Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Well, that's the best we can do for now. This is the guy behind a number of companies. Black Bear Homes. Clap Board Homes, etc. The house that was "sold" on Cherrywood was not really sold. It now sports a dollar store "For Sale" sign. Houses being built on Schooley Road are way over-priced and the property at Queen's Circle that has been stripped down to the studs is listed at close to a million.

This guy has a long history of scamming investors. He served jail time for bilking family members and even his pastor out of millions. And he has recently settled in town with his many business names and owning exactly nothing in his own name. The phone number provided for Black Bear Homes is a Welland/Font Hill telephone number.  He used to live in Fonthill in a rented house there. We're not sure where he lives now, but he has five children so they may be difficult to hide in a small town like Ridgeway or Crystal Beach.

What we don't need is another con artist in town. Enough already.  Please look at the previous post and read the links provided.  

Gary Fraser has been appointed to the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Area Board and he is a convicted fraudster.   Please call town hall and demand that he be removed from that position.

An on-line petition may be a good idea. Meanwhile, don't let this Grinch ruin your holidays.


It seems that the powers that be are determined to place medical marijuana grow ops in residential areas.  Heard just this morning on CKTB radio, Niagara Falls Councillor Carolyn Iaononni says she was "blindsided" by a recent application to rezone two former properties to allow for "a nursery to grow plants, shrubs and trees." The application for the former Kimberly Clark plant and the Redpath Sugar building are slated to be  medical marijuana grow operations. Residents  were not informed that the "nursery" was to be a medical marijuana grow op. If they had known, they would have "turned out in droves" according to Iaononni. She stated that she is not against medical marijuana grow ops, but she does not want to see them in residential areas for many reasons, including security concerns.

It seems now that the neighbours only recourse is to appeal the rezoning to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  And we all know how that usually turns out.  Similar to a situation in Fort Erie where a medical marijuana grow op is slated for a site in a residential neighbourhood.