Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Word coming down from Queen's Park that an election may be called as soon as tomorrow, May 1. (Oops! Election will be called; NDP does not support Liberal Budget. Stay tuned.)

What do you think this will mean for Fort Erie if anything?


Finally, embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford will be going to rehab for "substance abuse."  Story HERE. If he comes through this issue, he should have no trouble getting re-elected. Everyone loves a tale of redemption.

Correction: On further examination of the claims made from the latest round of audios/videos, it appears that Rob Ford is finished. Put a fork in him; he's done. If he does survive rehab, his alleged remarks about his wife and a mayoral challenger will finish him. INHO, there is no way he can overcome this in just a few months. 

Update:  Ford took a 30 Day leave. If he thinks he can overcome his demons in a month, he is even more delusional than I thought. He is such a fame whore that he'll probably make a TV series out of his rehab. If there are no consequences from his addiction, instead he gains more fame and attention, he will never recover. He will die or cause the deaths of others. Just observe the pattern in other addicts.

For the good of the people of Toronto and Canada as well, Ford should resign and go quietly off to do the hard work of healing his life and his family.  But, I don't think he will. He is being enabled by his "Ford Nation" supporters.