Friday, June 19, 2015


Timed out!

That was the decision by Judge Sweeney regarding Strawman Tim Whitfield's application against The Four for conflict of interest. It's over - all but the costs, which should be borne by the appellant (Whitfield and his backers.)  That issue will be heard around the end of July as the lawyers prepare the paperwork.

I should have taken it as a sign when I pulled into the parking lot at court and a woman offered me a one hour ticket she had just purchased and could not use (library closed.)  As it turned out, despite a delay while the court reporter arrived, the decision was short and oh-so-sweet. Tim Whitfield should have done his "due diligence" when he first heard of the firing of Heather Salter. Instead, he, by his own words "put his head in the sand" until many months later and, at the behest of Doug Martin, filed a lawsuit against The Four.

According to Section 9.1 of the Act, there is a 6 week window of opportunity from the perceived breach of conflict of interest. Judge Sweeney cited numerous newspaper articles published at the time of the firing of Salter in April 2012 and the agreement that was accepted in late June of the same year.

Whitfield claimed in his affidavit and filing papers that he had no knowledge of the possible violation of conflict until much later that year, which put him in the 6 week window to file the lawsuit.

Judge Sweeney did not buy Whitfield's assertion that he knew nothing of the firing for several months after it happened. Not for a former councillor and golf buddy of Salter's husband. Whitfield's lawyer further put the case in the dumper by freely admitting that Tim was a mere "straw-man" chosen to be part of "Doug Martin's Lawsuit."

So, now it comes to money. Truthfully, there is no amount of money that can pay The Four back for what they have suffered at the hands of a bunch of sore losers. More on that later.

BTW, the "press" showed up at court today. I say "press" in quotes because Sarah Ferguson is not a legitimate example of the press. She came in and sat down with Doug Martin and chatted with him before court and after. No effort was made by her to present herself other than an ass-kissing toady for Martin and his gang. Just in case anyone has any doubts, there is no such thing as neutral in any description of the local news media. Not with toadies like Sarah Ferguson and James Culic around.

Another aside: Asshats like Dan Strugar who on one hand proclaim themselves as proud Kinsmen, then write nasty and disgusting things about people on Facebook are an example of what is wrong with Fort Erie. He is real quick to disparage others but he fails to realize that many know some very damaging things about his own life and family. I used to have a lot of respect for the Kinsmen but, if he and a couple of other loudmouth crap-spewing fools are any indication of the group, then it should be noted for others to see.

I am not jumping for joy over this decision; I am relieved. I still cannot undo the damage this whole campaign against The Four has done to their lives. This is bullying at the municipal level. Disgraceful.