Monday, March 17, 2014


Sure, many of you might believe that I'm this fat, old lady who has no life and sits at her computer all day surrounded by her cats. Actually that is true, come to think about it.  Hey, I'm not complaining; it's what I do.

Sure, many of you think that I come up with my posts entirely through my delusional mind and never bother to check things out.  That is not true. 

So, I will set the record straight and by doing so, I will be able to thank the many sources and people who support this blog.

What you might see in the main part of the blog or in the comments posted is a representation of the many people who agree with what The Strand Blog is all about.  I get phone calls and e-mails from people who send me links or stories that might be of interest.

For example, a reader sent me an interesting article on what is happening in Markham where our Condos-Along-the-Bay Dreamer, Rino Mostacci is now working in the planning department. The article is about the $325 million arena-hoping-for-an-NHL-team that Rino is part of. Love the title of Bruce Arthur's article 

"With slim chance of landing NHL team, Markham arena project somewhere between risky and outright insane"

Thanks for that, dear reader. Might have missed it in my travels. Nice to know that Rino has taken his pie-in-the-sky dreams elsewhere. After all, he is the one responsible for bringing forth the whole idea of developing the publicly owned Bay Beach Properties. No thanks for that, Rino, you carpetbagging, high-rise loving, schemer.

Earlier,  I had heard from a reader about the fact that Stephen Passero did not receive authorization ahead of a trip to Toronto to attend a conference. So, I wrote about it. And, we were right, there was a mistake made. Of course, at the latest council meeting (March 17) poor Carolyn Kett took the fall, while Stephen (adopting his best Eddie Haskell imitation) feigned complete innocence while claiming that he stayed at a cheap hotel and walked to the convention.  It still cost the taxpayers $1,500. When Don Lubberts asked a few questions about the situation, he was quickly shut up by Mayor Martin.  Can you imagine what would have happened if one of the four had done that? Cue another lawsuit.

The letter from Rainer Hummel and the article by James Culic got everyone mad, including many of my readers.  They informed me of the background on the man and the article. First, Rainer Hummel is president of the PC riding and has been seen talking with and is, at the very least, a fellow member in good standing of the Progressive Conservative Party of which Doug Martin is also a member. One e-mail told me that they were together on the night of the by-election.  (Correction: Thibert and Hummel were together on election night). I also received an e-mail from a friend of the doctor who had been interested in the property on Ridge Road that Hummel bought and now has abandoned.  The good doctor had even planned to include public washrooms in his plan. (And if you heard about my unfortunate incident on the Friendship trail, it would be much appreciated. I admit that I have a scatological sense of humour. Read THIS. {also sent by in by a blog reader})

Of course, there's always a steady flow of Thibert trivia as he has a lot of people pissed off in this town. The so-called "little people" like waitresses and bartenders; service people and track employees. I may have been sued successfully for slander, but I am confident that some day I will be vindicated.

Yes, I can sit here on my ever-expanding rear portion and get a pretty good view of what's going on in this town.  What I see is four councillors who were elected by the people to give new direction to the town which has been run by the Old Boys Club for decades.  They must be doing a good job because the effort to discredit that has been very intense.

Note about March 17 meeting:  Does the man who lives near the medicinal marijuana operation on Jarvis Street actually believe the marijuana plants will become Triffid-like and come across the street to turn his children into stoners?  Chill out, man.