Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Lots of negativity rolling around this election season. The myth of the 4 to 3 vote is just that.  Only 1% of all council votes were settled in this manner. 

Bob Steckley had to go to the media to dispel a rumour.
Got it, mayor-by-five-votes?


How the Councillors Elected by the People Have Improved Our Quality of Life

Held the Line on Property Taxes
  • Lowest tax increase in 8 years (2.72%)
  • Reserve Replenishment Policy approved to reduce future tax hikes
  • Gave you a $0 water increase

Supported Smart Development - Subdivision Plans Approved
  • Marz Homes (179 homes and condo units in Crystal Beach)
  • Spears-Highpoint Secondary Plan (187 homes on Garrison Road)
  • Nigh Road Subdivision (10 estate residential dwellings)
  • Dominion Estates  (homes and townhouse units on Dominion Road)
  • Stevensville Neighbourhood Plan expedited
  • Industrial development charges reduced to encourage new projects
  • Continued support to EDTC to promote economic development and tourism
  • Put forth as part of an amendment to the Development Charge By-law, which waived development charges for new industries coming into Fort Erie.

Ensured Residents' Health and Safety

  • New fire hall built with gaming revenue
  • Hospital Advisory Board created
  • F.A.S.T. service improved for residents with disabilities
  • The first community to set up reserve funding for the new hospital

Improved Roads and Public Transportation
  • Thunder Bay Road resurfaced
  • Dominion Road resurfaced
  • Crescent Park pumping station upgraded
  • New Central Avenue Bridge scheduled for 2015 ($13 million from Region)
  • Crystal Beach sidewalks upgraded
  • Transit service expanded with new vehicles
  • Transit service for Stevensville, Black Creek, and Douglastown in progress

Improved Municipal Drains
  • Frenchman’s Creek, Beaver Creek, and Schooley drains rerouted and repaired
  • Appeals from residents resolved without a provincial hearing

Promoted Fort Erie
  • Downtown Ridgeway renovation completed with new Market Square
  • Optimist Park soccer field upgraded with lights and improved drainage
  • Ott Road baseball park enhanced with porta-potties
  • Connelly Park purchased in Thunder Bay area
  • Skating arena fees frozen

Encouraged Tourism
  • Increased funding to help save the Fort Erie Race Track ($150,000 more than previous Council’s commitment)
  • Canadian Motor Speedway unanimously approved at each stage
  • Point Abino Lighthouse renovated to preserve this national historic landmark ($400,000 federal grant secured)
  • Road allowance encroachments at Waverly Beach resolved
  • Communities-in-Bloom funding led to first prize in national competition

Improved Town Operations
  • Operational Review approved to reduce excessive costs (conducted by Western Management at half the budgeted amount)
  • 25 recommendations offered to improve efficiencies
  • $500,000 found for potential savings in risk management
  • Processed a staggering 700 Reports in the past four years.

All this was accomplished while Councillors Bob Steckley, John Hill, Don Lubberts and Paul Collard were under constant attack through compliance audits, accusatory billboards, flyers, newspaper articles, conflict of interest lawsuits, and finally a vexatious lawsuit from a developer who waited ten months until just before the election to file it.