Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Does not mean that nothing is being done.

It's just that there are many so-called "irons in the fire." For myself, I am busy with the US elections and working to help ex-pats like myself to vote in a Global Primary and to vote in the general election in November. I have become obsessed with the election and am very worried about the hatred and violence that has been evident, especially in the Trump campaign. To me, he is a dangerous egomaniac who must be defeated.

Meanwhile, the effort to save Fort Erie from the forces that are destroying it goes on behind the scenes. The actions of the cabal that brought about the lawsuit against four duly-elected councillors have not been forgotten nor forgiven. We carry on.

Twenty years after the C.A.U.S.E. recommendations were made public, a plan for the Bay Beach Properties has been accepted by council. Not exactly what those of us who remember the history of the property wanted, but many of us are cautiously optimistic. (Just don't try to sell off the parking lots and send us back to 2002 to fight that battle again. We do remember the crappy excuse used then: to fund a portion of The Friendship Trail.) Not going to work when there are parking problems in the Beach on sunny summer weekends.

So, please keep the remarks coming in and we'll report what we can. I think I've said it all by now, but I'm sure there will be lots more to say in the future.

I filed this under Déja Vu Department: Residents worry about possible new build on site of revered former library in North Buffalo. The old building is located on a now very busy and lucrative corner in my old 'hood. Big time developer wants to tear down the building (left to decay) and build a new one. Residents are afraid there will soon be a high rise (developer is a specialist in such developments) on the corner.  Stay tuned.