Friday, February 14, 2014



Due to unsafe conditions and warmer weather, Fort Erie Fire Chief ordered the demolition of the Crystal Beach Ice Caves. Only one piece of heavy equipment was needed to knock down the caves Wednesday afternoon.

A BIG THANKS to Mother Nature, the media, visitors and locals for making Crystal Beach a place to visit in the winter.

We made the Buffalo News! Great pictures and video with the article

From Global News:

The parking lot at the Waterfront Park has been full the past week or so as hundreds of people visit the Ice Caves along the frozen shoreline of Lake Erie in Crystal Beach. Can't see much from this picture but it is quite a sight. Old-timers do recall a smaller version in the late 1960s at Bay Beach, but this assortment of caves is very rare.  It is also rare that the Great Lakes are almost completely ice covered. 

Families and photographers are enjoying the caves and local businesses are cashing in on the influx of visitors to Crystal Beach. Phil Smith of South Coast Restaurant offers free hot chocolate to anyone with a picture of themselves at the caves. Even the national press has reported on the ice caves.

So, for those who are winter-weary, a visit to the ice caves may restore your appreciation of our winter beauty. 

Editor's Note: Temporarily took down other article. This weekend, it's all about Crystal Beach!