Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A reader sent in his version of a Limerick.  It deserves to be reprinted here:


If not for The Jimmy there would of course be no ninja
For it was from his lips came the leaks to this frinja

Passed from the mouth of his pal majesty Martin
Now as a group we find them a partin.

To the center of it all comes one Sensi aka Leach
You'll now find him a squirming with the toads on the beach

As it all falls to pieces for this group of horse asses
We'll not shed a tear as this nasty bunch passes

From billboards to websites they spewed hateful phrase
Rejoice at the end of our towns darkest phase

Here's to October and the election of four
With hopes that it means we'll see even MORE

Yes, we are witnessing the end of a very dark and nasty time in our town's history.  Total elimination of this curse will end soon, but not soon enough for those of us who have been taunted, stalked and harassed by the ever-decreasing group of domestic terrorists. 

There I said it.  What kind of decent citizens erects a billboard calling four councillors liars?  What kind of community-minded people put a flyer in every mailbox in Fort Erie full of untruths and innuendo? What kind of decent people follow senior citizens about; drive down their streets; vandalize their car; crash a private meeting and then tell lies about what happened at that meeting?  And, in this electronic age, they go on Facebook and blogs and tell lies and try to destroy the reputations of their perceived "enemies" in order to curry favour with corrupt officials. 

Peter Koutroulakis put his family's restaurant in jeopardy to spew his nonsense on Facebook. He gathered a small group of hangers-on who shared his warped view of issues. They include Lesley North who used to work at a local pawn shop but now has a business on the once thriving - now a testament to urban blight - main street of downtown Fort Erie.  Rather than put her energies to revitalizing and promoting the business area, she has become consumed with the four councillors and myself, none of us who pose any threat to her livlihood or business. She has made numerous appearances at town hall just to trash the four councillors.  Her presentations are cringe-worthy to say the least.  "What is she on?" is a question on the minds of many who witness her diatribes. Like the two lost souls that they are, neither Peter or Lesley has given up on the constant barage of negativity towards the four councillors.  Meanwhile they have been dropped by their former, well-placed supporters, so now they wallow in the slime they created on the internet.

As the pages of the cross-examinations of the co-conspirators have been posted on this blog and they have no rebuttal, they have resorted to their high school tactics and sent their ace photographer, a local pest, to play paparazzi and stalk Donnie Lubberts and myself among others. That pest's name is Royal Greer and he has a long history of harassment. 

So, folks, here are Fort Erie's domestic terrorists.  Yes, they are even roundly anti-American to boot, especially those Americans who own summer homes and pay taxes.  Doesn't matter to these people: they think that taxpayers who are not citizens have no right to express an opinion or oppose a high rise supported by a town planner who didn't even live in town. Rino Mostacci has never paid property taxes to the Town of Fort Erie but he bragged that he wanted to see a line of high rises all down the shore of Bay Beach. Off he went shortly after the 2010 election to Markham to see what grandiose plans he could foist on the people of that community.  Apparently they were not impressed and Rino is back working for the region.

So, Art's poem is bang-on. One of their midst has already flown the coop and settled down in Crystal Beach.  Hope he comes to realize what a great place it is and why the people do not want a high rise on their public beachfront.

And that is why we were celebrating this weekend. End of Summer - yeah.  End of what one FOCB member stated was "a pimple on the landscape" is another reason to celebrate.