Monday, January 12, 2015


Council voted against three options recommended by staff to replace the late Rick Shular in Fort Erie' Ward 2.  Marina Butler, George McDermott and Chris Knutt spoke in favour of a by-election and rejection of the options, one which included the appointment of John Millicone, the runner up to Shular in the October 27, 2014 Municipal Elections. Nominations open on 27th of January to February 18. Election will be sometime in March. (Here is where Kim Zanko, as Chair of Corporate Services dropped the ball. She did not repeat what was being voted on.)

What a difference in leadership between Martin the Meanie and Wayne Redekop. Redekop was very understanding and asked questions and even put town planner Rick Brady on the hot seat a couple of times. Redekop even agreed with Don Lubberts on a couple of issues.

Marina Butler was ill-prepared to be chairman of any committee.. Hopefully, she'll read her council package a little closer so she knows what is being discussed.

Loved it when Redekop chided the audience for applauding a speech by McDermott. I doubt they (the usual suspects) will do so again.

Don Lubberts suggested that the staff keep very careful records of the by-election as to costs, etc. This will be the first ever by-election to fill a vacant seat on council.  It could cost in excess of $40,000.

UPDATE: Council voted unanimously to go ahead with the by-election. James Culic, in his usual style tried to paint Don Lubberts as the outsider when, in fact, he voted with the others for the by-election.