iPhone. Hell with school or getting an education; we'll just suck off the system and bring up our kids with multiple Uncle Daddies. I just can't understand that women today have such low expectations that they feel that having a baby out of wedlock is a good thing. Fine for rich women, but not a good thing for the not-so-rich. The taxpayers are on the hook to support this choice when there are so many other choices available to women: easily available birth control comes to mind.

I do have a favourite that I watch and listen to: Advice From My Mom. She's from Manitoba and she's profane, bitchy and very funny. Please be warned that the language she uses us definitely not for those who are easily offended and certainly not for children.

I just went to my Facebook page and saw pictures of my first and best childhood friend and her sister with their grandchildren. They now live in another state but Facebook has allowed me to see that they are wonderful still. It's so good to see them. This is what Facebook is very good for. I just wish that everyone understood and appreciated that.

To the haters and Facebook trolls: hate on; it will come back to you tenfold.

To others who want to enjoy Facebook: try to stay positive and don't let your curiosity allow you to visit pages trolled by losers.