Saturday, June 28, 2014


Busy morning in Ridgeway/Crystal Beach. Lots of garage sales. Went to the annual one at the Crystal Beach Tennins and Yacht Club and it did not disappoint.  Hot though. Sat in the car waiting for my Garage Sale Buddy and saw what looked to me like Steve Boyd cleaning up his parking lot along Erie Road. From what has been rumoured, it looks as though the lot has been bought by the CBTYC and the Hill Cottage Association.  Doubt it it will remain a parking lot for beach goers. Looks like Steve will be out of another job.

Lately, I have been harassed by Royal Greer (you know him; everyone has a Royal Greer story of this local crazyman.)  He follows me and may even be responsible for vandalism to my car.  I confronted him in Joe's the other day and he ran out like a scared little girl. Very satisfying.

The Letter to the Editor in the Fort Erie Times (still shocked that it was printed) was enlightening, yet sad and predictable.  There's that name again: Ed Lenchyshyn, who has openly bragged that he can get "anything he wants in Fort Erie, if .... (fill in the blank)," going against an OMB ruling and the will of the neighbours down by the Old Fort. Mayor Martin told her there was nothing he could do. Such a leader! How can he go against a loyal campaign donor like Lenchyshyn? Problems again in the Planning Department.  Starting to sound like a familiar refrain lately? And here we thought we were rid of an incompetent town planner. Shular is the lady's councillor. That "grizzled veteran" Rick Shular is looked upon by bootlicking writer James Culic as the voice of reason on Council. Sure, once Rick can get past the Malapropisms and tired old cliches, he's a real master debater. Oy Veh.

Meanwhile, I sit on some explosive stories, such as Jim Thibert's manipulation and orchestration of the lawsuits against the four councillors and the other one against Don Lubberts.  Of course, the hope is that the decision will not come through until after the election but the damage done to their reputations will ruin their chances for re-election.  Too bad that the grizzled veteran and Eddie Haskell served up Jim Thibert in their cross-examinations in the case. Under oath, they admitted that Jim Thibert put the whole lawsuit together and told them what to do, which included revealing information about what happened in closed door meetings.

Editor's Note:  I look forward to Jim Thibert suing me again with public tax dollars. Then he will be forced to enter the testimony in court and he certainly doesn't want that to happen.