Saturday, November 1, 2014


On Tuesday, November 4, Americans will go to the polls in what is called a "Mid-term Election."  This is one which falls halfway through a presidential term. Every two years, the entire House of Representatives of Congress is up for election; one-third of the 100 member Senate (two from each state;) numerous governors and other elected officials face the voters. As an American citizen living "abroad" I am eligible to vote by absentee ballot in the election.  This election, I had only one election that I was eligible for: U.S. House of Representatives.

So, I mailed in my ballot the other day. One vote for a guy who will probably have no trouble being re-elected.  I still voted though as I have for at least twenty years by absentee ballot.  I have voted in almost every election that I can since I turned twenty-one. There was a period that I did not vote as I was not aware that I was eligible, living in Canada. Since then, I have not only voted but I've helped other ex-pats vote, including a ninety-five year old woman who had never voted in her life. 

Some Canadians are convinced that what happens in the States has no bearing on what happens here. I think they are wrong. There is a chance that the Republicans can take over the Senate while they retain their majority in the House.  This would make the gridlock even worse than it already is.  President Obama has to work very hard to implement his platform/promises to the American people because of the opposition in Congress.  Some Republicans are still trying to repeal the very popular Affordable Care Act that is still nowhere near as good as the Canadian universal health care. 

I do hope for the best for my native country, but I'm still glad I live in Canada.