Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I now hear that he was there. OMG! And he didn't get to take a victory lap or get into any of the pictures? So unlike Thibert, the master grand-stander.

Eyewitness account of press event:

"The fact that Jim Thibert wasn't hogging the spotlight was very telling. It tells me he didn't have anything to do with this new contract and they were not going to let him take the credit.
I’m sure Wynne remembers the banners at the track and at town hall.  Jim Thibert did not talk to her at all.

The plant manager, Wynne, Regional Chair Burroughs, Federal EDT minister Goodyear and Stephen Passero took a tour of the factory.

All the other dignitaries that were not invited to go on the tour were in the big meeting room mingling and talking with workers from the factory.

John Hill is the acting mayor, but the mayor asked Stephen Passero to speak on his behalf. So disrespectful of the policy in place and it was done to elevate Stephen during an election year. (Editor's Note: Typical small-minded move by the mayor.)

Four National TV crews, Four national newspapers and lots of local press were there. When Wynne got up to speak she mentioned that she had had a great tour with the four gentlemen and named them, but when she came to Stephen Passero, she had forgotten his name.  She turned around to him and said, 'I’m sorry I've forgotten your name'.

So, when Passero got up to speak he thanked everyone behind him that had been on the tour.  When he got to Wynne’s name he turned around and said,  'and Premier uh,uh,uh. I’m sorry. Oh, Wynne.'"  

Not funny, Stephen. Not funny at all.

(Editor's Note: way to treat the premier, asshat. Another insult to add to the long collection of insults.)


Big Announcement today at the Airbus plant on Gilmore Road. Forty new jobs at what is now Fort Erie's largest employer - not the race track. These are skilled technical jobs at the helicopter plant that already employs some 235 people.

And, where was Jim Thibert when the announcement was made by Gary Goodyear, federal minister of economic development for Southern Ontario and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne?  No where to be seen.  On hand for the photos were Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Passero, presumably representing the mayor who is in Florida; Regional Chair Gary Burroughs; Airbus CEO Romain Trapp and another unnamed executive of Airbus (formerly Eurocopter.)

Could he not have been invited? Like he "uninvited" Ann Marie Noyes to the opening of the Fort Erie Racetrack. Oh Snap! Not invited to the big dance?  You just know that Thibert would have been there hogging the spotlight if he could. Sounds like Airbus took care of getting help from the feds and province without Jim's help.

And, did I hear that Airbus is now the largest employer and largest manufacturing plant in Fort Erie? You know, the company that employs all those skilled technicians. But wait! Fort Erie doesn't have skilled workers according to Thibert in his insult-filled report to council recently during budget deliberations. Way to insult the people of Fort Erie: tell them they aren't smart enough for the jobs available. Word about town is that many were incensed over Thibert's remarks at the budget meeting - again. For the second year in a row.

And where was Jim Thibert when it was announced that a CIP could be a boon to businesses in Fort Erie? From the article:

Heyworth said there are three types of improvements 

business owners will be able to apply for—fa├žade 

improvements, signage and constructing apartments above 

commercial buildings—if council approves the program.

Read the whole article: http://www.forterietimes.ca/2014/02/05/improvement-incentives-in-works-for-business-owners