Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I can't understand why the number of hits to my blog has increased so dramatically of late.  Even after the election. Makes me wonder just who is out there reading The Strand Blog.  Perhaps it is trolls looking for evidence for another or to continue the lawsuit against me. Perhaps it is trolls looking to see what I'll say now that all but one of The Four lost their elections. Perhaps it is just people curious to see what "the other side" has to say.

I suppose I should be encouraged by this, but I'm not.  If all those hits represented people who agree with what I published, our guys would have won handily.  Even if only half agreed, they would still have won.

So, that leads me to conclude that my blog had zero influence on the election.  Hard to accept that, but I have no other explanation as to why so many visited my blog, yet the people I endorsed, save one, lost their elections.

Can someone explain this to me?  

As Shirley Grace says, "There's a book in all this somewhere."  I feel that there is a shoe still hovering over town, waiting to drop on our heads.  That is why some of us are going over all the videos, papers and minutia from the past few years and are trying to put together a narrative about this town without pity.  Certainly a nice activity for the long, cold months ahead.  You see, we can't let it go because the darkness in this town goes very, very deep and we have tried to shine a light on it.