Monday, June 15, 2015


Thursday, June 18 is the court date for the well-funded attack against four councillors by election loser Tim Whitfield. While no one can predict the outcome of this event, if the right decision is made, then these four men can get on with their lives. So far, they have spent thousands of dollars to defend themselves against this vexatious lawsuit. It is all there, in the affidavits provided by Doug Martin, the late Rick Shular, and Stephen Passero that the lawsuit was thought up by certain individuals who had a personal grudge against the four. Tim Whitfield is just the patsy who agreed to bring the lawsuit. After this is all over, I will once again publish this information.

In the meantime, best of luck to four good and honest men who have been mocked, vilified and slandered since the day they were elected in 2010. Most of us know why; soon the general public will know. 

Look what passed at Monday night's council meeting:

That: $936,428 of the 2014 General Levy Operating Budget surplus be transferred to the GFESS Theatre Reserve Fund in 2015, 

This is tax money that will be used to fund the new theatre. Meanwhile the DSBN is rolling in money and tearing down historic schools. Does not pass the smell test IMHO.

Is this what you want? 

Tune in or attend tonight's council meeting to see where this council stands on using your hard-earned tax money.