Saturday, July 11, 2015


We remembered the 50s and 60s July 12 
at Waterfront Park

The Moonlighters played to a crowd estimated at 200 on Sunday night at Waterfront Park. The event was put together by the Friends of Crystal Beach. Many of us remember too that what is now Waterfront Park was once a pile of rocks. Following a C.A.U.S.E. (1996) recommendation, an intrepid bunch of people put together and carried out a plan for a park on the waterfront in Crystal Beach with a boat launch and picnic facilities. With the help of bingo funds and a lot of hard work, the park is now a reality to be enjoyed by everyone.

Some of the original Waterfront committee members are now dead, but their contribution will live on in a plaque at the entrance to the parking lot and in the hearts and minds of grateful people. As Paul Lewis (is that an American accent I hear?) spoke to the crowd before the band started to play said, "Look around you. Here we are at the water, having an outdoor concert. Ladies and Gentlemen: This is Crystal Beach!"

Now, on to the story of those who sought revenge against the voters' choice in the 2010 election:

It was almost a year ago that the list of contributors to the lawsuit against four sitting councillors was revealed.  From what we hear, the contributors were assured that their names would remain anonymous but the judge hearing the case demanded that Whitfield's lawyer (Dave Hurren) provide the names of the backers. The backers pledged support of a lawsuit filed in 2013 against four elected councillors: Bob Steckley, John Hill, Paul Collard and Don Lubberts. Only Lubberts was re-elected to council in 2014.

So, we thought we would remind you of how a small group of people set out to ruin the reputations of four elected representatives of the people.  They will forever be remembered for their "community spirit."

Here is the list as copied from the official list supplied by the court:

1. Bridgeburg Holdings Limited
1625 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: James Miller

2.  Zavcor Trucking
3650 Eagle Street
P.O. Box 180
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0

Owner: Kirk Zavitz

3.  1049506 Ontario Inc
2045 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 5M4

Owner: William Miller

4. Garrison Square Plaza Inc.
6150 Valley Way, Suite 104
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 1Y3

Owner: Artaj Singh

5.  Howard Beattie, Valerie Beattie
649 Lakeshore Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1B8

6. Employment Professionals Canada
1220 Garrison Road
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1P1

Owner: Marina Butler



  • The Millers are close friends and contributors to Doug Martin's campaign in 2010. They own Miller's Auto Recycling as well as a great deal of property in Fort Erie.

  • Kirk Zavitz also contributed to Martin's campaign in 2010 when Martin won by a mere five votes over Ann Marie Noyes.

  • Arjaj Singh is the landlord for the property (Garrison Square Plaza, Inc) rented by the Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Erie Economic and Development Corporation. He also contributed to Martin's mayoral campaign

  • Marina Butler (Employment Professionals Canada) also contributed to Doug Martin's election campaign in 2010. She filed a compliance audit against the campaign of Ward 4 Councillor John Hill in 2010 after his successful election. It accomplished nothing but cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars.She went on to run and defeat John Hill in Ward 4 in 2014.

  • The Beatties have been close friends of Martin for years.  1118184 Ontario Inc. runs Madison's Pub at the Leisureplex.