Thursday, March 10, 2016


Well. he has been off the public trough for about four years, so it should be no surprise that Regional Councillor Sandy Annunciata topped the expenses list for councillors, second only to Regional Chair Alan Caslin. He has
had to rely on his renters; occasional sports colour commentary and his sports "business" to support himself before being elected to Regional Council in 2014 beating incumbent John Teal, another member of the Old, Old Guard.

Annunciata claims that he racked up a lot of expenses reaching out to his constituents and doing his duty for the people of Niagara. Check out his expenses HERE.

Some of us wonder if he still makes his daily trip to Buffalo as many have observed over the years. Of course that expense would never be included in his expense report, would it? Nah.

"I'm a boots on the ground kinda of guy and this past year we've had a lot of heavy lifting," said Annunciata to the press. Really? Heavy lifting? From what I have been able to gather, the present regional council is just falling in line as they have always done with the Old Guard. Nothing new happening on this council; no surprises either.