Saturday, February 21, 2015


It has been several years since I first attended a Fort Erie Council Meeting, I did attend a budget meeting the other night and it was like old times: some of the same players behaving like they have for over a decade. Got very boring. The so-called "fresh blood" on council is clueless and have no idea what they got themselves into - or did they? Maybe they're so programmed that they can only behave as instructed by their handlers, or maybe their election to council was just a huge cosmic joke. Whatever the reason, the people of Fort Erie are in for a wild ride and higher taxes because these newbies are already spending money like water. 

Someone sent me a piece from that tired old rag of Mike Cloutier's (another example of the dire situation in Fort Erie that Cloutier is still publishing.) I laughed out loud at the comments from Old Guard stalwarts Peter Joon and Doris Emerson regarding the town council's $500,000 commitment to the DSBN to help with the building of a theatre in the new high school being built on Garrison Road. First, it was the council who voted for the funding to the DSBN not the "dam artsy camp." 

Peter Joon: (February 17, 2015) 

 I will remember every councillor who votes for this idiocy and don’t ever count on my vote again, we are being railroaded into thos by the dam artsy camp who have never had to pay their own way

Doris Emerson: (February 19, 2015)

How did the councillors vote -was it unanimous-or just the 1 dissenter? why waste the taxpayers time asking for their opinion when it doesn’t really mean anything. Robbing Peter to pay Paul-where will they get the money to pay Paul?

First, it was the council who voted for the funding to the DSBN not the "dam artsy camp" as Peter Joon calls them. And, everyone but Don Lubberts voted for the up to $2 million pledge to the theatre from the people of Fort Erie. And Doris, who is so strong in her support of the new councillors that she was openly rude to other candidates, now wonders where the money will come from to pay for this new white elephant. 

And it will get even better when the town pledges another $500 K to the racetrack and Jimmy's Little Hobby.

Worse part is that Fort Erie is stuck with these incompetent fools who never ask meaningful questions (really, Marina. Was it so hard to figure out that the graffiti on the Canada Post mailboxes is the responsibility of Canada Post to remove - and not the town?); who vote against staff recommendations (by-election will cost in excess of $40,000); and who are so intertwined with the Chamber of Commerce that the average person in Fort Erie has little representation on council.

All except Don Lubberts who was re-elected and who was part of the previous council that kept taxes as low as possible and who built up the town's reserve fund that is now being drained by the not-so-bright "new blood."

And Mike Cloutier still publishes his drivel to the brain-washed. (He's starting to look more and more like Ted Kacznski every day. Or his doppleganger Booger.)